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Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich

( The well-known lawyer)

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Biography Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich
photo Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich
(1827 - 1872). Early (19 1 / 2 years old) graduated from Kharkov University, he was in 1849, Mr.. defended a master's degree thesis "On the dominion over the seas" (not published) and took in Kharkov department of international law. In 1855, for a doctoral dissertation, arrived in Moscow, where he became close with the circle of Westerners, the precepts of which always remained faithful. 1858 - 59 years Kachenovsky held abroad and has attracted the attention of Western lawyers two presentations made in England (in particular: "On the present state of international jurisprudence", read at the London Law Society in 1861). By the decade from 1855 to 1865. include almost all the published work Kachenovsky. The most important of them: "The brand and the prize proceedings" (Moscow, . 1855, . doctoral dissertation, translated into English with additions to the author - "Prize-law, . particularly with reference to the duties and obligations of belligerents and neutrals ", . Leipzig, . 1867), "Looking at the history of political science in Europe" (Moscow, . 1859), "The present state of political science in Western Europe and in Russia" (Kharkov, . 1862), "Course in International Law" (Kharkov, . 1863 - 66; not finished; introduction and historical overview, . discontinuity in the Middle Ages),
. At the same time Kachenovsky placed in different magazines a number of articles: "The life and writings of Daniel Webster" ( "Russian Messenger, . 1856), . "The success of science of international law in Germany and England" (ibid., . 1856), "Looking at the fate of Spain in the XIX century." (ibid., . 1856); "Christian-Friedrich Wurm" (ibid., . 1856), "Memories of Macaulay" ( "Russian Word", . 1860); "My encounter and conversation with Mrs. jamesonite" ( "Russian Speech", . 1861); "Former and current situation of Russian Universities" (ibid., . 1862), "Stories of Spain" ( "Russian Word", . 1863),
. Since 1864. have Kachenovsky showing signs of tuberculosis. In the last years of his life, tired and weak, Kochenovsky sought solace in art, which he loved since childhood. He especially took to Italy, where I made several trips. Fruit Kachenovsky stay in Italy was broadly conceived study of Michelangelo, of which only a small excerpt appeared in print ( "Florence and her old masters," Vestnik Evropy, 1869, August and October). Established in Kharkov University Museum of Fine Arts was transferred in the management of Kachenovsky as its main initiator. - In the science of international law Kachenovsky name - one of the most prominent. In their research kept Kachenovsky practical direction of the English and Dutch school. German Gelehrtheit he could not bear; publicist Wurm he considered the best political writer in Germany. Due to the historical point of view, Kachenovsky able to guess in which direction to develop one or another legal institution. His doctoral thesis - one of the best monographs; it, . in the form of the postulates of the fundamental principles of international law and its historical development, . identified some reforms, . shortly after receiving the partial implementation of the Paris Declaration of 1856,
. Kachenovsky one of the first expressed the idea of the need, . for the development of international law, . collaboration of scientists from different countries (report in the London Law Society) - a thought, . realized, . year after the death of Kachenovsky, . creation of the Institute of International Law,
. Kachenovsky pet idea was to codify rules of international law. He reacted sensitively to all the phenomena of political life in the West and in Russia, political and social renewal he was in him the warmest sympathy (cm. speech "New Russia and New Europe", "Russian Speech", 1861). Blindly loyal to his university, his "Salamanca", Kachenovsky was one of the most outstanding teachers and university youth. Among his listeners was MM. Kovalevsky. In 1903, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his death Kachenovsky, in the ceremonial meeting of the Law Society at Kharkov University were read Characteristics and memories on Kachenovsky, professors Yastrzhembsky, M. Kovalevsky, Shimkovym and other. - See: "In memory of DI. Kachenovsky "(Kharkov, 1905); Stoyanov," Memories of DI. Kachenovsky "(Kharkov, 1872) and the Faculty of Kharkov University (Kharkiv, 1908, p.. 242 - 247). Vl. Grabar.

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Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography
Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich, photo, biography Kachenovsky Dmitri Ivanovich  The well-known lawyer, photo, biography
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