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Dumbadze Ivan Antonovich

( Russian general and administrative activities)

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Biography Dumbadze Ivan Antonovich
Georgian origin. Born in 1851. He served in the army in Caucasus. First was close to the Georgian nationalists, but in the early 900-s sharply broke with them and was a supporter of Russification, in 1905. was close to the organizers of the Union of Russian People. October 26, 1906, . when Yalta was declared the situation an emergency protection, . providing Taurian governor (Novitsky) human supreme commander, . Novitsky entrusted the their rights under the Yalta Dumbadze, . then held at the rank of colonel; since Dumbadze is the supreme commander of Yalta,
. With strong backers in St. Petersburg, he acted in Yalta completely independently, without regard for the laws and the requirements of the Senate. He created in Yalta, a completely unique mode, imprisoned and banished persons, nothing of his political unreliability did not show. Incidentally, he was expelled from Yalta ill 72-year-old Privy Councilor Piasecki for having refused to write in is in his assigned a reading room "Russian Standard", "Veche" and other similar papers. Especially hard, he would send correspondents metropolitan newspapers, which appeared in the correspondence about it, looking for reporters, he repeatedly made mistakes and deport people, nothing to do with this case. He not only forbade the printing of the local newspaper information or articles, he does not like, but under threat of closure of the newspaper and the arrest of the editor demanded mandatory premises sent in their works. He took to examine civil lawsuits, has decided to fast on them and with the help of the police enforces them, intervened in family quarrels, the lay husbands with wives, parents with children. In general, he sought to be patriarchal ruler and judge together, strong and quick, merciful to those who ask. February 26, 1907, Mr.. from the villa, near Yalta in him when he passed giving in a wheelchair, a bomb was thrown, he Dumbadze was slightly grazed, the coachman and the horses were injured. Attempts to his life right there on the spot, shot. Nevertheless Dumbadze summoned soldiers and ordered them to burn the cottage, drove the first of its inhabitants, but forbidding them to make any sort was property. Cottage was burned, a neighboring cottage, too, was defeated. The owner and tenants to give presented Dumbadze claims of up to 60,000 rubles, but Interior Minister Stolypin ordered the plaintiffs to satisfy an administrative order from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the amounts appropriated for contingencies. When in June 1907. II was dissolved by the State Duma, he was greeted by telegraph Union of the Russian people "with the dissolution of the Duma was freezing; his telegram was read in all newspapers Union of the Russian people. Regarding illegal activity Dumbadze March 27, 1908, Mr.. III in the Duma was introduced by a request signed by Lyutsa, Meyendorff, Guchkov and other Octobrists. Dumbadze in his written explanation sent to the Duma, recognized almost all the facts and said that he did not consider it necessary to sentimental with the liberals and leftists. Inquiry commission decided to propose to the Duma to accept the request, but the Bureau of the Duma impeded staging request queue, and III to the dissolution of the Duma, he discussed was. In 1909, Mr.. Dumbadze by telegram addressed to the Governor-General of Finland Beckmann to censure its mode of action in Finland. Complaint on a Beckman was retained by the Ministry of Stolypin, no consequences, and Beckman resigned. In 1910,. Dumbadze, having a civil case in the Senate, sent a paper to go there without paying stamp duty, but on a demand by the Senate replied that he did not want to pay, and requests the Senate to leave him alone with their illegal demands. Question was raised about bringing him to justice for contempt of the Senate, but one senator paid for Dumbadze stamp duty, and the matter was hushed up. In 1910,. Dumbadze was dismissed, but after a few months again slid to his post, which takes the present day (1913). V. P-in.

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Dumbadze Ivan Antonovich, photo, biography
Dumbadze Ivan Antonovich, photo, biography Dumbadze Ivan Antonovich  Russian general and administrative activities, photo, biography
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