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Kvitka Grigory Fyodorovich

( Little-Russian writer)

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Biography Kvitka Grigory Fyodorovich
Born in 1778, Mr.. Based in the village, near Kharkov, and almost all his life spent in Kharkov. From an early age was painful and up to 5 years old blind. Educated at home, rather meager. Not long was on the military service. Very religious minded, he enrolled at 23 in suburban Kuryazhsky monastery and stayed there about 4 years after the abandonment of the monastery, led basically a semi-monastic life until he was carried away in social activities and theater. Opening of the Kharkov University in 1805. made a great recovery in the life of local society. In 1812, Mr.. arose in Kharkov permanent theater, and Kvitka took it the most extensive and diversified participation, as an actor, playwright and later a historian of the theater. In the same year, the initiative Kvitka, arose Benevolent Society, the largest of its business was the establishment of vseslovnogo female institution, soon transformed into the Institute of noble maidens. Kvitka donated to this cause their labor and money. From 1816 to 1821. in Kharkov out "Ukrainian Herald" - the first Kharkov magazine, edited by Kvitka, Filomafitskiy and Gonorskogo. At the same time Kvitka placed in the "Ukrainian Herald" and "News of Europe" small stories and poems. Everything he wrote was at this time is weak and has not subsequently reprinted. Undoubted literary talent Kvitka shown only in the early 1830's, . mainly in the stories of Little Russian language: "Marusya", . Soldiers patret ", . "Poor fellow Oksana", . "Mortuary Velykdne", . "From Toby and treasury", . "Kosir-divka", . "Dobre robes - good and bude" and then in the operetta "matchmaking on Goncharivtsi", . until now one of the repertory of plays Little Russian scene,
. In addition, Kvitka wrote a series of historical novels and short stories in Russian, of which the largest - a historical novel household Pan Halyavsky ". Kvitka found a great knowledge of life, manners, customs, beliefs, general familiarity with the whole structure of the nobility and peasant life in the Ukraine. Little-Russian novel written by its superb language, pure and simple and clear and imbued with a humane attitude toward the peasants. Kvitka had a beneficial effect on the readers, in terms of development in these humane feelings. Literary activity Kvitka developed largely under the influence of his clever wife, Anna, from the classroom will give the Institute of noble maidens. At the end of life Kvitka very disappointed poritsatelnye reviews Petersburg criticism of his Russian novels, compared with the Little-Russian rather weak. Kvitka died in 1843. - About Kvitka there is a fairly extensive literature, it is listed in "п÷п╬п╨п╟п╤я┤п╦п╨п╣" Komarova, in 1 volume collection of "Rada" (417 - 421). Later on Kvitka have published a lot of major articles; main: NI. Petrov, "Essays on the history of Ukrainian literature of XIX century"; NP. Dashkevich - academic review a previous essay, Ogonowski (in "History of Russian Literature", III); N.F. Sumtsov, Kvitka as an ethnographer "(Kiev Antiquity" (1893, XI - XII). Wed. Bazhenov, "G.F. Kvitka. Bibliographic Index "(" Izvestia Branch of Russian Language and Literature of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1910, Book 1). Collected Works Kvitka published in 1887, in Kharkov, in the dramatic works of his are not logged in. N. Sumtsov.

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Kvitka Grigory Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Kvitka Grigory Fyodorovich, photo, biography Kvitka Grigory Fyodorovich  Little-Russian writer, photo, biography
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