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Zlatovratskiy Nikolai

( Famous writer and populist)

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Biography Zlatovratskiy Nikolai
photo Zlatovratskiy Nikolai
(1845 - 1911)
Native of Vladimir. His father was an official office of the marshal of the nobility, but by education and birth, as mother Zlatovratskiy, belonged to the clergy. In the late 50-ies. he, with the assistance of the marshal of the nobility, opened a public library in the superintendence of which he helped the son, who studied at the time in a local school. Undertaken more as a father Zlatovratskiy issue "Vladimir Herald", which was supposed to take part Dob - Comrade in Teacher Institute and the intimate friend of one of two brothers, father Zlatovratskiy. These uncles, in connection with frequent and prolonged trips to rural relatives, filed in early Zlatovratskiy passionate interest in people's life. Fences placed Zlatovratskiy father to enter the Moscow University and graduate courses at St. Petersburg Institute of Technology; always had to spend on a hard struggle with poverty. In 1866, Mr.. he accidentally hit the correctors "Son of the Fatherland". This awakened in him a passion for writing, which he enthusiastically indulged in back in high school. The story of people's life: "livestock" was adopted in the "Spark" VM. Kurochkin, such as short stories have been placed in the "Alarm", "Week", "News" and later made a book: "Little Shchedrin". Printed in "Notes of the Fatherland" story "Peasant jury" just created Zlatovratskiy literary position. Of the later works Zlatovratskiy drew the most attention to themselves, too, printed in "Notes of the Fatherland" extensive "history of one village" - "common sense" and essays "Village weekdays". Of his works was published in 1884 - 89 and 1891, and 1911. published in the publication of "Enlightenment" (8 volumes appeared). In 1909, Mr.. Zlatovratski was elected an honorary member. After Gleb Uspensky Zlatovratski - the most famous of the representatives of the "peasant fiction, markedly different from philanthropic-fiction, people-loving 40's and 50-ies. In comparison, compositions Zlatovratskiy, on the approach to the living reality, for accurate reproduction of peasant life, language, are undoubtedly a step forward. Writers 40-ies are out to find a peasant man, is not always regarded him as a peasant, what is peculiar only to the peasants, they have not found a reflection. According Zlatovratskiy, . literature we did not give any more or less typical and vivid pictures of the area of community life: we do not have any community of character, . nor typical scene of community gatherings, . Courts, . redivisions - these expressive and distinctive paintings of folk life,
. Our artists somehow contrived to represent the people, distracting him from the very soil on which he was born, grew up, worked and died ( "Village weekdays). Zealous other representatives of the "peasant fiction" Zlatovratski tries to give a picture of just such a specially-peasant party of national life. His major works - a valuable benefit for in-depth understanding of people's "common sense": a kind of encyclopedia of country life, and, moreover, everyday. Zlatovratski brings us precisely in those little things that many observers seem to be too fractional and colorless, but much more characterize the main background of people's life, different than the exceptional situation. It is not always equally bright, but always conscientiously seeking Zlatovratski popular "common sense" not only where they are clear and immediately apparent on the observer, but also where they want to open in the mass of foreign accretions and the details of "village buden". Techniques by which Zlatovratski trying to catch people's "common sense", it is difficult to bring under the established literary forms: it is a very strange mixture of fiction, ethnography and journalism, sometimes statistics. The author cares little about the wholeness of experience, his knowledge of the problem is solely represent the truth and people's life. With every desire to tell a complete and full truth about the peasant, an essential feature Zlatovratskiy remains a significant proportion of idealization. In this respect, it is a complete contrast with Gleb Uspensky, who does not hesitate to say that sometimes the most bitter truth about the peasant. Idealization Zlatovratskiy, . however, . depends not only on whether, . that he closes his eyes to the unsympathetic side of national life, . but from the desire in every detail of peasant-plaguing bytya see deep, . natural "foundations", a gray little man, very often turns into a Zlatovratskiy in some epic Mikula Selyaninovich, . often even says epic warehouse and almost blank verse,
. - Literature on Zlatovratskiy cm. by Vengerov's "Historical dictionary of Russian literature, and have Vladislavlev" Russian Writers ". S. Vengerov.

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Zlatovratskiy Nikolai, photo, biography
Zlatovratskiy Nikolai, photo, biography Zlatovratskiy Nikolai  Famous writer and populist, photo, biography
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