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Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich

( Famous Orientalist)

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Biography Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich
photo Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich
(April 23, 1822, Mr.. - 27 December 1891). Son Penza archpriest; the end of the course (1846) Kazan Theological Academy on with her bachelor of science and the Turkish-Tatar language and was soon appointed a member of the commission to verify the Tatar translation of the New Testament. Seconded in 1850, in St. Petersburg to check in the Tatar language translations of liturgical books, Ilminskiy then went to Damascus, Constantinople and Cairo, where he studied languages of Arabic, Turkish and Persian. In the newly opened the Kazan Theological Academy protivomusulmanskom office Ilminsky was charged (1854) teaching Arabic and Turkish languages, etc.. Science. Leaving the academy, Ilminskiy until 1861,. served at the Orenburg Boundary Commission, where moved to Kazan University, professor of Turkish-Tatar language; oriental languages Ilminskiy read and the Kazan Theological Academy. Five years (1847 - 1872) Ilminskiy editor of "Izvestia" and "Notes" Kazan University. In 1872, Mr.. Ilminskiy appointed director of the Kazan inorodcheskoy teachers' seminary, and from then on devoted himself entirely to spread education among the natives. In 1864. on the initiative Ilminsky in Kazan emerged private school for children baptized Tatar. For the baptized Tatars as he issued a series of transfers: A Primer (1862, 1864, 1867, etc.. years), Genesis (1863), Easter service (1869) and many others. Many articles Ilminsky, . acquainting with the folk literature of aliens, . their customs, . rites, . as well as many linguistic studies are placed in "Proceedings of the Archaeological Society, . "Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences", . Studies of the Kazan University, . Journal of the Ministry of National Education ", . "Orthodox Review" (from 1863), . "Orthodox Interlocutor, . "Parochial school" (1888 and 1889), . "Proceedings of the Kazan diocese and pr,
. Separately published: Arab writings Kitab-Tags - presentation muhammedanskogo Faith (1855); "Babur-name" - the autobiographical notes Sultan Babur, a vile. text - a great benefit to the study dzhagatayskogo adverbs, . to attract the attention of Western Orientalists, "History of the Prophets Rabguzy dzhagatayskom dialect" (Kazan, . 1859), , . 1861), . Ir Targyn, . Kyrgyz story "(Kazan, . 1861), "On the translation of Christian books in the Tatar language" (1875, . of the Journal of the Ministry of National Education ")," On the church services at inorodcheskih languages "(1883, . of the "Orthodox Interlocutor"), "Experiments transcriptions of Christian doctrinal books in Tatar and others,
. inorodcheskie languages at the beginning of this century "(Kazan, 1885);" Kazan baptized-Tatar School. Materials for the history of education Tartars "(1887)," Correspondence on publications Chuvash translation commissions "(Kazan, 1890)," A Memoir of IA. Altynsarina "(Kazan, 1891). There are also several studies Ilminsky Slavic Church Slavonic text of the liturgical books, as well as the composition of some of the liturgical rank. Ilminskiy always defended the high dignity of Old Slavonic translation of the Gospel, . especially in the book "Reflections on the relative merits in respect of multi-language editions of the Church Slavonic translation of the Psalms and the Gospel" (Kazan, . 1882 and St. Petersburg., . 1886),
. The monotony of the text Ilminskiy laid the basis for the publication of the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, "the ancient texts. His views on the study of the Church Slavonic language Ilminskiy holds a number of publications and studies: "Teaching Church Slavonic literacy (two Vol., For students and teachers, Kazan, 1885 and 1887)," The Holy Gospel of Matthew. Old Slavonic text "(Kazan, 1888)," Church Slavic alphabet for church schools (for teachers and pupils, 1889), "Literacy in Church Slavonic alphabet" (Kazan, 1888). Ilminskiy also actively worked in Kazan translation committee for the brotherhood of St.. Guria, with his participation and under his editorship for church schools published: Teaching prayer book, Psalms Learning, Training Oktoikh etc.. Wed. Vitevsky, in "Proceedings of the Kazan diocese" (1892,? 4 - 6 and separately) and P. Znamenskii "In memory of NI. Ilminskiy "(Kazan, 1892). Literature about it: Kn. Pobedonostsev "From the memories of NI. Ilminskiy "(" Russian Messenger ", 1892, February);" NI. Ilminskiy. Selected passages from the pedagogical writings, some information about its activities and about the last days of his life "(1892) H. Resurrection "On the correspondence NI. Ilminsky with baptized Tatars (Kazan, 1896); Znamenskii "Participation NI. Ilminsky in public education in Turkestan "(" The Orthodox Interlocutor, 1900), his "Some materials for the history of the Altai mission and participation in its affairs NI. Ilminsky "(ib., 1902, January); Soloviev" In memory of NI. Ilminsky "(" Wanderer ", 1892, March); K. Kharlampovich "NI. Ilminskiy and Altai mission "(Kazan, 1905). - Letters Ilminsky to the Procurator of the Holy Synod of Kn. Pobedonostsev printed in the "Orthodox Interlocutor for 1895 - 1898 and 1900 years.

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Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Ilminskiy Nikolai Ivanovich  Famous Orientalist, photo, biography
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