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Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich

( lyric poet, satirist and humorist)

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Biography Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich
photo Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich
(1821 - 1908). He graduated from the course in the School of Law, served in the Senate, participated in a congressional audit of Oryol and Kaluga provinces and Taganrog; later was an assistant Secretary of State of the State Council. In 1858, Mr.. retired. The dominant element in the poetry Zhemchuzhnikova - sincere, . deeply felt and aptly expressed outrage at the public lies: Zhemchuzhnikov is extremely rare in our time an example of a true patriot, . painfully conscious real evil of their country and wish her present good,
. Walking lie, substituting gross national conceit of patriotism and chauvinism, is exposed to the merciless satires Zhemchuzhnikova. In one of them, describing the tattered drunkard, praying at the church porch on the first day of Lent, the poet recalls another "sinner":

. Oh, the rejoicing among us,
. Covered and shame, and sin,
. Our contemporary is not a man!
. He proudly forehead, throwing copper,
. The altar of the motherland poor
. Priest ready

. In another poem ( "Monument to Pushkin") Zhemchuzhnikov so drawn to lzhepatriotam:

. You are all in whom both love of country is strong
. Love that all the best in him destroying --
. I want to say that in our times,
. The one honest man who does not like home

. In true patriotism tender love for the motherland is inseparable from the burning hatred for her real enemies:

. On this view, oh the sounds!
. Oh, native land, as you dear to me!
. From the long-term separation
. What are the joys and sorrows
. In my heart you awakened!
. Your nature so charming
. She is so modestly good!
. But we, your sons, it is known
. As for your expanse closely
. And in the bond tormented soul ..

After describing several well-aimed features of the perpetrators of these sufferings, our domestic enemies of the public, the poet concludes:

And disgust, and anger
I filled them with long years;
They - "povaplennye" coffins ...
Only this would pass,
And there - he has no future.

Despite the predominance in Zhemchuzhnikova patriotic satire in his poetry a lot of pure lyricism. From the main reasons for the lyrics especially strong in his feeling for nature. In love poetry Zhemchuzhnikova observed only when the first meeting ( "Strange, we are almost strangers") and grief last parting; love the feeling here is the transparent purity, . without the slightest admixture of erotic, . which are not alien even amorous motives Tyutchev,
. - In general, the lyric poem Zhemchuzhnikova as original as his satire, and take their inherent pride of place in Russian poetry. Vl. Soloviev.
Many diverse and surprisingly deep poems inspired Zhemchuzhnikova, in the last years of his life, the thought of death, she was not terrible, although he loves life. "Oh, if I had been awarded - we read in one of them - with the impending death of a quiet meeting and melted, bright and calm, like a melting candle before the icon!" Together with Count AK. Tolstoy and his brother, VM. Zhemchuzhnikov was a "permanent member" for creating Kuzma Prutkov. In 1900, Mr.. Zhemchuzhnikov was elected an honorary member. In 1892, Mr.. Zhemchuzhnikov were released "Poems" (4 th Extra. ed., 1910), in 1900, Mr.. - "Songs of old age"; in 1908. came "Farewell Song". - See. Zhemchuzhnikova in his autobiography, "Poems" and his autobiographical letter to the "New Time" (1900, "8613), K. Arseniev "Flowering old age" (Journal of Europe ", 1892, X, 1900, III); his" poetry flourishing old age "(ibid., 1908, V); I. Polonsky's "Poems Zhemchuzhnikova (St. Petersburg, 1893); M. Protopopov, "Literary-critical characteristics" (2 nd ed., St. Petersburg., 1898), his "critical articles" (Moscow, 1902), and. Bunin, "The poet-humanist" (Journal of educator ", 1900, III); N. Kotlyarevsky "In memory Zhemchuzhnikova" (Herald of Europe, 1908, VI); P. Weinberg, Zhemchuzhnikov as a poet-citizen "(" Proceedings of the department of Russian Language and Literature Academy of Sciences, 1908, IV); AN. Veselovskii "History of Russian Literature, edited by Dr.. Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky; In. Bruce 'far and near "(Moscow, 1912). Literature on Zhemchuzhnikova listed in the "dictionary of the Russian sources of writing" C. Vengerov, t. II.

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Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich, photo, biography Zhemchuzhnikov Alexei Mikhailovich  lyric poet, satirist and humorist, photo, biography
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