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Dukhovskoi Mikhail

( criminologist and public figure)

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Biography Dukhovskoi Mikhail
photo Dukhovskoi Mikhail
(1849 - 1903). He graduated from the course at Moscow University for law school, and then listened to the criminal law in Heidelberg and Halle. Appointed assistant professor Demidov Lyceum in criminal law, he is in his inaugural lecture (published in "Annals legal person" for 1873. entitled "Problems of Science of Criminal Law") made the bold and new for the time thinking: "I think - he said - a positive look at the wrong criminal law as a science that studies only the crime and the punishment imposed for his. Criminal Law examines the crime and shows that the State funds and suited to the prevention of this phenomenon, it is the industry of social science that studies the crime as a phenomenon of social life. "Ill-political structure of the country, bad economic life, bad education, bad morality" - that causes most of the crimes. His Master's thesis "The concept of defamation as a crime against persons" was published in 1873,. In 1874,. Dukhovskoi suddenly was arrested on suspicion of involvement in populist propaganda ( "the process 193-x"), he was soon released, . and a case of it terminated, . but he was forced to leave teaching in high school and joined the attorneys of the judicial district of the Moscow Chamber,
. In 1885, Mr.. He began reading at Moscow University in 1891, Mr.. received a doctorate for his thesis "The property offenses on the decisions of township courts" and in 1892. was appointed professor at Moscow University in the department of criminal proceedings. In his doctoral dissertation Dukhovskoi tries on the basis of decisions township courts to establish criminal conviction of the peasantry, he finds, . that a large part of the ordinary criminal law of the material deserves serious attention of the legislator and recommends publication of a new criminal code for the township courts in place of existing rural-court statute in 1839, Mr.,
. and Act June 12, 1889, Mr.. This work is the only serious attempt in the Russian forensic literature to investigate the criminal life of the Russian countryside, as it is reflected in the sentences township courts. In 1897. Dukhovskoi issued a "Manual for the lectures, which became one of the most popular books on Russian criminal procedure (several editions). Less significant work Dukhovskoi: "On the death penalty in terms of the rational theory of punishment" (1879), "Notes on the main court" (1879), "On examination of criminal cases" (1899), "On Probation" (1900). Dukhovskoi many articles on criminal law and the process was put in the newspaper Russian Gazette and several reports and notes he had written for the Moscow Law Society, for the Russian team from the International Union of forensic. Dukhovskoi was very popular in Moscow, a public figure, was an honorary magistrate, transparent provincial and district zemstvos, City Council and a member of numerous charitable and educational societies. With his active participation of the Russian group was founded by the International Union of forensic. See. Prince Shchetinina article in "Historical Gazette 1903. (? 5). I. U-N.

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Dukhovskoi Mikhail, photo, biography
Dukhovskoi Mikhail, photo, biography Dukhovskoi Mikhail  criminologist and public figure, photo, biography
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