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Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich

( novelist)

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Biography Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich
Born in 1870 in the Don Cossack family of. In 1892, Mr.. graduated from the course of History and Philology of the Institute and was a teacher of Russian language and literature in Orel and Nizhny Novgorod. In 1906, Mr.. elected in 1 State Duma, where he joined the Trudoviks. In signing the Vyborg Manifesto was serving a prison. I started writing in The Northern Messenger "1890," Russian Gazette "," Son of the Fatherland "and others, then became a close associate and member of the editorial board of" Russian Wealth ". Separately issued: "The Cossack motives. Essays and Stories "(St. Petersburg, 1907)," Stories "(St. Petersburg, 1910).

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  • Sebriako for Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich
  • Theodore D. Kryukov - not just an outstanding and very talented writer Don, Russian writer, a Cossack, as he was called in literary circles stolitsy.On really was an active member of the White movement. Ideologist Populism. And then, after his death in 1920 he disappeared from all literary lists. As if it was not in Russia, his name was not published in any encyclopedia. He just drew the curtains, the name of Fyodor Kryukov eclipsed by the shadow of 'Quiet Flows the Don'. But all in secret, sooner or later becomes a reality. Born Fyodor Kryukov February 2, 1870 in the village of Ust-Glazunov Medveditsk County land Vsevelikogo the Don family Dmitri Ivanovich Kryukov - Ataman village Glazunov. He grew up in the usual for that time, the Cossack environment. His father was a sergeant on active duty - was born about 1815, also on the Don in the village of Glazunov. DI. Kryukov repeatedly elected chieftain of his village and died, performing in this position for a fourth term writer Fyodor Kryukov grandfather was an army sergeant, retired. Ivan Kryukov Gordeevich left his son a legacy of 'officers' plot', where the son Dmitry Kryukov led economy, and thus had the opportunity to educate their children. Of these, Nicholas died in his youth, he became a famous Cossack journalist, politician and writer, Alexander was remarkable for the fact that Don has proven useful as a scholar of the forester, but in 1920,. because his brother tortured in KGB suburb Mikhaylivka, Evdokia and Mary, carrying a red punishment for her brother died of starvation in the thirties. Of the rest of the known, in 1880 Fd. Kryukov graduated from the parish school in Glazunovka. Then he studied hard in the District village of Ust-Medveditsk. The school was far away - forty miles from Glazunovkskoy, but he finished it with a silver medal in 1888. Then it was one of the best schools in Russia. In high school gave in-depth knowledge not only on the state program. The atmosphere that prevailed there, has been instilled in the young inmates coats ineradicable love for their land, to the traditions of the Cossacks. Each of the students knew the great history of his province, all of its great representatives. In high school from a young age instilled a taste for research, the search for documentary evidence of the heroes and events of the Pacific Don. Is it by chance in this school, along with Kryukov studied Philippe Kuzmich Mironov (commander 2 rank), Alexander S. Popov (writer Serafimovich 1863-1949) and Peter Gromoslavsky (test M. A. Sholokhov), Orestes Govorukhin. In 1888 F. Kryukov entered a state-owned content in Imperial St. Petersburg History and Philology Institute, where he received an excellent education. The teaching of history, Russian literature and the ancient classical languages were delivered at the Institute of excellent; they were, as a rule, a professor of St. Petersburg >cal
    Institute was established in St. Petersburg in 1867, Mr.. the specific purpose of preparing teachers of the humanities for high schools, to train teachers of ancient and modern languages, literature, history, geography. Located in a former palace of Emperor Peter II (University Embankment, 11). Graduates were accepted here gymnasiums and Philosophy. classes seminaries. 4-year training. Until 1904, a private institution with the full content of the State-owned. Certificate of graduation equated to a university. In 1918, reorganized in Ped. Institute at 1-m Petrograd. un-te. In June 1892, he successfully graduated from the Imperial Institute for the category of history and geografii.S classmate in. F. Botsyanovskim Kryukov been friends all my life. After graduation, Kryukov tried to get rid of a six-year compulsory educational services, in connection with the intention of (unrealized) to become a priest. This he tells in his memoirs "The good shepherd. Memory of. Philip Petrovich Horbachevsky "-" ц-цЁц¦цLц¬цL notes "," 6.1915,). In 1893-1905 years as a teacher. In September 1893 Kryukov settled educator Orel boarding school gymnasium (street Karachev, 72). Also in August 1900 became a supernumerary teacher of history and geography, while performing the duties of the former until 1904. In addition, he taught history