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Korf Modest Andreevich

( Statesman)

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Biography Korf Modest Andreevich
photo Korf Modest Andreevich
(1800 - 1876). He graduated from the course in Tsarkoselskom high school, together with Pushkin, in 1817. In 1825, he was charged with administration of the Highest established committees: 1) to priiskaniya ways to improve the state of cities and 2) for the equation zemstvo duties. In Part II Immediate E. I. V. Office, within five years, helped the Count Speransky in its codification work, passing under his leadership, thorough school in the area of administration and legislation. In 1831 he was appointed manager of the affairs of the Committee of Ministers. Having drawn up in 1832, "Experience of a general overview of all parts of government for 1831, played in 1834, Acting Secretary of State, in 1843, Korf appointed member of State Council. The desire to "crown their happiness official career ministerial portfolios" (words Corfu Veselovskogo) and "overthrow the Ministry of Education of Count Uvarov, . to take up his post "(the words Nikitenko), . led Korff in 1848 to file a emperor, . with Count S.G,
. Stroganov, a note on the adverse direction of the Russian press and the need for emergency measures to censor for the proper protection of national security. The consequence of this note was a secret committee to oversee the printing press, which took place Korf member, and in 1855 became its chairman. Starting "era of censorship of terror", Korf, and completed her. New trends in government circles, due to the surrender of Sebastopol, forced him to submit to Alexander II, in 1856 a report with a request to close the Committee as "not only cease to be useful, but become harmful". From 1839 to 1861 was director of Korf Petersburg Public Library, in cases which later took active part. It will facilitate access to the library to the public by significantly increasing its book of wealth, acquired a valuable collection of early printed books and manuscripts Pogodin Karabanova, Kasterin and Karataeva, founded the department of foreign books about Russia (Rossica). In 1861 he was appointed chief superintendent Korf II separate property of His Imperial Majesty's Chancellery, and in 1864 - Chairman of the Department of the laws of the State Council. On leaving in 1872 to resign Korf received the title of Count. In his spare time Korf had worked in the field of Russian history. Its main works: "Prince Danish Johann in Russia" (in "Archives of the North" for 1822), . biography ancestor Korf - Baron Johann Albrecht Korff, . number of articles in "Notes of the Fatherland" of the Aliens - author of works on Russia, . Life Count Speranskii "(two editions), . and "Accession to the throne of Emperor Nicholas I",
. The last book served until the beginning of XX century, one of the main sources for dating the events of December 14, 1825. - See. Article п░.п╓. Bychkova in the "Ancient and Modern Russia", VV. Stasova in the Russian past and YA.K. Grotto in the "Russian Archive" for 1876, "Historical Journal" for 1899 and a commemorative essays century Imperial Lyceum (Ph.D.. Kobeko) and the St. Petersburg Imperial Public Library. Memoirs Korff part printed in the "Russian Antiquities" (1899 - 1904).

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Korf Modest Andreevich, photo, biography
Korf Modest Andreevich, photo, biography Korf Modest Andreevich  Statesman, photo, biography
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