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Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich

( statesman and writer)

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Biography Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich
photo Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich
(1807 - 1881). Born in a poor aristocratic family of Chernigov province, . graduated from the course at Moscow University on the physico-mathematical faculty and for a thesis on how the study of curves of second order "(M., . 1831) received a Master of Mathematics,
. He served first in the economic department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then in the Ministry of State Property. As Earl P.D. Kiselev Zabе-ocki-Desyatovsky was a staunch opponent of serfdom. When the secret committee, . established in 1839, . considered draft Count Kiselyov on the Limitation of serfdom, . Kiselev, . desiring their assumptions irrefutable facts, . instructed Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky travel the, . summer 1841, . interior provinces,
. The result of this trip was a wonderful note Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky on serfdom in Russia; resolution of the question was put to her that it was the ground on which it was held in 1861,. With particular force rose Zabе-ocki-Desyatovsky against the idea of liberating the peasants without land and refutes the hopes of the system sweetheart deals. Note this was published only 40 years later, in the annex to the book Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky on graph Kiseleva. In 1843, Mr.. Zablotsky-Desyatovsky, together with the Prince VF. Odoyevsky, edition of the collection made for the peasants, under the title "Rural Reading (11 th edition of the 1-st book, St. Petersburg, 1864), in the first two years at variance in quantities up to 30000 copies. Then came: "Stories about God, man and nature" (St. Petersburg, 1849), he had compiled with the participation of Prince Odoevskogo, and his "Hand-book for the literate peasant" (St. Petersburg, 1854, 9 th ed., 1872). In 1847, Mr.. appeared in "Notes of the Fatherland" (books 5 and 6) paper Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky on 'The causes of fluctuations in prices for bread in Russia ", . which carried the idea, . that one of the main reasons for emergency lowering the price of bread served gratis to farmers work, . due to the serfs (the name of its hidden under the term: the "rent"),
. After 1848. Zablotsky-Desyatovsky published articles on land ( "Household aphorisms" in the "Fatherland Notes 1849. etc.) and statistics ( "Look at the history of statistical development in Russia", in "Notes of the Geographical Society in 1848, t. II); from 1853 to 1859, Mr.. edited the farming newspaper. Under his editorship the same for many years to publish journals of the Ministry of Interior and the State Property. In 1859, Mr.. participated in the foundation of the Society for the benefit needy writers and scholars, for whom developed, together with K.D. Kavelin, charter, and which consisted of two three-year chairman of the committee. In 1859, Mr.. appointed State Secretary in the Department of the laws of the State Council in 1875. - A member of the Council of State. In 1865, Mr.. published in The Russian Messenger "article" On Financial Austria ". In 1868, Mr.. issued an "Observer State Revenue of Russia (St. Petersburg). In 1869, Mr.. he was instructed to collect information about how to levy direct taxes in Prussia, the result of this trip was the work of the financial management and finances of Prussia "(St. Petersburg, 1871). The last extensive work Zablotskaya-Desyatovsky: "Count P.D. Kiselev and his time "(St. Petersburg, 1882) all based on unpublished materials and sheds light on many important aspects of our domestic and foreign policy for much of the last century. Since 1853, Mr.. Zablotsky-Desyatovsky consisted vowel Petersburg City Council. According to him published in 1863. "Proceedings of the City Council", he also belongs to the original idea of a sanitary survey of water in rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, . production in the capital of periodic censuses, . the organization of statistical research Petersburg, . which he launched his book: "Statistical Survey of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, . 1833),
. - Wed. Journal Europe "(1882, No. 2)," Russian Antiquities "(1882, No. 2).

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Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich, photo, biography
Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich, photo, biography Zablotskaya-Desyatovskaya Andrew Parfenovich  statesman and writer, photo, biography
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