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Peter Doroshenko

( The hetman of Little Russia from 1665 to 1676, Mr.)

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Biography Peter Doroshenko
photo Peter Doroshenko
Grandson Michael Doroshenko. When Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Vyhovsky was Prilutsky later Cherkassky colonel, and in the hetman Teteria got the right bank of the army rank of Captain-General. After the flight from Ukraine defeated Drozdenko Teteria, . Hetman tried to seize Stepan Opara, . supported by the Crimean Tatars, but soon discovered his past relations with Drozdenko, . took him prisoner and invited the former under his command to recognize the Cossacks hetman Doroshenko,
. After the death of Drozdenko Opara and extradition to the Polish Government the entire right bank of the Dnieper, with the exception of Kiev, Moscow's troops protected, rule over them Doroshenko, who has to strive for unity and independence of Little Russia. Convened glad they decided to expel the Poles from the right bank of Little Russia, however, Doroshenko marched on the left bank, trying to capture the Kremenchug. This attempt was unsuccessful, but Doroshenko not leave their plans, finding them hard to support the Metropolitan Joseph Nelyubovicha-Tukalskogo. Andrusovo contract, . which, . the expression Doroshenko, . "sovereigns torn to pieces Ukraine", . believed an end to the Ukrainians on the complete unification of their country under the authority of the Moscow State, and thus encouraged the supporters of such a unity under the banner of Doroshenko, . the more so that the detected attempts to centralize Moscow's already scared Cossacks,
. But Little Russia was too weak, . to discharge its own program: Doroshenko had to turn to alien help, . and this undermined fundamentally begun by him, . Calling the fight Little Russian people for their national rights in the fight against neighboring states because of the possession Malorossiya, . with the latest, induced a new and formidable enemy in the Turks,
. At first, things went quite well Doroshenko: successfully fighting off the Poles with the help of the Tartar hordes, it has expanded its domination and was on the left bank of the Dnieper. Mailing with Silo, he tried to persuade him to rebel against the Moscow authorities, promising to give him time on the right bank hetman. Bryukhovetskiy promises and raised a rebellion, but the Cossack regiments and went over to the sergeant arrived on the left bank of the Dnieper Doroshenko, and Bryukhovetskiy was killed. Doroshenko had gone against the Moscow governor Romodanovsky, but, having received news of the betrayal of his wife, went to Chigirin, putting on the left bank of its nakaznym Hetman Demian sinful. During his absence was reached quickly destroy the unity of Little Russia. Levoberezhnaya sergeant, seeing no help from Doroshenko against Moscow, chose to obey the latter, choosing a hetman sinful. Was a new candidate for the hetman, exhibited Zaporizhzhya - Zaporizhzhya Peter Suhovienko clerk who found the support and the Tatars who were dissatisfied Doroshenko. Talks last with the Moscow government for recognition as a hetman, and on the left side of the Dnieper were not successful, because he demanded the withdrawal of all provincial governors and military men from the cities of Little Russia in Moscow. Tsarist government chose to adopt the hetman sinful, the final selection of which took place in March 1669, Mr.. Doroshenko, while Suhovienko threaten Poland and the Tatars, could no longer stand on its own, even on the right side and in the same month of March, called the Rada, which the right-bank Cossacks redistricting under the authority of the Turkish sultan. If you believe that the list of conditions, . which was then taken to Moscow ( "Acts of South and West of Russia", . VIII, . ? 73), . Little Russia maintained its own not only full autonomy, . but also freedom from all taxes and contributions to the Sultan's treasury, . committing themselves only to supply the Cossack army at the request of the Sultan and for having a voice in the foreign policy of the Ottoman Empire, . particularly in relation to Poland and Moscow,
. It is unlikely, however, these conditions are identical with authentic. Personally for a tenure hetman Doroshenko uttered dignity and heritage of the last of its kind in the. The treaty with Turkey ruined it Doroshenko in the eyes of the people. Most of the Cossacks fell back from his opponent Doroshenko Suhovienko, the place which soon was elected hetman Umansky Colonel Khanenko recognized and the Polish government. Aid to Turkey at the time rejected the misfortune of Doroshenko: Turkish ambassador took the Crimean Horde, . with Khanenko and Suhovienko besieging Doroshenko, then to the aid of the latter were sent Belgorod Tatars, . with whom he finally defeated his opponents,
. In December 1671, when the Poles were to win a Doroshenko city, Warsaw was sent Sultan charter, demanding that Poland backed down from Ukraine. In the spring of 1672,. Sultan Mohamed IV, with a huge army, backed by the Crimean Khan and Doroshenko, invaded Poland, forced to surrender Kamenetz and besieged Lviv. The Poles have concluded with the Sultan Buchatskiy contract in which it departs from the Ukraine, while acknowledging its ownership of the Cossacks. Meanwhile, Little Russian population of the right bank of the Dnieper crowd ran to the left side, and the edge subordinate Doroshenko, from day to day emptied. New left-bank hetman of Little Russia, Samoilovich, using the fact that Buchatskiy agreement released by the Moscow government, the obligations imposed on him Andrusovo treatise, together with the voivod Romodanovsky crossed in 1674, Mr.. the Dnieper, the right-bank shelves nearly all of them went over to his side; at Rada in Pereyaslav Khanenko resigned from hetman, and Samoilovich was proclaimed hetman of both sides of the Dnieper. Doroshenko not appear on this summon, and when Samoilovich Romodanovsky and again crossed the Dnieper, he locked himself in Chigirin and called for help the Turks, to whom the Cossack-Muscovite army hastily retreated. Was transmitted Samoilowitsch cities and towns suffered terrible devastation. Authorities Doroshenko became more and more hated by the people, only through violence that reached the atrocities, he kept it for themselves. In view of the imminent fall, Doroshenko had dared to submit to Moscow, but wanted to retain the hetman's dignity and to this end turned to the mediation of Zaporizhzhya Koshevogo Cerca. The latter was rejected by the Moscow government. In autumn 1676, Mr.. Samoilovich and Romodanovskiy launched a new campaign to Chigirin; Doroshenko surrendered and was sworn. In 1677, Mr.. He was sent to Moscow, and more are no longer returned to. In 1679, Mr.. He was taken to the voivod Vyatka, and three years later received the village Yaropolche (Volokolamsk district of Moscow Province), where he died in 1698, Mr.. Activities Doroshenko has not led to the implementation of the scheduled plan, but made it even more difficult. The ruin of the western Ukraine for a long time deprived it of any independent meaning, bringing it to a state close to the desert. - About Doroshenko cm. Kostomarov "The Ruins" (St. Petersburg, 1882) and "Acts of South and West of Russia" (t. VI - X). V. Myakotin.

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Peter Doroshenko, photo, biography
Peter Doroshenko, photo, biography Peter Doroshenko  The hetman of Little Russia from 1665 to 1676, Mr., photo, biography
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