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Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich

( adjutant general, the famous military writer)

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Biography Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich
photo Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich
(1830 - 1905). Military education received at the Nobles shelf and the military academy, lectured on tactics and military history at the Academy of General Staff. In 1869, Mr.. appointed Chief of Staff of the Kiev military district, in 1873,. - Commander of 14 Infantry Division, headed by who made the first crossing of the Danube on the night from 14 to 15 June 1877. y Zimnica-Sistova; severely wounded on Aug. 12, 1877, Mr.. at the Shipka Pass, Dragomirov further participation in the war could not. Since 1878. by 1889. Dragomirov served as chief of General Staff Academy, and then was appointed commander of the Kiev military district, and in 1897, moreover, took the post of Kiev, Podolia and Volyn Governor-General. In 1903, Mr.. Dragomirova was named a member of the Council of State. He is the mass of articles, . placed in the "Military Collection", . Engineering Journal, . "Armory Collection", . "Artillery magazine, , . 1858 - 1882), "Fourteen years - 1881 - 1895", "Eleven years - 1895 - 1905", "leaflet Soldiers" (1891),
. After staying at the headquarters of the army in Sardinian War of 1859, Mr.. and at the headquarters of the Prussian army in the war 1866. Dragomirova was evolved from the belief, . that the causes of victories and defeats are the moral qualities of the army and its chiefs, . that the main factor in the battle actually always been and remains a man, . and that technical improvements only enhance the natural properties of human,
. As a professor at the Academy of General Staff and the writer, . Dragomirov drawn the attention of the military community on this side of military affairs, . while occupying the post of commander of the Kiev military district, . these views are held in the life of the troops County,
. Dragomirov, ganged up on "drill", pointed to the need for education in the soldier moral and physical qualities and the establishment of rational learning. Educating soldier should strive for the highest development of his resourcefulness and self-sacrifice (himself perish, . a friend help me out "), . and management training should be: 1) teach the troops in time of peace only to, . they have to do in the military, 2) fighting to teach in such a sequence, . that from the very course of training was evident goal of every department of education, and 3) to teach in predominantly screening, . not the story ", . and 4) show the tactics of troops in the field of methods,
. To bring a claim against the chief Dragomirov love and knowledge of military affairs and continuous self-improvement. In tactics Dragomirov an ardent preacher of the crucial importance of "bayonet", . arguing, . that "the bullet and bayonet does not exclude, . but complement each other ", . that "the bullet paves the way bayonets", because of this tactical training was poured into molds, . corresponding desire to attack with a bayonet (rapid onset and close order),
. The compilation in 1900. "statute of Field Service" Dragomirov was intended to influence the tactical training of the whole army. But experience has shown the Anglo-Boer War of 1899. and Russian-Japanese 1904 - 1905 period, bayonet attack less finds its place, and there is an increasing importance of a powerful flame.

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Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography
Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography Dragomirov Mikhail Ivanovich  adjutant general, the famous military writer, photo, biography
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