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Zavadovsky Peter V.

( Statesman)

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Biography Zavadovsky Peter V.
photo Zavadovsky Peter V.
(1739 - 1812), son bunchukovogo Comrade Vasily Fedorovich Zavadovskiy. He studied at the Jesuit school in Orsha, whence he brought the knowledge of Polish language. This gave him the opportunity to enter into communion with the Polish aristocracy (Czartoryski, Potocki, Chatsky). At the end of the course at the Kiev Theological Academy, which gave him a good knowledge of Latin, Zavadovsky joined the board malorossiyskuyu here attracted the attention of Count P.A. Rumyantsev, the Governor-General of Little Russia. Rumyantsev entrusted him with important affairs, and appointed governor of his secret office. When Rumyantsev was appointed commander of the first Turkish war, he took with him Zavadovskiy. The latter, together with S.R. Vorontsov, belongs edition Kuchuk Kaynardzhiysky contract. When he was in 1775, Mr. Rumyantsev. in St. Petersburg, who accompanied him Zavadovsky became famous Catherine II and was two years her favorite, and he bestowed were vast estates in Chernigov and Mogilev province. In Zavadovsky saw rival Potemkin. In management Zavadovsky not played during that time a prominent role, it belongs only to the drafting of the manifesto, which was issued on the establishment of provinces (1775). In 1777, Mr.. Empress cooled to Zavadovsky, against which was and Potemkin. When you remove from court Zavadovsky received another 1,800 peasants in the Ukraine and 2000 in Poland. Since 1780, Mr.. vested in him a number of responsibilities, . although he continues to play a secondary role: it is present in the Senate and the Board, . controls two banks (the St. Petersburg nobility and public debt), . chair of the commission laws, . the commission to reduce the clerical office, he entrusted the audit public offices, . management of educational institutions and the drafting of their statutes, . reorganization of the Corps of Pages and other schools, . superintendence Medico-Surgical School, . construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral,
. Sometimes he is invited to meetings for political. In 1793, Mr.. Zavadovsky with his brothers Jacob and Ilya was elevated to the Count's dignity of the Roman Empire. Under Paul I Zavadovsky was first in favor, . received the Count's dignity Russia Empire, . but then, . after the death of his close friend of Prince Bezborodko, . fell into disgrace and had lived in the village, . where they were laid a huge house, . plan architect Quarenghi, . and divided the park on 130 acres, . surrounded by a stone wall at 7 miles,
. Immediately after the reign of Alexander I Zavadovsky was summoned to St. Petersburg and was appointed a member of the Council of the emperor, present in the Senate, and after then chairman of the committee for drafting laws. Zavadovsky became close to the sovereign rights and to take part in the discussion of the foundations of the administrative reform. He was commissioned to prepare a project of transformation of the Senate. However ap. Vorontsov, he stood for talent Senate legislative rights. With the establishment in 1802, Mr.. Ministries Zavadovsky took up the post of Minister of Education, on which he remained until 1810, when he was appointed chairman of the department of laws in the newly established Council of State. In Zavadovskiy tenure as Minister of Education opened a lot of parochial schools, . established by school districts, . appeared in the villages of public schools, . in the counties - county schools, . in provincial towns - Gymnasium, . Open University in Kharkov, . Kazan and Dorpat; thoughtful Zavadovskiy was opened, . for trained teachers, . Chief Pedagogical Institute, new regulations were issued to universities, . Academy of Sciences, . Theological Academies, . and censorship statute (1804), . changed after Zavadovskiy at the expense of freedom of speech (1812),
. Alexander I did not like Zavadovskiy and abruptly spoke of him, believing wrongly that Zavadovsky in the ministry does not mean anything, but everybody does his comrade MN. Ants and members of the Chief Directorate of Schools. Biography Count Zavadovskiy not impartial, written IS. Liszt ( "Russian Archive", 1883, Book II). N. Vasilenko.

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Zavadovsky Peter V., photo, biography
Zavadovsky Peter V., photo, biography Zavadovsky Peter V.  Statesman, photo, biography
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