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Kelsen Vasily Ivanovich

( Writer)

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Biography Kelsen Vasily Ivanovich
(1835 - 1872).
I listened to the lectures of oriental languages at St. Petersburg University and has provided great improvements (later known up to 25 languages and dialects, and 14 could not speak). In 1858, Mr.. on the way to America, he was detained by a storm in Plymouth, decided to stay in England, breaking ties with Russia and placing itself at the disposal of Herzen and Ogarev. Looking at the split as a purely political phenomenon, Kelsiev planned to use it in the interests of the revolution. With Ogareva Kelsiev began to publish in "The Bell" General Chamber ", devoted to questions of division. With the same purpose, he gave the order and issued official documents relating to the split: "Collection of information about government dissenters" (Leipzig, 1860 - 1862, 4 th edition) and "A Collection of decisions on parts of a split" (Leipzig, 1863). By taking a secret trip to Moscow, where he tried to find support among the Old Believers, but suffered a setback, he went to Turkey, and then together with his brother Ivan (former student at St. Petersburg University, expelled for rioting 1861. in Verkhoturye and escaped), and Tchaikovsky lived in Tulcea, the Danube, among the Cossacks nekrasovtsev and eunuchs. Belief in the vitality of the ideas had been shaken in it have already. Living in Tulcea further reinforced old doubts. Kelsiev soon gained the confidence of the Cossacks, was elected sergeant, however, the revolutionary propaganda remained inconclusive. By proclamations Kelsiev Cossacks were indifferent, and belokrinitsky Metropolitan Kirill completely forbidden his flock to have intercourse with "insidious atheists" and "the forerunners of the Antichrist". Shaken by the disappointments and severe personal loss (including cholera 1865. claimed his brother's wife and children), Kelsiev moved to Vienna and began ethnography and mythology of the Slavs (several articles in "Notes of the Fatherland" and "Voice" under the pseudonym Ivanov-stomach). Travel to Slavic lands increasingly inclined him to Slavophilism. May 20, 1867, Mr.. Kelsiev appeared in Skulyanskuyu customs and gave himself over to the authorities. In St. Petersburg, under interrogation, he wrote a note on his life. The simplicity and truthfulness of the note made a good impression; Kelsiev received a full pardon, and even the right to enter the public service. In autumn 1867, Mr.. the Geographical Society he made a report on the eunuch. The following year was published "'s experience and thought" (St. Petersburg), and Galicia and Moldavia. Travel writing "(St. Petersburg). Both books met in the literary circles of the cold reception. In subsequent years Kelsiev published articles in The Russian Messenger "," Dawn, "" Voice "and" Cornfield ". Separate edition in 1872. published in St. Petersburg his historical novel: "Moscow and Tver" and "When Peter". Mental suffering, the harsh living conditions and excessive use of wine (after the death of his wife) brought him to the grave. - His wife, Zinaida Alekseevna, nee Verderevsky (born 1834), collaborated in the "Notes of the Fatherland", "Cornfield", "Dawn" and "World Trude". - See. AI. Herzen, "the posthumous collection of articles" (Geneva, 1874); D. P., "The Party of Herzen and the Old Believers" ( "Russian Messenger", 1867,? 3), NI. Subbotin, "The division as a tool of political parties hostile to Russia" (Moscow, 1867); F.V. Lebanon, the schismatics and ostrozhniki ", Volume III, page. 554 - 560 (St. Petersburg, 1871); NK. Michael, "The sacrifices of the old Russian history" ( "Collected Works, Volume IV). I. K.

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Kelsen Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography
Kelsen Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography Kelsen Vasily Ivanovich  Writer, photo, biography
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