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Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich

( Honorary Doctor)

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Biography Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich
photo Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich
Born in 1815, Mr.. Sveaborg, where his father, Fedor, caused by the Russian service in the reign of Alexander I, was the chief physician Naval Hospital (he died in 1836) received his early education in the boarding house of Pastor Muralt, in 1831, Mr.. entered the Physics and Mathematics of St. Petersburg University and in 1833, Mr.. transferred to the Medical-Surgical Academy. In 1838, Mr.. his studies at the academy and went for the improvement of the border, where he worked with Johannes Peter Mц+ller, Romberg rokitansky, schools, etc., and under the influence of his teacher, KK. Seidlitz, who first introduced the students of Medical-Surgical Academy with objective ways to study disease, focused on the study of diagnostic techniques and pathological anatomy. For these two important branches of medical sciences Zdekauer was the first time teacher at the Medico-Surgical Academy (except for a short stay at the academy Seidlitz). In 1839, Mr.. Zdekauer returning from abroad, attending physician determined the 2 nd of the land (now a clinical) Hospital and an assistant at the clinic Seidlitz, first began to read lectures of systematic pathologic anatomy on cadavers. In 1842, Mr.. Zdekauer received a medical degree for his thesis "De scrophulosi"; from 1846 to 1848. charge of a therapeutic clinic, and from 1848 to 1860. - A diagnostic clinic, from 1860 to 1863. the department of hospital clinics. In the last Zdekauer put milk in the treatment of heart disease and dropsy, invented and described the now generally accepted recipe for The Royal bleeding from the lungs through inhalation of sprayed 2,5% solution of iron dvupyatihloristogo. Besides, . Zdekauer placing the question of drainage, . on ventilation and heating hospitals, . and his proposals on these subjects, . with the assistance of the generals and Totleben Evreinov, . have found application in hospitals, . Academy, . Barracks, . theaters, . palaces,
. In 1860, Mr.. Zdekauer awarded the Life-medical consultant and in 1863, diverted the duties of court life, he left a professorship at the Academy, retaining the title of Distinguished Professor and an honorary member of. In 1866, Mr.. Zdekauera established on the initiative of the Chief cholera committee, he himself struggled with the smallpox epidemic in Tsarskoe Selo. Then Zdekauer concentrated its productive activities on public hygiene. Even in the 1850's he, along with EV. Pelican, P.A. Kochubei and YU.K. Trapp, conceived, modeled on London's analytical Commission, found in Russia, a society for the study subjects of a national food. The attempt failed, but led to the formation of the first society escort of public health, which continued for more than 10 years of existence has done a lot for the sanitary improvement of the capital, on the initiative and report Zdekauera. In 1876, Mr.. Zdekauer again put up the question of the need to base society escort of public health and in 1878. opened the first meeting, . now existing Russian Society escort of public health, . which has since being relieved and was elected chairman of the main initiator of its most important undertakings (unit of medical homes for feeble children, . First All-Russia Exhibition hygienic 1893),
. In 1890, Mr.. Zdekauer indicated that the influenza epidemic then raging serves as a harbinger of cholera, and invited in advance to prepare for the meeting terrible guest; prediction is years of experience fully confirmed. Since 1884. Zdekauer within 5 years was chairman of the Medical Board. Now continues to participate in classroom medical board, as well as military-medical scientist of the Committee elected him an honorary member. Zdekauer is still an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences and many companies, both Russian and foreign. Since its inception Russian Red Cross Society Zdekauer been a long time member of the chief of his reign, . one time consisted of the vowel in the Tsar's county and St. Petersburg zemstvo provincial assemblies, . as well as president of the Land Tsarskoselskaya county health commissions and provincial Saint-Petersburg,
. Died in 1897. Published works Zdekauera: Clinical Report 1844 - 1845 gg. " and "On the diagnosis of heart disease" (in "Editions Medico-Surgical Academy, 1845);" Zur Therapie der Zungenblutung "(" Wiener med. Wochenschr. "1861)," Report on the smallpox epidemic in the Tsar's County "(1866);" Galvanoplastische Behandlung d. Aortenaneurysmen "(" St.-Petersb. medicin. Zeitschrift "1869, XVI);" Ttaitement prophylactique du cholera "(" Comptes rendus "of the Brussels Congress in 1876)," Fish poison "(1875) and others. In "Russian Antiquities" 1881, book 4, 5 and 11. Zdekauer published his memoirs ( "St. Petersburg Medico-Surgical Academy in 1833 - 1863.") Marked a profound impartiality and giving some well-aimed features professors of the Academy.

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Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography Zdekauer Nikolai Fyodorovich  Honorary Doctor, photo, biography
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