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Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich

( Talented Poet)

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Biography Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich
Born in Moscow on April 11, 1779.
His father was the State Secretary of Catherine II, her mother - from the old type of clamp. 5-years old boy was recorded a sergeant in the Life Guards regiment Izmailovskiy and in 1795 was promoted to corporals. He served in the Office of the Chief of Moscow, in 1812 he worked on the committee for the formation of the Moscow militia, then entered the service in the Department of State Property. In 1818, his paralyzed legs, and eyesight began to deteriorate and in 1821 he finally went blind. According to his friend, . Zhukovsky, . he "endured the adversity his fate with patience surprising - and God's Providence, . who sent him ordeal, . bestowed upon him at the same time, and great joy: the astonishment of his illness, . to separate him forever from the outside world and with all its joys, . so us to change, . He opened his eyes clouded the entire inner, . neizmenchivy and diverse world of poetry, . illumined by faith, . purified by suffering ",
. Knowing French and Italian languages from childhood, Kozlov now has studied English, German and Polish. He had a phenomenal memory, . more strongly developed during the illness: "He knew by heart, . - Says Zhukovsky, . - Total Byron, . All poems by Walter Scott, . the best places from Shakespeare as well, . as before - all of Racine, . Tasso and principal place of Dante: he knew by heart and all the Gospel,
. His life was divided between religion and poetry ". "Everything that was done in the light, aroused his part - and he often worried about the outside world with a kind of childish curiosity". Consolation for Kozlova served and the attention with which he was treated then leading figures of poetry, from Pushkin. He addressed the press in 1821 poem "To Svetlana", followed by a number of major and minor works, which he usually dictated to his daughter. In 1824 appeared his "Monk", . in 1826 - "The Bride Abidosskaya" Byron, . in 1828 - "Princess Natalya B. Dolgorukaya" and the book "Poems", . in 1829 - "Crimean Sonnets" Mickiewicz and the imitation of Burns: "Village on Saturday night in Scotland", . in 1830 - "Mad",
. Kozlov died Jan. 30, 1840. Tomb it - at the Tikhvin cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, near the grave of Zhukovsky. To anyone Kozlov should not be so close to the literature, . how to Zhukovsky, . but slavish imitator, he was not: that is the basis of Zhukovsky's poetry, . Kozlov then - only the tone; Zhukovsky mainly devoted to Schiller and Goethe, . Kozlov is the soul of English poetry,
. As a translator, Kozlov took a prominent place in our literature. Many critics see in it the first manifestation of Russian Byronism. But this is hardly his "Monk", on pages where his contemporaries, and especially contemporary women burst into tears, which even Pushkin listened in tears of delight, "may be called a reflection of Byron's poetry. There is no dark and terrible titanic Byron heroes: the hero Kozlova all "crying so he prayed," and his crime, which he redeems a sincere repentance, could not lead to retaliation by the humane court. In other poems Kozlov likely affected sentimentalism, which the people are not ill with. However, Kozlov, many translated from Byron, but the very nature of translated excerpts suggests that the basis of Byron's poetry was foreign to Kozlov, and translations, though very far from the original. Heart Kozlova lying to the British idillikam, something like Wordsworth, to the melancholy elegikam, something like Moore's or Milgua. In this spirit, he chose the poems and other poets: Lamartine, Chenier, Manzoni, Petrarch and t. d. These translations are a few excellent, all of which are known to anthologies such as "Evening Bells," Moore, "We Seven" Wordsworth, "Young prisoner" Chenier, "Yaroslavna's Lament" from the "Lay". Despite blindness, Kozlov finely felt nature, especially those moments when her life is deprived of tension. This conveys the mood of the best poem Kozlova - "Venetian Night". What he does understand the beauty of nature is evident from the excellent translation of Mickiewicz's Crimean Sonnets. Kozlova edition published in 1833.1840, 1855, respectively; the most complete collection of works published Kozlova, edited by ARS. I. Vvedensky, in 1892.

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  • Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich

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Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich

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Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography
Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich  Talented Poet, photo, biography
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