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Karazin Basil Nazarovych

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Biography Karazin Basil Nazarovych
photo Karazin Basil Nazarovych
Born in the village Kruchik, Bogodukhovskaya County Kharkov province, January 30, 1773, died Nov. 4, 1842, Mr.. His father, a colonel, received from Catherine II-nd manor Kruchik (Karazin originated from the Greek kind of Karaj). Will take place in the military service, Karazin visited Mountain Corps in St. Petersburg, where he gained great attention in the experimental sciences, which have increased self -. In 1798, Mr.. wanted to secretly make his way over the border - in order to be perfected in the sciences and then to avoid the harsh treatment - but was detained and a report warning the authorities sent a letter to the emperor, who saved him from punishment. Immediately upon ascending the throne, Alexander I Karazin placed in the cabinet of his bold and frank (but anonymous) letter, . contained an entire program reign, . in a spirit of trust to public opinion, the emperor ordered to find the author, . kind to him and let him always refer to him for Public Affairs,
. In this letter, . as well as in his subsequent political notes, . submitted by Alexander I and Nicholas I, . Karazin is a passionate advocate of public initiative and education, these two principles, he devoted his life, . suffered for them, . but remained true to them to the grave,
. He briefly enjoyed the unlimited confidence of the Emperor Alexander I (a little over 3 years), but this time managed to do a lot to educate Russia. He originated the idea of a special Ministry of Education, in the same ministry, he played a prominent role, . As ruler of affairs of the Governing Board schools; of, . mainly, . inscribed with "rules of the national education, . they draft the university and academic regulations, they created a special agency of the Ministry, . "Monthly essays about the success of public education" and finally, . He was the true culprit foundation of Kharkov University - and this is his great credit to the city of Kharkov, and by a vast margin,
. He is the first idea about the university in Kharkov, he is inclined to the idea the local gentry, who have donated to 400000 rubles other donations (merchants and citizens Yekaterinoslav nobility and t. etc) were also obtained through the influence Karazin, he enlisted in the matter of outstanding and popular figures among all classes, in St. Petersburg Karazin spent his university work through a number of formal ordeal, . arming themselves against many of those in power, . and at the same time not a little labored for dispensation of the University: traveled to Kharkov, . was there at one time the sole arbiter of all cases, . went into all the details, . disposed amounts; in St. Petersburg, got out and sent to Kharkov books, . printing supplies, . craftsmen,
. Kharkov University further in 1811, when selecting Karazin an honorary member, said that owes its existence solely by his works and diligence, and is now happy with his monument. In 1804, Mr.. Karazin was forced to withdraw from the Ministry of Education, . but the social and educational activities have continued his entire 38 years and was characterized by an unusually diverse and vibrant character: he repeatedly responded from his rural retreat on the critical issues of our political life, . undergone during this confinement Schlusselburg, . then was installed under police surveillance in the village Kruchik,
. Here he devoted himself with all the passion of his nature to study and experimentation. In Kruchik he had a chemical laboratory and a meteorological station (1-I in the Kharkov province), . where he personally conducted surveillance in the course of several decades, there was the same experimental field, . which seyalis various foreign breads, . performed experiments manure, . introduced new farm buildings and used them invented the gun, was immediately and its huge library, . exemplary, . completely secured in a material respect the people's schools and institutions of the village council, . provided by the government of his serfs: the latter received from him, . for dues, . in the hereditary possession of land, . and for the settlement of their relations to the priest they had created a special situation, . virtue of which the clergy to provide maintenance and should not have been taken from the peasants no fee for treby,
. Wanting to spread new agricultural techniques, he established a special "filotehnicheskoe society", whose area of activity was very significant (existed from 1811 to 1818) in which he has invested a lot of its own funds and energy. Karazin owns more than 60 published articles, scattered in various journals "News of Europe", "Ukrainian Herald", "Kharkov Provincial Gazette and other. Recently published several of his works and materials for his biography in the "Russian Antiquities", "Russian Archive" and "Moscow Society of the Readings". The most outstanding of his writings - articles on meteorology. In his articles generally expressed a wealth of new ideas that found their evaluation and use only much later. Very interesting and the character Karazin, which clearly reflected his southern origin. The most complete biography written by his GP. Danilevsky (cm. his "Ukrainian antique), but accessible to the public of his biography, compiled Abramov (in a series of remarkable people, published Pavlenkov) cm. also Bagaley, "educational activity VN. Karazin ". D. Bagaley.

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Karazin Basil Nazarovych, photo, biography
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