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Eliseev Gregory Z.

( prominent journalist)

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Biography Eliseev Gregory Z.
photo Eliseev Gregory Z.
(1821 - 1891). At the end of the course at the Moscow Theological Academy, he taught at the Kazan Theological Academy of Russian church history and other subjects. According to the author of "Stories of the Kazan Theological Academy, Professor Znamensky, and memories Shchapova and Shelgunov, Eliseev left behind in the academy most cherished memory. His attention was drawn primarily the success of Christianity in the Kazan region and the activities of its first educators. With great difficulty he managed to gather input on this issue in remote monasteries and parishes edge. The result of these works appeared in 1847, Mr.. "The history of the first planter and distributors of Kazan Church, saints Guria, Varsonofy and Herman". Then Eliseev has begun compiling the History of the spread of Christianity in the Kazan region, and in 1853, Mr.. produced by printing the first volume. Diocesan censorship is not found, apparently, possible to publish an essay Eliseev, and the manuscript of his hitherto kept in the Academy. In 1854, Mr.. Eliseev left the academy and served three years in Siberia, the first chief of the district, then adviser to the provincial government. Upon his retirement, he was in 1858, Mr.. arrived in St. Petersburg, and in the same year appeared in "Contemporary" is his first article: "The Cathedral", attracted attention and wholeness of content, talent and presentation. Dob Chernyshevsky immediately appreciated Eliseev. Of his other articles placed in the "Contemporary" in the first two years of his stay in St. Petersburg, the most prominent: "criminals", "On the motion of the Population in Russia", "On the transmittal exiled to Siberia". These articles are signed pseudonym Grytsko and gave them to the author great fame. Since 1861. the end of 1865. Eliseev led to the "Contemporary" section for "internal review", who can say he has created and approved in Russian journalism. Death Dobrolubova and arrest Chernyshevskogo made him one of the guiding forces of the journal. Since the end of 1865. Eliseev took the department Reviews of journalism "and wrote a number of historical and literary articles:" Essays on the history of Russian literature on modern research, which analyzes the Russian literature of XVIII century. from its social ideals and journalistic values. At the same time it has been one of the most prominent of his articles: "Catherine's noble and gentry newspaper" News ". In 1862, Mr.. Eliseev short time was editor of the weekly newspaper "The Age", in 1863. - Newspaper "Sketches". He also took an active part in the "Iskra", where in 1859 - 1863 he. conducted Chronicle Progress. In 1866, with the termination of Contemporary, Eliseev was arrested but soon released. Since 1868. Eliseev becoming one of the three editors of shareholders referred to Nekrasov Fatherland Notes', where he led the "Internal Review". In 1881, Mr.. Eliseev ill and went abroad, where he stayed until the end of the Fatherland Notes (1884). At this time, he wrote little. After the cessation of Fatherland Notes, you can specify only the suicide story Eliseeva: "From the past two academies" (in the "News of Europe", 1891). After the death of his Eliseeva published article: "Nekrasov and Saltykov" (in "Russian Wealth", 1893) and "Gogol" (ibid., 1902). Published in 1894. "Works" Eliseeva were destroyed by censorship. The writer mostly anonymous, sometimes under a pseudonym, Eliseev was relatively little known to a large audience, which has, however, enjoyed the overview of his wide popularity and great influence. Even more important Eliseev had in literary circles as one of the most experienced, morally impeccable and talented journalists. Condition Eliseev bequeathed his literary fund. - See. N. Michael's "Literary Reminiscences"; C. Krivenko "Memoirs" in Russian Thought (1901, VII); mK. Lemke, "Essays on the history of Russian censorship and journalism; Yuzhakov" Sociological Studies.

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Eliseev Gregory Z., photo, biography
Eliseev Gregory Z., photo, biography Eliseev Gregory Z.  prominent journalist, photo, biography
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