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Karelin Gregory Silich

( The famous naturalist and traveler)

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Biography Karelin Gregory Silich
(1801 - 1872). Educated in 1 Cadet Corps. In 1817, Mr.. began service in the artillery lieutenant and placed in his own office known Arakcheeva. Shortly thereafter, on a tip-off about the joke about Arakcheev spoken Karelin among his comrades, was suddenly driven to the courier in Orenburg and moved in there the garrison. Here Karelin gave himself up to study natural sciences and the rest of his life he remained faithful. The extraordinary wit and good-tempered, with the versatile scientist, brought him universal recognition and respect, beginning with the governor-general and ending with a simple Cossack. From 1822, Mr.. Karelin had sent an expedition to the diverse goals and uses this to gather materials for all sorts of fields of knowledge: on the natural history, geography, ethnography and other. These scientific expeditions Karelin, however, begin with 1826, when he left military service in early 1829. and entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1831, Mr.. Karelin had been sent on an expedition to inspect and examine the north-eastern part of the Kirghiz Steppe. In 1832 and 1834 respectively he instructed the search space for the construction and building capacity at the most north-eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. Here Karelin is the head of an entire small flotilla. He performed brilliantly placed on him order lifted quickly and appropriate for the tract of Kizil-Rashi Novoaleksandrovskom strengthening. Thus, a rich collection of natural products and removed topographic surveys, etc.. In 1836, Mr.. Karelin is sent on an expedition to the southern shores of the Caspian Sea with political objectives. In continuation of this expedition Karelin has closely converge with the Turkmens, iomudami. He visited their encampments on the south-eastern coast of the Caspian Sea and brought the case to the fact that these Turkmens asked them to take Russian citizenship. To this no attention was paid, but 40 years had to conquer their weapons. From 1840 to 1845 years, Karelin has made, on behalf of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, scientists travel to the Altai, Tarbogatay, Tau and Chzhungariyu. The result of these travels was a gathering of the rich collections and the provision of museums and scientists both Russian and foreign. Since 1845. Travel Karelin terminated, and in 1849. He moved to Guriev, where he held continuously for 20 years and died. In these past 20 years, he diligently studied the nature of the edge, but, unfortunately, most of them abandoned the material lost. Collections Karelin partly disappeared, but much remains to be preserved in museums of different agencies and private individuals. Thus, the herbarium is part of the St. Petersburg University, part of the Imperial Botanical Garden. Many manuscripts have disappeared in Guryev after the death of Karelin. On his travels and scientific results can have a pretty full idea of what collected by Professor MN. Bogdanov in X volume of "Memoirs of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society" (1886), under the title: "Traveling GS. Karelin in the Caspian Sea ". Then reports of expeditions and various articles of the Karelin. Because of his important scientific works and lists of Altai chzhungarskih plants. There are not enough new genera and species. Karelin is named in honor of Lessing genus Karelinia. A. Beketov.

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Karelin Gregory Silich, photo, biography
Karelin Gregory Silich, photo, biography Karelin Gregory Silich  The famous naturalist and traveler, photo, biography
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