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Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich

( Historian)

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Biography Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich
photo Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich
Born in 1850, graduated from the course on the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University. While still a student Kareev worked in Voronezh "Philological Notes" and "Knowledge", his first printed work "phonetic and grammatical system of the ancient Hellenic language" was released in 1868. Left at the university to prepare for a professorship, he was a history teacher in the 3rd Moscow gymnasium. After passing the MA exam, received a trip abroad, during which wrote a master's thesis "The Peasants and Peasant Question in France in the last quarter of XVIII century." (Moscow, 1879). It was followed by "Essay on the history of the French peasantry," (1881). In 1878 - 79 years of reading in the Moscow University in the course of history XIX. as "the teacher". In 1879 - 84 years was professor of Warsaw University. His doctoral thesis "Fundamental Problems of the Philosophy of History" (Moscow, 1883) caused great controversy about which Kareev published a book: "To my critics" (Warsaw, 1883). In 1885, Mr.. Kareev moved to St. Petersburg, where he earned first chair in the Alexander Lyceum, and then at the university and the University for Women. In 1889, Mr.. participated in the foundation at St. Petersburg University Historical Society, whose chairman and is currently editing the society published "Historical Review". During his stay in Warsaw Kareev engaged in Polish history and has written several books and articles on the subject ( "The fall of Poland in the historical literature", . 1889; Outline of the history of the Reformation movement and the Catholic reaction in Poland ", . 1886, "Historical Review of the Polish Sejm", . 1888; "Polish reforms XVIII century.", . 1890; "Causes de la chute de la Pologne", . 1893 and others), some of these writings have appeared in Polish translation,
. His "Basic Problems of the Philosophy of History" appeared the third edition in 1897, the third volume of this work appeared under the title: "The essence of the historical process and the role of personality in history" (1890, 2 ed., 1914). Similarly, the topics addressed in a number of historical-philosophical and sociological journal articles Kareeva, some of them collected in "Historical and Philosophical and Sociological Studies" (1895, 2 ed., . 1898), . and later in the first two volumes of "Collected Works" (1911 and 1912),
. Out earlier, . individual books, . several "Introduction" to their courses on the history of the East, . Ancient, . Medieval, . modern and contemporary, . Kareev made "History of Western Europe in modern times", . appeared in six volumes (the sixth volume in two parts) during 1892 - 1910; the first volume stood at 5 and 4 editions,
. Associated with it, "General Course of History of XIX century.". Left in 1894. Letters to students about self-education "and the subsequent" Conversations on the development outlook, "" Thoughts on the basis of morality "and others also had several publications. In the second half of the 90-ies. Kareev published "Introduction to the study of sociology" (3 editions) and "Old and new studies on the economic materialism" (2 editions). In September 1899. Kareev petition was summarily dismissed from the post of professor at St. Petersburg University and at the higher women's courses, but at the Alexander Lyceum continued to teach until 1907, Mr.. Involuntary leisure Kareev used for the preparation of educational books on the ancient, middle and new stories that are included in the use of secondary school. Since 1902. He began to lecture on the economic department of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, and issued a five of its courses under the general title: "Typological courses on the history of public life" ( "The State of the ancient city of peace", . "Monarch of the ancient East and the Greco-Roman world", . "Put-State and Class monarchy of the Middle Ages", . "Western European absolute monarchy XVI - XVIII centuries" and "Origin of the modern folk-law of the State"), some of them came in three editions,
. Kareev took an active part in the Committee of the Literary Fund (one time was its chairman) and in the community to benefit students of St. Petersburg University, . as well as in the department to promote self-education (which was actually the chairman) and the Mutual Union of Russian Writers (1897 - 1901),
. In 1904 - 06 years was the vowel St. Petersburg City Duma. , Founded in 1905. Union leaders of higher education was chairman of "academic committee" that developed the basic questions of life and system of higher education institutions. During the preparations for the elections to the State Duma, I was chairman of the St. Petersburg City Committee of the Constitutional Democratic Party as a candidate who was selected from St. Petersburg to the deputies. Since 1906. again, is a professor of St. Petersburg University and the higher rates of female. Recently Kareev returned to his studies the history of the French Revolution, . for which published a number of unpublished documents (among other things, . in "Western" Academy of Sciences, . corresponding member of which he is), and minor works on the sections of Paris ( "Paris section of the French Revolution", . 1911, . and others), . on the economic history of the epoch and t,
. n. In the first edition of this "Encyclopedic Dictionary" edited (with the letter B) the entire history department, in this publication is editing a new department of Western European history. Full list of works available in Kareeva issued in honor of his Festschrift (St. Petersburg, 1914).

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Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Kareev Nikolai Ivanovich  Historian, photo, biography
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