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Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna

( Writer)

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Biography Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna
photo Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna
(1824 - 1883). Early lost his mother, brought up by her aunt, AI. Kornilova passionately who loved literature and published articles and poems in journals of the twenties. Once, in the board Pribytkova (in Kostroma), Zhadovskaya attracted the attention of the teacher of Russian literature, lm. Perevlesskogo. A young teacher and his pupil fell in love, but his father Zhadovskoy would not hear of marriage with the daughter of a former seminarian. Meek girl unquestioningly obeyed the will of the father and, after parting with a beloved person, to the end of life has remained faithful to his memory. She moved to her father in Yaroslavl, and it came years of heavy domestic slavery. Learn, read, write, had secretly. Found out, however, the poetic experiments daughter, father took her to Moscow and St. Petersburg to give the course of her talent. Moscow Zhadovskaya met Stamp. Pogodin, printed in "Moskvityanin" several of her poems, in St. Petersburg - with Khomyakov, Zagoskin, Ivan Aksakov, with Prince Vyazemsky, Huber, Druzhinin, Turgenev. In 1846, Mr.. out in the light of her poems. Living exclusively in heart, . kept until the end of life ingenious faith, . Zhadovskaya stood on a level with the majority of educated women of her time, . differing from them only more erudition and literary talent, . and experienced the severe oppression, . smashed the lives of many,
. In his works, it has always represented the same heroine - herself. The motives of her poems - lament for love, strangled in her prime, memories of the beloved man, a humble admiration of fate, the contemplation of all the conciliatory nature, the hope of heavenly happiness and bitter realization of emptiness of life. Prose Zhadovskoy considerably inferior to her poems. In her first novel "Simple Case" (1847) depicted an unhappy love of a young girl, noble and a poor tutor, an employee at her father's house. The novel "Away from the great world" ( "Russian Messenger, 1857) based on a similar collision. In 1858, Mr.. came a new edition of poems Zhadovskoy. In 1861, Mr.. appeared in the magazine "Time" of her novels and stories, which reflected the spirit of the times. In the first, "Women's History", the heroine is a girl, seeking self-employment and helping his cousin, a rich girl, marry a poor man, despite the resistance of native. The story "backward" even more imbued with the spirit of the 60-ies, but neither she nor the Women's History "were not successful, it upset Zhadovskuyu, and she decided to marry the old doctor K.B. Sevena to get rid of the intolerable custody father. Feedback Belinsky of the first collection of poems Zhadovskoy unfavorable. Much friendlier attitude to her second collection Dobroliubov tsenivshy they "intimacy, full of sincerity and a sense of calm simplicity of his expression". Zhadovskim in 4 volumes with a foreword P. Bykov (St. Petersburg, 1885 - 86). - Wed. Dob "Works"; A. Skabichevsky "Song of the female captive in the poetry of Julia Valerianovna Zhadovskoy" ( "Works", t. I); AND. Ivanov, in a collection of "new cultural force"; Vengerov Sources Dictionary of Russian literature. "

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Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna, photo, biography
Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna, photo, biography Julia ZHADOVSKAYA Valerianovna  Writer, photo, biography
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