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Kossovich Caetano A.

( Outstanding Sanskrit)

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Biography Kossovich Caetano A.
photo Kossovich Caetano A.
(1815 - 1883). He graduated from the course on literary department of the Moscow University and was a teacher of Greek in Tver and Moscow enjoyed the sympathies of the students (Wed. I. Rogozinnikov "K biographies Kossovich", "Historical Journal, 1888, Volume XXXI). Results of teaching classes Kossovich were: translation of basic grammar of the Greek language "Kyunera (from 1843 to 1869, four editions); article" On the grammar Kyunera "(" Moskvityanin ", . 1844, . Part II, . Book 3), "Greek-Russian Dictionary, . finished and published (Moscow, . 1848) brother Kossovich, . Ignatius, "Discourse on the importance of the Greek language" (Moscow, . 1846),
. While still a teacher Kossovich began to study Jewish and Arabic, and later Sanskrit. The last he soon mastered the language so well that they can easily read the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the laws of Manu. In 1844, in Moskvityanin "(1844, . Part I, . Book 2) started his first translation from Sanskrit: "Sund and Upesund", . episode from the Mahabharata, . followed by version 3 act drama Krishna Mishra's "Triumph of bright ideas" in the "Contemporary" (1846, . Book I), . and then the whole drama ( "Moscow Digest, . 1847),
. Separately out: "The Legend of Vadyadgare Dzhimutavagane, story Somadeva Bgatty" (Moscow, 1847) and "The Legend of Dgruve" (from the Bhagavata Purana, Moscow, 1848). In 1849 appeared translation "Mrchhakatiki Shudraki", under the title "Vasantazena, an ancient Indian drama" ( "Moskvityanin", 1849, Part V, Book 9). In 1850 Kossovich appointed editor of the scientists work at the Imperial Public Library. In 1858 he began to read (for free) lectures Sanskrit language and literature at St. Petersburg University. In 1854 he began to publish "Sanskrit-Russian Dictionary" ( "Additions" Izvestia of the Imperial Academy of Sciences ", . 1854, . lectures LXVI - VII; separately St Petersburg, . 1854, . Volume I, . Notebook 2-I, . St.Petersburg, . 1855; continued in "Izvestia", . Volumes IV and V; notebook 3rd, . St.Petersburg, . 1856), . remainder of the unfinished,
. By that same year, is translated "Bagavad-Gita" (in the "Bulletin de l'academie imper. des scinces de St.-Petersb. ", 1854). Kossovich inaugural lecture was devoted to the characterization of ancient Indian civilization and the development of Sanskrit literature (Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1859, part CIII). Given our lack basic tools for the study of Sanskrit, he published "The legend of the hunter and a pair of doves" - excerpt from the Mahabharata, . with the accession of the Russian transcription, . Latin translation and a glossary of Sanskrit-Russian (Saint-Petersburg, . 1859) and one of the episodes of the Mahabharata - "Savitri" (St. Petersburg, . 1861),
. His public lecture "On the Sanskrit epic" published in "Russian Conversation" (1860, book 6 and 8). Taught at the university and Zend, . He published "The Four articles from Zendavesta, . with prisovokupleniem transcription, . Russian and Latin translations, . explanation, . Critical comments, . Sanskrit Translation and Comparative Glossary "(" Proceedings of the Eastern Division of the Imperial Archaeological Society ", . 1861, . Part VIII, . separately, . St. Petersburg Library) and other passages from Zendavesta: "Decem Sendavestae excerpta" (II., . 1865), . "Gata Ahunavaiti" (from the Latin translation and commentary, . St. Petersburg Library, . 1867), . "Gata Ustavaiti" (from the Latin translation and commentary, . St. Petersburg Library, . 1869) and "Saratustricae Gatae posteriores tres" (St. Petersburg, . 1871),
. Kharkov University erected Kossovich honorary doctorate degree in comparative linguistics, after which he received a professorship at St. Petersburg University (1865). The last major effort was Kossovich luxe edition of the Persian cuneiform inscriptions in Latin transcription, and a glossary: "Inscriptiones Palaeo-Persicae Achaemenidarum" (St. Petersburg Library, 1872). Published Kossovich translation of "Jewish grammar Gezeniusa (St. Petersburg, 1874) and" Jewish reader, with references to the grammar Gezeniusa and a glossary of Jewish-Russian "(St. Petersburg, 1875), taken as a guide, a seminary. Kossovich belong to another the following works: "Letter to the king Rabbi Hasdaya Khazarian", translated from the Jewish ( "Compendium, published by D. Valuev, Moscow, 1845, Part I), "On the scientific writings of Professor VV. Grigorieva "(" Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1868, Volume CXL., Book 11), "On the scientific writings of Professor DA. Khvolson "(id., 1869, Volume CXLI, Book 1)," Information about Tatarinova and about members of her spiritual union "(" Russian Archive ", 1872, under the pseudonym of John). The scientific value of the works Kossovich small: it does not have any independent research - but, . as the first Sanskrit at St. Petersburg University, . teacher of a number of generations of Russian Philology, . he is entitled to a prominent place in the history of our science,
. - Wed. obituaries: "Historical Journal" (1888, Book 3), "Moscow News" (1883,? 30), "Field" (1883,? 26), the DD. Yazykov, "Review of the life and works of the deceased Russian writer (Issue III, annex to the" Historical Bulletin ", 1886, Volume XXVI; detailed bibliography). Bibliographic data - in the Russian Messenger "(1856, Book 9)," Day "(1862," 39 - 40), "Journal of the Ministry of National Education" (1869, Book 11, Branch IV, pages 10 - 12). S. Bulich.

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