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Krylov Nikita Ivanovich

( The well-known lawyer)

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Biography Krylov Nikita Ivanovich
(1807 - 1879). He studied at the local seminary, then in the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Here he found his challenge II's own Office of His Imperial Majesty's Chancellery (1829), which was then concerned with preparing young people to engage in legal departments in universities. Under the leadership of Count MM. Speranskii Krylov began his legal education. In 1831, Mr.. Krylov was sent abroad, where he listened to celebrities of the time (Savigny, Eichhorn, Hans and others). In 1835, Mr.. Krylov, returning from abroad, passed the exam and took a doctorate at Moscow University, Department of Roman Law, who left in 1872, Mr.. As a lecturer Krylov had a rare, outstanding talent. Students went out of its audience under the spell of genuine admiration, and with memories of the professor they have a lifetime memory of a blended mental excitement, the development takes place under the influence of his lectures. Worldview Krylov possess the breadth of which has never granted a permission to him to calm down on the simple contemplation of the phenomena. Each individual phenomenon appeared to him in a complex set of relations, and distant relatives, served as an echo of something more general and large. He compares things to look quite dissimilar, and in the most dry and find a private source for ideas with a total value. Course of Roman law thus becomes, general education courses for lawyers. Rate Krylov had the character of philosophical reflections on Roman law. High dignity readings Krylov was the role he assigned the instructions of the psychological properties. Most of observation and close, direct acquaintance with human nature with its passions and desires, with strengths and weaknesses of the human soul opened up a rich source for the characterization of historical events. In the historical narrative, . devoted to presenting a consistent growth of Roman law, . Listener Krylova received from him a list of events, . more or less skillfully drawn, . but was present at the whole process of gradual development and creation of the Roman citizen, . in all its historical positions,
. In the history of the state and elucidated the right people, it created. The set of phenomena of any given period, aggregated to the typical features of the then social system, especially the latter, in turn, reduced to the nature of the individual, acting in this period. The extraordinary plasticity of the language makes available lecture Krylova and unelected students. In a happy combination of depth of thought with the plasticity of its transmission and should seek the source of the mighty forces of Krylov as Professor. Mental, . moral, . political state of society, . outlined in a number of individual provisions, . sometimes in the form of anecdote, deep-seated psychic phenomena engine, . often transmitted by the language drama; root meaning of the legal definition or institution, . spitting in characteristic incident, a bold and brilliant analogy, . designed to determine the most human side of the subject, the dramatic and no less than brilliant contrast, . used for transmission of national and time of its features: a strong, . healthy humor, . sometimes reaching up to the mark of satire, resulting in the reduction of the above to general principles, . expressed abstractly and specifically, . properly separated and located - that outline the usual system of lectures Krylova,
. He was a professor / actor. Print art lay in his lectures, and he knew how to pronounce them with the comprehensiveness and clarity, which betrayed in him the presence of unusual liveliness of imagination. - In his scientific views of the right wing was a brilliant exponent of the historical school of jurisprudence. Course its Krylov never printed. The mass of student publications of his lectures there is not one which would be reproduced with complete accuracy the plastic force of his speech. Printer's monographs Krylov also does not have. Two of his published work - random origin: a speech delivered June 11, 1838, Mr.. in the assembly meeting of the Moscow University: "The historical significance of Roman law and a critical article about the labor BN. Chicherina placed in the "Russian Conversation" 1856. Sergei Muromtsev. See. п░.п╓. Kony "Court Speech" (1892, preface), his "Sketches and Reminiscences" (1906), his "From the students' years" ( "On the path of life", t. II, 1913).

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Krylov Nikita Ivanovich, photo, biography
Krylov Nikita Ivanovich, photo, biography Krylov Nikita Ivanovich  The well-known lawyer, photo, biography
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