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NADSON Georgy Adamovich

( Genetics.)

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Biography NADSON Georgy Adamovich
(23.05.1867 - 15.04.1939)

Born in Kiev, graduated from high school in St. Petersburg in 1885. and immediately joined the Department of Natural Sciences Physics and Mathematics Faculty of St. Petersburg University. After graduation (in 1890). At the chair of botany to prepare for a professorship. Taught there in 1890-1896 he. Since 1897. leading the Department of Botany of the Women's Medical Institute in 1904. became full professor (until 1918). The main objects of research and GA Nadson in those years - algae, fungi and bacteria. After the revolution, led the scientific and pedagogical work in medical school, . and in phyto-microbiological laboratory of the State X-ray and radiological Institute (from 1919 to 1937), . where he started his work on radiation genetics of microorganisms,
. In 1930. created the Laboratory of Microbiology USSR, converted in 1934. the Institute of Microbiology. He was its director until 1937, Mr.. The first, which is now historical, experimental work GA Nadson, made in conjunction with the G. Filippov, is devoted to obtaining mutations under the influence of X-rays in the lower fungi of the family Mucoraceae (1925). It was published two years before the establishment of the mutagenic effect of ionizing radiation on Drosophila American geneticist G. Moeller. This work was first proved the possibility of artificial modification of the hereditary characteristics of an organism under the influence of external factors. In 1928, Mr.. same authors published material on the induced genetic variability of fungi Nadsonia and Sporobolomyces, . where for 10 years before the classic works of Beadle and Tatum on the biochemical mutations in Neurospora presented data on changes nasledsstvennom different enzymatic properties under the influence of irradiation of Nadsonia fulvescens,
. In 1931-1932 he. is published a series of works by the same authors on the receipt and the description of new rentgenoras Sporobolomyces. GA Nadson with EY Rokhlina publishes detailed materials to obtain under the influence of radon new radioras brewer's yeast S.cerevisiae. In these articles the authors first put the question of the practical use of the experimentally derived mutants differ from wild-type large accumulation of biomass, more energetic and rapid fermentation of lighting, wort. Works GA Nadson on the use of fat yeast, use of marine algae in technology and agriculture have not lost their importance now. GA Nadson rightfully be considered as the founder not only of radiation genetics, but also radiation breeding. In yeast and lower fungi, in laboratories GA Nadson studied the genetic effects of radiation on bacteria. His employees during this period were EA Stern, NA Krasilnikov, M. Olenev, A. Krivisky. It incorporated a new direction in science - population genetics of microorganisms. In 1935. pamphlet GA Nadson "Experimental change of hereditary properties of microorganisms". Considerable attention is paid GA Nadson also study and analyze the role of internal and external factors in the process of experimental mutagenesis. In his articles discussed the question of why different kinds of microorganisms respond differently to irradiation. At a time when there existed a quantitative radiobiology, GA Nadson and co-workers developed the role of the intensity and the irradiation dose in the induction of mutations. Another direction of work school GA Nadson - chemical mutagenesis. His disciples in 1928. data were obtained about the origin of hereditary changes in yeast under the influence of chloroform, in 1939. - Under the influence of coal tar and cyanide. Arrested in 1937, shot April 15, 1939

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NADSON Georgy Adamovich, photo, biography
NADSON Georgy Adamovich, photo, biography NADSON Georgy Adamovich  Genetics., photo, biography
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