at the Nikolaev girls' high school (1894-98). From 1898 to 1905god taught Russian in the Orel-Bakhtin Cadet Corps. As a member of the provincial scientific archive committee. Preserved compiled and written by him on the program location and 'Sample program in Russian history for the I-II classes with teaching aids' and 'Plan of the teaching of history' with his comments. It is interesting that the hook in those years was a tutor of the Silver Age poet Alexander Tinyakova. Together they published a handwritten journal. In Orel happened Krukova formation as a writer. But after the story of the teacher's life in the metropolitan press, had to move to another city. Kryukov began teaching Russian literature and history in secondary schools in Nizhny Novgorod. During his teaching career Fedor Dmitrievich was awarded the Order of St.. Anne 2 nd degree and CB. Stanislav 3rd degree. Fyodor Kryukov held the rank - State Councilor. Then, in Russia, the civil rank of 5 th grade on the Table of Ranks, consistent with the post of vice director of Department, Vice-Governor, the chairman of the Exchequer. Since 1856 this rank given the right to personal nobility, earlier - in hereditary. Award winning "Your Honor". For the production of the rank of State Counselor installed life of 5 years from the time of receipt of the previous rank of. Councilor of State - civil rank 4 th class, corresponded to the post of Director of the Department, the governor and the mayor, gave the right of hereditary nobility. Award winning "Your Excellency". For production in rank of State Counselor was installed life of 10 years from the time of receipt of the previous rank. Chin State Councilor abolished by decree of the Soviet authorities 10 (23) November 1917 on the destruction of classes and grades. In April 1906, Fyodor Kryukov is elected a deputy of the 1 of the State Duma of the Don Cossack region. In 1906-1907 years he served in the Duma and in the press against the use of the Don regiments to suppress the revolutionary actions. Some researchers believe that he was one of the founders of the party 'National Socialists'. After the dissolution of the Duma, Nikolai 2 in July 1906, Kryukov July 10, 1906 in Vyborg signed znamenietoe 'Vyborg Appeal', for which he went 3-month prison term. Convicted on st.129, Part 1, p.p.51 and 3 of the Criminal Law. Since the beginning of World War Fd. Kryukov was on the front. Late in the autumn of 1914 Fyodor Kryukov left the Don region, to go to the Turkish front (although in his youth was released from military service because of myopia). Represented Committee of the Third State Duma in the detachment of the Red Cross on the Caucasian Front (1914 - early 1915). After a long journey, he joined to the 3 rd hospital of the State Duma in the region of Kars. Winter 1916 with the same hospital he was in Galicia. Impressions of this period of his life Kryukov reflected in the war notes 'Group B' ( 'Silhouettes'). In November 1915 - February 1916 - on the Galician front. Numerous impressions about what they see printed on the front essays in periodicals. 1917. The writer lived in Petrograd and was a direct witness of the February revolution, but revolution perceived negatively. In the essays 'meltdown', 'New', 'new build' shows the real picture of filth and decay, which carries with it a so-called 'revolution'. Do not stop working on the 'big thing' - a novel about the life of the Don Cossacks. Since January 1918 all leaves Petrograd and returned to the Don - the 'home corner'. It is known that at that time he was director of the Ust-Medveditsk girls' high school. Since the autumn of 1918 became director of the Ust-Medveditsk gymnasium and, obviously, during this period he wrote the main part of the novel on the Civil War. Fedor Dmitrievich regularly, two or three times a year, came to Glazunov. Here he not only participated in the current economic life, in field work, taking care of the family, and later fathered a child and began to bring Peter. Kryukov always maintained an active interest in stanitsa life, directly involved in it, really helping villagers to resolve the difficulties encountered. Fd. Kryukov was one of the most profound scholars Cossack song creation, and he collected the songs and beautifully sung. Years of civil war Kryukov held at Don. On the side of the white. Ideologist of the White movement. Takes an active part in the war, without hesitation, along with his disciples, becoming the first ranks of the defenders of the Don and the Fatherland. Participates in boyah.V June 1918 in one of the attacks on Mikhailovka was wounded by a shell burst. Until July 5 fights come with varying success, between the village Sebryakovo and Ust-Bear (Serafimovich) burn and pass from hand to hand. At the same time, wrote a brilliant poem in prose 'dear one edge', which is widely distributed in the form of leaflets at the front. In August, 1918. Kryukov elected a member of the Host Circle of the Don Cossack region, where he was elected Secretary (Parliament of Don Cossacks). Simultaneously Fyodor Kryukov - Editor in Novocherkassk government newspaper 'The Don statements'. In the 1918-1919 Kryukov, as secretary of Host range, he actively opposed the Bolsheviks.
