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Efroimson Vladimir Pavlovich

( Genetics.)

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Biography Efroimson Vladimir Pavlovich
(21.11.1908 - 21.06.1989)

Student Koltsov. Born in Moscow in the family banking specialist. In 1925, Mr.. joined the biology department of Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University, where interest in genetics. In 1929, Mr.. defended disgraced Chetverikov, after which he was expelled from university. He continued his scientific work in the X-ray Institute, has prepared several articles. The main work was devoted to induce mutations under the influence of X-rays. Develop methods of quantitative accounting for the lethal mutations in Drosophila, depending on the dose. The influence of high temperature on the mutation process. Detailed characterization of a new mutation in the Y-chromosome (1930-1931 gg.). Starting work at the Medico-Biological Institute at SG Levit, in 1932. came to the idea of the existence of equilibrium between mutation and selection process. First calculated the frequency of mutation of genes in the wild, transforming them from "unhealthy" to "disease". In the early 30-ies simultaneously began work on the development experience of the Japanese silkworm geneticists, translation and publication in Russian-Japanese works on genetics and breeding of the silkworm. Carried out several studies on this object. In 1932, Mr.. arrested, received 3 years in the camps. From 1935 to 1941. completed work on two theses and a number of theoretical reports on the genetics of the silkworm. Began this work in the Central Asian Institute of sericulture (Tashkent), which has developed objective methods for evaluating the viability of species and hybrids of silkworms by feeding a mixed set of tracks, labeled mutant markers. Calculated the rate of mutation process and showed the saturation of industrial rocks hidden recessive lethals and poluletalyami (corresponding to work out in the 1932-1946 gg.). Showed that the selection of any commercially valuable basis leads to correlated changes in subordinate characters. Dismissed from the Institute in 1937. Worked in Ukraine in a local school teacher of German language, a year later got a silk plant in Merefa, continued to work on a doctoral dissertation which he defended in 1941. During the war, served as a scout and an epidemiologist. He was awarded with the Red Star, World War II degrees and medals. In 1947, Mr.. doctorate, he taught at Kharkov University (associate professor), which was dismissed in February 1948. Posted fundamental work of 300 pages of "The damage done to the USSR innovation Lysenko, conveyed in the science department of the Central Committee Yuri Zhdanov. The session VASKhNIL not acted on the advice of friends as compromised with the authorities. In May 1949,. arrested, accused of slandering the Soviet Army. Sentenced to 10 years, released in 1955. Handed the manuscript of Lysenko Deputy Attorney General. He lived in Klin, worked as a freelance referent in VINITI, wrote a book on medical genetics. In 1956, Mr.. moved to Moscow and settled bibliography in the Library of Foreign Literature. In 1958-1963. published a series of overview and theoretical work, which proposed the original concept of the genetic mechanisms of immunity and carcinogenesis. Actively promoted the revival of medical genetics in the USSR. In 1964, Mr.. published the book "Introduction to Medical Genetics", for which he received a medal im.G.Mendelya (second edition - in 1968), led by the Institute of Laboratory Genetics, immunity. In 1967. became the head of the Laboratory of Genetics of mental illness in the Institute of Psychiatry MZ RSFSR. In 1971, Mr.. out pioneering book "Immunogenetics", describing the evolutionary-genetic development of macro-micro under the influence of the internal contradictions of this system. In 1974. saw the book "The course of lectures on medical genetics," in 1978. - Book VP Efroimson and MG Blumin "Genetics oligophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy,. In these and other proved, . that hereditary diseases, . clinically similar, . together by common name, . in fact, often generated independently arisen mutations, . disparate as the locus of, . and by geographical location and the hearth of,
. Since 1977, Mr.. VP Efroimson worked as a senior researcher and consultant of the Institute of Developmental Biology im.N.K.Koltsova USSR Academy. During his scientific life VP Efroimson has written over 100 articles on medical genetics, genetics, immunology, cybernetics (published only part). 3 great book saw the light only after the death of VP Efroimson, in 1995-1998. This is a "genius and genetics," Genetics of ethics and aesthetics "," Teaching Genetics.

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Efroimson Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography
Efroimson Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography Efroimson Vladimir Pavlovich  Genetics., photo, biography
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