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Kotsyubinskoe Mikhail Mikhailovich

( prominent Ukrainian writer and novelist)

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Biography Kotsyubinskoe Mikhail Mikhailovich
(1864 - 1913).
Artworks Kotsyubinskogo, together with the works of his older and younger contemporaries (I. Frank O. Kobilyanska, L. Ukrainka. V. Leontovich, H. Cherniavsky, IN. Vinichenko) have finally consolidated the trend newest Ukrainian literature - as a break with the sentimental idealization of the Ukrainian way of life, . and with self-limiting framework of ethnographic realism, . and become an independent and original contemporary literature, . in images of synthesizing artistic soul of the people,
. In his early works Kotsubynskogo the influence of IS. Levitsky, but they have already discovered bright coloring and harmony of the talent of the young writer. Kotsjubinsky never served outside purposes, finding satisfaction in itself ". Whatever is to engage the attention of his artistic, . - Heavy whether a conflict of personal interest with the interests of the common good ( "for the common good"), . whether the dramatic conflict, . social and psychological, . advanced age of "liberation movements" ( "Laughter", . "Unknown", . "On the Road"), . or primitive life of wild Hutsulshchyna, . where else soar "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", . - The artist is always looking at their problems "through the eyes of a poet",
. Artistic skill Kotsubynskogo reached its climax in the story and the novella. His only novel "The faith" belongs to the earliest of his works and bears the imprint of technical inexperience. In his stories Kotsjubinsky made all the imagery of folk songs, spiritual symbolism of the national language. In the Russian translation is not only impossible to convey all the charm of the writer's language, unexpected and apt comparisons and similes, but often they may seem redundant, and some realistic comparisons - even a rough. Man and his spiritual experiences - everywhere the chief object of interest of the artist, . but human life unfolds in intimate connection with the life of nature, . and the tragedy of the human spirit loses its character of chance, . temporality and the insignificance, . merging with the life, . in which all significant and timeless,
. There Kotsubynskogo not the antithesis of human nature, no image of human life, against the backdrop of nature: his nature and man - one harmonious whole. With particular clarity on this evidence "watercolor" on the stone ". A simple theme of tragic love is developed with astonishing skill: delicate lyricism warms the whole, filled with exceptional clarity and plasticity of the figure. It is modern in technique and the subtleties of literary analysis, . of those complex psychological phenomena, . are interested in him as an artist, . Kotsjubinsky at the same time deeply national of the total way of a contemplative attitude, . full of philosophizing reflections, . to the style and language, . closely associated with the language of folk songs,
. Artworks Kotsubynskogo translated into many European languages, including Russian and. Forced to earn some money to serve in the units to combat phylloxera, and later in Chernigov in Zemstvo statistics, Kotsjubinsky not give Ukrainian literature of what to expect from him allowed his major artistic talent. Only in recent years, thanks to the support of the Society of Friends of the Ukrainian literature and science, he was able to leave the service, but at this time, heart disease already had broken his strength and was soon brought to the grave (April 12, 1913 in Chernihiv). The remaining unfinished work Kotsubynskogo ( "The Island") is written in a style distinctive impressionist aesthetic individualism, the makings of which can be traced from him before (for example, "Intermezzo"). - See: P. Efremov, "History of Ukrainian pismenstva (St. Petersburg, 1911); Starytska-Chernyakhovskaya" Mikhail Mikhailovich Kotsjubinsky "(Kyiv Olden, 1906). Michael Mogilyansky.

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Kotsyubinskoe Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Kotsyubinskoe Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography Kotsyubinskoe Mikhail Mikhailovich  prominent Ukrainian writer and novelist, photo, biography
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