  • Sebriakov for Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich
  • F. Kryukov (1870-1920) Rodimaya BUTT dear one edge ... How weasel mother, as a gentle call it over the cradle, warmth and joy in my heart flutters a magical sound of familiar words. Just melt the soft light of dawn, ringing sverchek under a bench in the corner, silver ornament mint in box a month the young ... Dill smells from the garden ... Land dear one ... Crosses my relatives graves and over the paddock kizechny smoke and white spots on smoking in the green frame of willow groves, . bureyuschey barn with straw and frozen sweep in the Duma, . - Worries my heart is stronger than all the marvelous country of the distant seas, . where the beauty of nature art created a world of charm,
    . I love you, dear Region ... And the quiet waters of your reeds and silver sand braid, crying Chibisa in kuge green, round dance song at dawn, and the feast of the noise of the Village of the Maidan, and dear old Don would not change anything ... Land dear one ... Melody lingering old songs, nostalgia and bravado, the beauty and sadness of separation boundless - schemyat my heart sweet pain of sadness, inexpressibly near and dear ... Silence of the wise gray mounds and in the sky scream bluish eagle, in the pearly haze visions homespun coats knights of old, polivshih blood valiant, dotted with Cossack bones green space and native ... Is it not you, dear Land? In the days of stagnation, in the time of vague collapse and fall of the spirit, I'm hating and loving, wept bitter tears of thee, my native land ... Nevertheless, he believed, still waiting, for the ancestral home of the covenant and his corner for the honor of the Cossacks vzmetnet wave our Don Gray ... Boil, stirred and clicks cry, the cry of honor and freedom ... And Quiet Flows the Don was excited ... Swirls on the road dust, neighing horses, shine spikes ... There have native songs toady silver rings in the distance, as a tender string ... The bell and cries and calls ... That native land has risen for the honor of the Motherland, for the glory of their fathers and grandfathers, their own threshold and the angle ... Boiling, a wave of calls, calls to battle the Don dear one ... In honor of the Motherland, for the name of the Cossack boiling, agitated, noisy gray our Don - dear one edge ...
  • Sebriakov for Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich
  • In the Volgograd region in Kumylzhenskom area in his homeland in the village of Glazunov creates museum-estate Fedor Dmitrievich Kryukov. Administration of the museum invites volunteers to work on the improvement of the estate of the writer. Here you can really contribute to the development history of Russian literature. Pre-registration for volunteers who want to look inside the modern life of the Don Cossacks conducted by phone.: 8-905-540-41-18
  • LARISSA for Kryukov, Fyodor Dmitrievich
  • Such grand COINCIDENCE simply can not be. LAND-Bear. My grandfather-Pisarev. BUT .... As I know about relatives KRYUKOVA Vasily Ivanovich is contrary to the INFORMATION ON THE SITE. EXACT-hook Vasily Ivanovich (CAN is he brother) because of which all the problems in this family. ONLY information about everything carefully hide RELATIVES. And how AWESOM DESCRIBES LIFE: and laborers were, and the estate was, and because of some UGLY BROTHER HOUSE BEDROOMS. IF somebody could contact me on this subject surfaced WOULD lot of information about this family. WANT find the truth, from whom I was from and for what sins primogenitor I paid for.
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