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Puppeteer Nestor V.

( Famous Writer)

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Biography Puppeteer Nestor V.
(1809 - 1868), son of VG. Kukolnik. While studying in high school Nezhin Sciences (Lyceum Bezborodko), arranged there performances and literary readings, edited the grammar school magazine "The Star", in Nedorosl he played Mitrophan, and NV. Gogol - Prost. A teacher of Russian language school in Vilna, he served in the Ministry of Finance, then in the War Department. Dramatic fantasy Kukolnik "Torquato Tasso" (Moscow, 1833) met with a rapturous reception. The audience especially liked pompous, stilted, but sometimes not without brightness monologues Tasso. After another fantasy: "Jacobo Sannazar (St. Petersburg, 1834, 2 nd Edition 1860) appeared five-act drama in verse from the era interregnum:" Hand of God saved the fatherland "(St. Petersburg, 1834), which had a huge success. "The Moscow Telegraph, justly celebrated its artificiality, was banned. No less success had fallen to the lot of other drama Kukolnik: Prince Mikhail Skopin-Shuya (St. Petersburg, 1835), has been on the repertoire of official scene to the 1860's and until now proceeding in the province. In the period 1840 - 1845 period Puppeteer published 5 novels, 26 stories, 5 dramas and a lot of poems. From 1836 to 1842, Mr.. he published "Art Newspaper", in which he owns most of the text, later - "daguerreotype" in 1845 - 1847 years - "Illustration". In the same period reached its "Tale of the tale" (St. Petersburg, 1841) and "Pictures of Russian painting" (ib., 1842 - 1843). Time until 1848. can be regarded as the flowering of Fame Kukolnik. He called himself the founder of School of Russian romantics, recognizing only the triad of genius in literature, painting and music - himself, Bryullov and Glinka, which was very close. And then, however, the best part of the literature referred to the Puppeteer cold: Pushkin considered his dramatic talent below the talent Baron Rosen, Belinsky recognized some value only for his stories. When M.E. Saltykov, after the appearance of "spaghetti affairs" (1848), requested leave from the War Minister, Count Chernyshev, the latter wanted to get acquainted with his compositions and the Puppeteer instructed to report on them. The report was unfavorable to Saltykov, soon after transferred to serve in the Vyatka. In 1850-ies Kukolnik popularity began to fall, did not support her and take them to the publication of his collected works (St. Petersburg, 1851 - 1853). The success of his historical drama "orderly" (St. Petersburg, 1852), set on the stage during the Crimean War, was accidental, depending on the general patriotic enthusiasm. In 1857, Mr.. He retired and settled in Taganrog. Journals published works Kukolnik reluctantly, and he died almost forgotten by all. There is no denying in the Puppeteer talent, but it sparks only occasionally broke from under the clamor of rhetorical phrases, strained metaphors and stilted total. Feelings measures it was not at all. Pushkin traded in "Boris Godunov" the word "Zane"; Puppeteer liked it, and he began to use this expression almost every monologue. Heroes Kukolnik at every turn and exclaim: "Ha!" (interjection, invented puppeteer for the image of higher degree of despair or anger) and resort to the dagger and poison, where it is not required by the course of the. Artworks Kukolnik published mainly in the "Library for Reading". Separately issued: "Novels and Stories" (St. Petersburg, 1842), "canteen-keeper, etc.. (ib., . 1854), . Sea holiday in Sevastopol ", . dramatic performance (ib., . 1854), . Azov seat ", . historical tale Personalities (ib., . 1855), . "General-Lieutenant Patkul" (2 nd Edition, . ib., . 1860); "Boyar Fedor Basenok", . historical drama (ib., . 1860) and many other novels, . plays and stories,
. Several stories puppet of Peter the Great reprinted in "Cheap Library Suvorin.

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Puppeteer Nestor V., photo, biography
Puppeteer Nestor V., photo, biography Puppeteer Nestor V.  Famous Writer, photo, biography
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