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Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich

( Journalist and Professor)

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Biography Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich
born November 1, 1775, Mr.. in Kharkov. His father, Trofim Dem'yanovich Kachon, was a Greek, to leave the Balaklava and assigned to the petty-bourgeois society of the city of Kharkiv. Sooner bereft father, Kachenovsky, with the help of good people, was built in the Kharkov Collegium, 13 years old finished the course in the secondary school and entered the sergeant in Yekaterinoslav Cossack militia. Five years later he moved to Kharkov provincial magistrate clerk, but two years later (1795) again returned to military service. Receiving (1798), the post quartermaster, Kachenovsky been put on trial on charges of defects treasury of gunpowder, but was acquitted. In 1799 and 1801 years he made in the journal Ippokrena "with several original and translated articles written in the spirit of the then sentimentalism. Sitting in custody during the investigation, read the works Kachenovsky Boltin, awakened in him the idea of developing critical sources of Russian history. Soon after the abandonment of military service (1801) became known Kachenovsky Kirillovich Count Alexei Razumovsky, and soon entered his librarian. Having a place curator of Moscow University, Count Razumovsky Kachenovsky brought with him to Moscow and made him ruler of his personal office. Since then Kachenovsky begins to work for magazines. From the "News of Russian Literature" (1803), he moved to the "Bulletin of Europe" (1804), had just left Karamzin for historical studies. In fact, as with the 1805. and formally, Kachenovsky becomes editor-publisher of The Messenger of Europe, which manages and until its termination in 1830, Mr.. (about Kachenovsky as a journalist, cm. Journal Europe). In 1805, Mr.. retired quartermaster receives the degree of Master of Philosophy in the next year becomes a Doctor of Philosophy and Fine Arts, in 1810, Mr.. extraordinary, and in 1811, Mr.. - Full professor. Before 1821. Kachenovsky taught the theory of fine arts and archeology, and then moved to the department of history, statistics and geography, and remained on it before the statute of 1835, Mr.. (in 1830 - 1831. taught, in addition, Russia's literature, as well as general history and statistics). For the past seven years of his life Kachenovsky in the department of history and literature of the Slavic dialects. A clear and sober mind and the natural efficiency, acquired in the service, could not replace Kachenovsky schooling. For all his varied erudition, he could not become an independent scholar in any of those branches of knowledge, which he had to change so much during his professorial career. The same must be said about classes Kachenovsky Russian history, his favorite subject, to which he is more likely to return. Prior to his appointment at the Department of Russian history, his historical articles are not any traces of self-study, and he just promotes Schlozer and making it a common point of view, to judgments about private matters. As a follower of the critical areas Schlozer, he is opposed to the nationalist view of Karamzin and rebels against the image of the past in terms of our. In 20-ies Kachenovsky begins specifically address the sources of Russian history. Under the influence of Niebuhr, he aims to release the history of those features which are recorded in the sources later portrayed in these periods and therefore unreliable. The ancient period of history seems Kachenovsky state of complete savagery. Following Schlozer, he suspected before, that the ancient Rus' did not know, neither the letter nor the trade and currency, but based on this idea, Kachenovsky is now much more Schlozer. His own original argument is based on a failed guess, . that banknotes, . mentioned in our ancient legal and historical monuments ( "Russian Truth" and "Chronicle"), . moved to Russia only in the XIII century., ,
. From this insight Kachenovsky makes bold conclusion that most sources who use this monetary system, are not earlier in the XIII. Attempt to prove this conclusion learned manner Kachenovsky made in another of his study of the "Russian Truth". Here he proves that neither the laws nor the urban communities, which could make laws did not exist before the XIII - XIV in. not only in Russia but also in the rest of Europe. Final Kachenovsky its findings could not bring himself to finish in these scientists work, but he expounded these findings in lectures to students. All the ancient Russian history fabulously, because the sources of this story is not tampered with prior to the XIII. Conclusions Kachenovsky coincided with new ideas, historical and philosophical criticism. The younger generation eagerly seized upon these findings, the students developed his position in a number of articles published Kachenovsky; name Kachenovsky for several years has become extremely popular (see. Skeptical School). The popularity of this, however, soon passed, as in the form of lectures Kachenovsky were rather dry and monotonous, and the contents were not identical with philosophical ideas, which fascinated the young. The most talented of the temporary followers Kachenovsky print note the difference between "formal" criticism Schlozer, which stopped their teacher, and the "real" criticism, stemming from the present outlook of. From that and other points of view chronicles could recognize false, but "formal" criticism Kachenovsky proved this by, . that the record is a forgery, . made in the XIII century, . a "real" criticism of the best followers Kachenovsky deduced the unreliability of the monument of the properties of the infantile world view of its author,
. Chronicles legends they are not considered a "myth", which must denounce as a "myth", which requires an explanation. Along with the basic principles of philosophical failure Kachenovsky was discovered and the scientific fallacy of his scientific findings - Pogodin and Butkova. Some opponents Kachenovsky rejected his conclusions, not only in the name of science, but also in the name of patriotism. In the eyes of Kachenovsky record was compiled by crook; Pogodin invited students to pray to him as a saint. In the name of the authority of antiquity was to free fall silent voice of criticism. Replacement of the scientific issues, the reliability is reflected at the position Kachenovsky at the university: the introduction of a new charter Minister Uvarov Kachenovsky transferred to the department of Slavic tongues, as the chair of Russian history gave Pogodin. This turn of events provided Kachenovsky patronage of an enlightened guardian of the Moscow University, . Count Stroganoff, a young professor 30-ies and treated him with respectful compassion, . but the sympathy that remained platonic,
. Premises habits Kachenovsky made it quite inappropriate to the social atmosphere of 30-ies, and in the warehouse of his views, he remained a stranger to the new literary and philosophical ideas. Kachenovsky died April 19, 1842, very seedy and almost lonely.

The biographical and bibliographical information about Kachenovsky cm. the obituary I.I. Davydova (Moscow News, 1842, No. 37, May 9), Gennady, "Reference Dictionary of Russian Writers" (Volume II); NP. Barsukov, "M.T. Kachenovsky "(" Russian Antiquities ", 1889, October);" Ow. Micah. Kachenovsky "(son of M. T.), "Micah. Trophy. Kachenovsky "(" Russian Antiquities ", 1890, June); his own (more details), in" Notes of a Bibliography "(Moscow, 1892," 4 and 5); VS. Ikonnikov, "skeptical school of Russian historiography and its opponents" ( "Proceedings of the Kiev University, 1871," 9 - 11); AA. Kochubinsky, "The initial years of Russian Slavonic" (p. 40 - 50, classes Kachenovsky Slavs) H. Barsukov, "Life and Works Stamp. Pogodin "(passim). P. Milyukov.

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Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich

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Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich, photo, biography
Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich, photo, biography Kachenovsky Michael Trofimovich  Journalist and Professor, photo, biography
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