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Durnovo Petro

( statesman)

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Biography Durnovo Petro
photo Durnovo Petro
Born in 1844, he graduated Sea Cadet Corps midshipman and enlisted in the Navy and several years spent in long voyages, taking his degree in Military Law Academy, was an assistant prosecutor of naval vessels. In 1872, Mr.. transferred to the Office of the Ministry of Justice, was the assistant prosecutor, then Attorney various district courts and chambers. In 1881, Mr.. transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From 1884 until 1893, when ministers Tolstoy and I.N. Durnovo, was director of the Police Department was widely practiced administrative arrest and administrative expulsion. Since 1893, Mr.. - Senator, in 1900. - Assistant Minister of the Interior, and in his direct supervision were mail and telegraph. In October 1905. Witte requested Durnovo portfolio of the Interior. At the same time he was appointed a member of the Council of State. Time to management department was time to combat the revolution, it is widely resorted to repressive police measures and did not counteract the various pogroms, to build an alliance of the Russian people and other Black Hundred organizations. In early December, 1905. were arrested by members of Workers' Deputies of St. Petersburg and other cities; prohibited extremely large number of newspapers. In general, despite the promises given in the manifesto of October 17, Durnovo not recognize any freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly. Before the opening of the State Duma in late April 1906. Durnovo, together with other members of the Ministry of Witte, retired. December 5, 1905, that is, when he was Minister of the Interior, in the newspaper "Rumor" (the equivalent of a closed while the newspaper "Rus") a letter from A. Stakhovich, . in which the latter in very strong terms, and very definitely blamed Durnovo in the, . what, . sold him, . Stakhovich, . as authorized by the War Department, . the needs of the Army, . was at the Far East, . 15000 tons of oats from his estate and received a deposit of 80%, . He refused to put in the army that oats, . once found, . that the sale price on it significantly increased, . and demanded that the military department of damages, . actually, . Approval Stakhovich, . they are not incurred,
. This letter was left without a denial. The State Council Durnovo was chairman of the group right. In early 1911. he made a determined opponent of the draft Interior Minister Stolypin imposing zemstvos in the western provinces, and contributed to his rejection of the State Council. Stolypin's resignation was expected, but instead of March 12, 1911, Mr.. was a three-day closed session of the State Council and State Duma, and in that time the law on zemstvos conducted in accordance with Article 87-th. Durnovo, together with another member of the State Council, VF. Trepov, received no requests for that holiday abroad, where he returned only after the death of Stolypin. On his return he took back his place in the ranks of right-wing members of the Council of State. August 15, 1906, Mr.. a Russian revolutionary, killed by the Socialist-in Interlaken traveler-Frenchman, taking him by mistake for Durnovo. Apparently, this is an attempt on the life Durnovo was arranged with the participation of Azev. V. In-in.

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Durnovo Petro, photo, biography
Durnovo Petro, photo, biography Durnovo Petro  statesman, photo, biography
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