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Karl Fedorovich Kessler

( zoologist)

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Biography Karl Fedorovich Kessler
Born in 1815, Mr.. in Konigsberg district, died in St. Petersburg in 1881. Secondary education in the 3rd St. Petersburg High School, in 1834. entered the Philosophical Faculty of St. Petersburg University, where, under the influence of P. Kutorga, began to study zoology, but his first scholarly work, for which he received a gold medal, was in pure mathematics. Upon its completion in 1838, Mr.. entered a teacher of mathematics and physics in the 1-th St. Petersburg High School, in 1840, Mr.. He defended his thesis for a Master's degree: "On the legs of birds in relation to the systematic division of this class, in 1842, Mr.. the degree of Doctor: "The skeleton of woodpeckers in relation to the place occupied by this genus in the class of birds". In 1842, Mr.. Kiev University chose Kessler adjunct to the Department of Zoology. Kessler zealously engaged in this study the local fauna and the device Zoological Museum, an almost annual tours around Kiev, drew particular attention to ornithology and published in 1847, Mr.. In 1844, Mr.. approved extraordinary professor of zoology, in 1845. full professor, and traveled abroad. Since 1849. Kessler made several trips to the southern provinces, and gathered rich material for their fauna, made an expedition along the northern shores of the Black Sea. Since 1856. by 1862. Kessler was dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Upon the death of Kutorga Kessler took his place at St. Petersburg University, took part in the activities of Russian Entomological and a free economic society, public lectures, made in 1866. trip to Lake Onega and its coastline, . participated in the device of the first Congress of Naturalists (1867) and in the establishment of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists (1868), . in which he was chairman and the most active member, made a trip to Russia, . Caucasus and Crimea (1867 - 80) and a rich collection,
. In his petition had been hired two workers to the Russian desk at the Naples Zoological Station and established Sevastopol station. In St. Petersburg University Kessler was dean of the physics and mathematics, in 1867 - 73 years rector, and then was elected an honorary member of the university and stayed with him for 30 years seniority, supernumerary full professor. Kessler is one of those was the most important services to the study of Russia. Many studies on various branches of zoology committed to them for over 40 years of scientific activity, in the first period of its operation (in Kiev), he studied especially birds, . as well as other vertebrates, . and later a prominent place in his works took fish, . but in addition it is in this period of its activities gave a number of works and other groups, . as vertebrate, . and invertebrates,
. Another important merit Kessler - a device congresses Naturalists. Aware of the urgent need to integrate the activities of the scientific forces of Russia, Kessler already in 1856. submitted to the Ministry of Education A.S. Norov draft congress of scientists and physicians. In 1861 and 1862. he managed to convene a congress of teachers of natural sciences, and in 1867, Mr.. - The first congress of naturalists, he took an active part in the first 6 congresses. Kessler was a member of 29 scientific societies and institutions, received in 1853, Mr.. secondary Demidov Prize from the Academy of Sciences, in 1874,. - A small gold medal of the Imperial Free Economic Society. He wrote 65 scientific works and read 57 messages and speeches of learned societies. The most important of his works, apart from those mentioned: "The natural history of the provinces of Kiev school district (Issue I - VI, 1850 - 56)," Zur Ichthyologie des sudwestlichen Russlands "(" Bull. de Soc. des Naturalistes de Moscou ", 1856, Volume XXIX) and" Nachtrage sur Ichthyologie d. SW. Russiands "(ibid., . 1857), . "Journey to the zoological order to the northern shore of the Black Sea and the Crimea in 1858" (Kiev, . 1861), . Description of fish, . encountered in the waters of St. Petersburg Province "(" natural history study of St. Petersburg Province, . produced by members of the Russian Entomological Society in St. Petersburg ", . Volume I, . 1864), . Materials to the knowledge of Lake Onega and Obonezhskogo edge, . mainly in the zoological relations "(" Supplement to the works of I Congress of Russian scientists in St. Petersburg ", . 1868), . "Ichthyological Fauna of Turkestan" ( "Proceedings of the Imperial Moscow Society of Naturalists", . 1872, . Volume X), . "Fish,
. Journey to Turkistan Fedchenko "(ibid., . 1874, . Volume XI), . "Russian crayfish" ( "Proceedings of the Entomological Society", . 1876, . Volume VIII), . Fishes of Mongolia and the countries of the Tangut (Przewalski's in the book: "Mongolia and the Tangut Country", . 1876, . Volume II, . Section VI), . "Fish, . driving and occurring in the Aral-Caspian-Pontic Ichthyology area "(" Proceedings of the Aral-Caspian Expedition ", . 1877, . Issue IV), . "Journey to the edge of the Transcaucasian in 1875,
. with the zoological order "(Annex VIII to the works of Saint-Petersburg Society of Naturalists, 1878)," Beitrage zur Ichthyologie von Central-Acien "(" Bull. de l'Acad. Imp. de St.-Petersb. "1879, Volume X). Details about the life and work of Kessler cm. In his biography of him, compiled MN. Bogdanov (St. Petersburg, . 1882), . as well as in "Materials for the history of scientific and applied activities in Russia in zoology etc.", . Volume I "Izvestia Imperial Society of Naturalists, . Anthropology and Ethnography "(Volume LV, . 1888) and in the "Dictionary of professors and teachers of the Imperial University of St. Vladimir", . Professor VS,
. Ikonnikova. N. Kn.

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Karl Fedorovich Kessler, photo, biography
Karl Fedorovich Kessler, photo, biography Karl Fedorovich Kessler  zoologist, photo, biography
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