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Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich

( publicist and economist)

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Biography Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich
photo Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich
(1822 - 1907). He graduated from the course in the School of Law, served in the Senate and the State Chancellery, at one time was engaged exclusively in literature, in 1876, Mr.. again entered the service, since 1889, Mr.. managed state-owned bank, then was a senator. Debuting stories and articles in literary collection "Spring" (1859), Zhukovsky became an active member of The Contemporary, which he wrote in 1860 - 68 years. In one of his articles, along with Zhukovskii AN. Pypin was prosecuted for contempt of the nobility, acquitted the St. Petersburg Circuit Court, but the Trial Chamber sentenced to three-week arrest in the guardhouse. When Nekrasov in 1868. become the de facto editor of Fatherland Notes and united around him some of the former employees "Contemporary, Zhukovsky not joined their number, and together with MM. Antonovich issued the book "Literary explanation with N.A. Nekrasov, "which actually belongs to Zhukovsky article" The content and program of Fatherland Notes for the last (1868) year ". However MA. Antonovich Zhukovsky briefly published a magazine "Cosmos", and then, in 70 - 80-ies., Writing on economic issues in the Journal of Europe ". Separately issued: "The political and social theory in the XVI century." (St. Petersburg, 1866), "Proudhon and Louis Blanc (St. Petersburg, 1867)," The history of political literature of XIX century ", t. I (St. Petersburg, 1871). The last major work of Zhukovsky is broadly conceived essay on the history of views on substantive issues hostel prevailing in the state of philosophical literature of the XIX century. Labor was left unfinished, which appeared in Volume I of the main emphasis on the teachings of the classical economists. Talented popularizer, Zhukovsky in a coherent and convex form conveys the essence of the views of individual authors, dark sometimes they themselves ambiguous and unsystematic statement. In many cases, Zhukovsky not limited to the simple statement, and performs tasks commentator, deeply penetrated into the essence of the teachings parsed. This applies primarily to Ricardo, holding a prominent place in the book of Zhukovsky. The author believes Ricardo supporter of the theory of value, based on production costs. Analyzing the process of "exchange rates", Zhukovsky provides an interesting analysis of the law of supply and demand and its impact on high prices. Particularly successful exposition of the theory of rent, Ricardo. Based on the provisions, . that any imbalance between supply and demand can be eliminated only with a change in production costs of product, . Zhukovsky provides education rents widespread, . not limiting it to one area of agriculture,
. Very valuable and an attempt to express Zhukovsky strictly logical construction of Ricardo in the form of precise mathematical formulas, which, however, and the author himself attaches importance only illustrations, but no evidence. Of the economists, except for Ricardo, the book explores the teachings of Lo, A. Smith, Malthus and Say. Other works of Zhukovsky: "Money and Banking", "Population and Agriculture", "moral culture", "Industry", "Farmer's business and community initiative" (1911). Working in the Main Committee on the Rural, Zhukovsky passionately defended the rights of the peasantry to the land and pointed out the nobility of its historical debt to the people. Talent is not bright, Zhukovsky as a publicist retains only historical significance.

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Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich, photo, biography
Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich, photo, biography Zhukovsky Julius Galaktionovich  publicist and economist, photo, biography
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