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Zamyatnin Dmitri

( Statesman)

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Biography Zamyatnin Dmitri
photo Zamyatnin Dmitri
(1805 - 1881)
Of the nobility of the Nizhniy Novgorod Province, graduated from the course at the Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum, was King of Arms, the chief prosecutor in 1852,. Senator. In 1858, Mr.. Zamyatin was appointed deputy minister of justice (Count VN. Panin), in 1862. - Minister of Justice. Unlike his predmestnika, Zamyatnin took measures to the Ministry of Justice had rendered full assistance on judicial reform, according to the just before promulgated its basic principles. His zealous assistant in this case was his comrade, NI. Stoyanovskii, which, in fact, given the tone of the Ministry of Justice, as N.A. Milutin - Ministry of Interior in Lanskoy. A special commission formed by the Ministry of Justice, suggested a more or less substantial amendments to the articles of the 1100 judicial charters. Many of the comments on the initiative of Zamyatnin, was also made by senators and senior prosecutors. With the approval, 20 November 1864, judicial charters began intensive work to implement them by. Opponents of reform have not lost hope that the actual opening of the new vessels will slow for lack of material resources and the necessary personnel. Through perseverance and Zamyatnina NI. Stoyanovskii, . difficulties of priiskaniyu personnel to fill the new judicial positions (up to 550 and in some districts, only St. Petersburg and Moscow, . including 394 with the right of tenure) and on the adaptation of buildings for public meetings have been overcome by early 1866,
. In the appointment of judicial officials, Zamyatnin not hesitate bureaucratic routine, taking into consideration only the educational qualifications and personal qualities appointed. He attended to that end, the court hearings, has just become public by virtue of rules 11 October 1865, often traveled to the province and generally tried to get a closer look at possible candidates for new positions. With this new method, Zamyatnin find that wonderful judicial personnel, who gave an example of honest and courageous service tasks of the new court. April 17, 1866, at best, by his own definition, the day of his life, Zamyatnin inaugurated a new court established in St. Petersburg, April 23 - Moscow. In spoken to them on this occasion, speeches, he has openly admitted that the courts now have complete autonomy with the obligation to reestablish Russia to respect the law and create a merciful and equal to all court. Directs the actions of Public Prosecutions, Zamyatnin always encouraged him to keep within the law, not submitting to random administrative types and reasons. He demanded from him full respect for the court and in this spirit that regulate even little things, so for example, in the circular dated 15 January 1867, Mr.. (with the exception of Count Palen from the collection of circulars) instructed prosecutors to get up when applying to court. Zamyatin was a consolation to see that the new business extremely quickly and successfully grafted to life. In its first report on the new courts (Journal of the Ministry of Justice ", 1867, No. 2) Zamyatnin officially certify on the astonishing success of the new judicial institutions in particular - a global institution, and the jury. The success of judicial reform and the strict holding her began not only disarmed her opponents, but on the contrary, even their embittered. Administration does not put up with a new judicial authority, standing steadily on the basis of the law. Higher class, . brought up on serfdom and accustomed to impunity, . indignant at the new courts, . especially world, . for the fact that they would not and could not make exceptions - no external methods, . nor on the merits - in favor of the privileged classes,
. Cases of the press also caused criticism not only on the court, but also on the prosecutor's office, refuse to support a false claims of censorship. Particularly impressed by the acquittal of the St. Petersburg District Court in the case of AN. Pypin and Yu.G.. Zhukovsky, brought to trial for printed in The Contemporary article Zhukovsky "The question of the current generation". Minister of the Interior Valuev made, not even snesshis, contrary to Article. 201 n. 1 Society. NAC. min., with the Ministry of Justice, the draft of the new rules of the court for the press, which suggested that the complete subjugation of the requirements of the Chief Prosecutor of the Office for the press. Zamyatnin managed to defend the rights of prosecutors, but he could not pre-empt the publication of the first novel (the law of 12 December 1866) to the court statutes, to transmit an important cause of the Press in the Trial Chamber as the first instance. The reason for the criticism of the jury gave it an official of the Department of Religious Affairs of Foreign Faiths, . Protopopov, . accused of indecent assault of his head and acquitted by the jury, . According to the opinion of psychiatrists, . recognize him to act in a fit of insanity,
. Shortly before the question arose of dismissal MN. Lyuboschinskogo, without a petition from the title of Senator civil cassation department, for his speech in St. Petersburg Zemsky provincial assembly, closed in January 1867, Mr.. on orders from the highest. After an explanation Zamyatnina that judges, by virtue of legal regulations, may be uvolnyaemy only by the court, this case had no further consequences. Despite all the criticism and insinuations, Zamyatnin refused to shake the independence of the court and make an attempt to pressure on the courts, according to the type of administration. In early 1867, Mr.. his opponents won the day: first, was dismissed NI. Stoyanovskii, and April 16, 1867, Mr.. - Himself Zamyatin, with the appointment of a member of the Council of State. In this new rank Zamyatin continued to serve the judicial statutes, protecting them from the principles incompatible with the proposals. In 1873, while celebrating the 50 th anniversary Zamyatnin, he was welcome from all over Russia, as the organizer of public trial and the support of its best traditions. See. Nat. Dzhanshiev "page from the history of judicial reform; D.N. Zamyatin "(Moscow, 1883); obituary in the Journal of the civil and criminal law," 1881, "6, ibid, in? 9 for 1882, it NI. Stoyanovskii. G. D.

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Zamyatnin Dmitri, photo, biography
Zamyatnin Dmitri, photo, biography Zamyatnin Dmitri  Statesman, photo, biography
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