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Kamarovsky Leonid A.

( Graf - a famous lawyer)

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Biography Kamarovsky Leonid A.
photo Kamarovsky Leonid A.
(1846 - 1912). Upon completing the law faculty of Moscow University in 1868, left in the department of international law. Candidate's work his "Essay on the economic and financial situation of ancient Rome," published in the Memoirs of the Moscow University in 1869. Dealing with international law in Heidelberg, under the leadership Bluntschli. In 1874, . defended his master's thesis ( "The beginning of non-interference", . Moscow), . became a professor of international law at Moscow University, . and to protect the doctoral dissertation, . his most important scientific work, . created a name and outside of Russia ( "On the international court", . Moscow, . 1881, translated in 1887 by Mr.,
. Vestmanom in French), appointed Professor. Consisted and teacher at the Lycц?e prince Nicholas (1890 - 1903), and recently - at the University Shanyavsky and at the highest rates of female legal. He took an active part in the Law Society at Moscow University (1878 - 1899) was a member of the Institute of International Law (1875), a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (since 1909) and in 1910. corresponding member of Academy of Sciences. Of the students graph Kamarovskogo many work in the field of international law: Lodyzhensky, Ulyanitsky, Danevsky, Zhigarev, Grabar, Kazan, Bogaevsky, Golubev, Yashchenko. Kamarovsky, separated from the ruling in contemporary jurisprudence of positive trends, held religious and ethical direction. The current law it is not enough interest, he sought the justification of international law on the requirements of justice and the principles of natural law. The system of International Law, . which Kamarovsky would like to see codified, . it builds not on the facts of real life Interstate, . and on the legal consciousness of the most educated part of society, . Wishing to provide the ideal rule of law, . is consistent with the requirements of justice and would be better suited to the cultural needs of people,
. Legal Outlook Count Kamarovskogo best expressed in his doctoral dissertation and in the book "Basic science questions of international law" (2 edition, Moscow, 1892 - 93). Lectures Count Kamarovskogo issued through the records of students in International Law at the lectures of Professor Earl, LA. Kamarovskogo and privat-docent VA. Ulyanitskogo "(Moscow, 1900, and other publications). Kamarovsky closely followed the literature of international law, . made two of its bibliographic index, . giving critical reviews of new works in this field (in the "Revue de droit internat.", . in the "Compendium of public knowledge", . published Bezobrazov, . "Legal Notice, . Russian Thought "and other, . as well as in the book "Review of recent literature on international law", . Moscow, . 1887),
. He introduces Russian readers with the activities of the Institute of International Law ( "The first three years of the Institute of International Law", . Moscow, . 1877, . and a number of reports in the legal community, the last published in the "Legal Notice" and "Russian Thought"),
. Considerable service to the dissemination of international legal ideas Kamarovsky provided his public lectures (published in Russian Thought and others). The idea of the world, especially international, was a favorite dream Kamarovskogo. He believed in the possibility of a close implementation. Prominent figure in the peace movement, . He dedicated a series of works: "On the idea of peace between peoples" ( "Russian Thought", . 1884), . "On the political causes of war in modern Europe" ( "Scientific Notes", . Moskovskii universitet, . 1888), "War or Peace" (Odessa, . 1895), "Progress in the idea of peace" (Moscow, . 1898) and other,
. In an effort to consolidate international peace, Kamarovsky was a champion of a stronger international organization. This problem has been, in addition to his doctoral dissertation, "On a fundamental problem of international law" (acts of 1897 and a separate speech, entitled "Question of the international organization", Moscow, 1905). In the formation of political parties in Russia, he joined the party on Oct. 17. In fact, he disagreed with the party, no displays of sympathy with crude nationalism and hostile position taken by the party in relation to university autonomy, which the Count Kamarovsky was firmly committed to. In 1909 - 1912 he was the vowel of the Moscow City Duma. - Wed. Yashchenko, "Graf, LA. Kamarovsky "(" Proceedings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1913, Book I); attached to a sketch drawn by Kamarovskim full list of all his work; Nersesov in the "Legal Notice" (1913, Book IV). Vl. Grabar.

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Kamarovsky Leonid A., photo, biography
Kamarovsky Leonid A., photo, biography Kamarovsky Leonid A.  Graf - a famous lawyer, photo, biography
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