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Labzin Alexander Fedorovich

( The famous mystic)

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Biography Labzin Alexander Fedorovich
photo Labzin Alexander Fedorovich
Born in 1766, Mr.. a noble family. He studied at Moscow University. 14 years already participated in a student edition of "The Evening Dawn", and succumbed to the sixteenth year, the influence of the famous Mason IG. Schwartz, with whom read encyclopedists checking their views by comparing with St.. Scripture. In 1787, Mr.. Labzin brought Catherine II "anthem on arrival in Moscow from a trip in Tauris" (Moscow, 1787). Then there were his translations comedies of Beaumarchais' The Marriage of Figaro "and Mercier" Judge ". In 1799, Mr.. was appointed to the conference secretary of the Academy of Fine Arts, in 1805. - A member of the Admiralty Department. Translation of "History of the Order of St John of Jerusalem" Vertical (St. Petersburg, 1799 - 1801), made Labzin with Vakhrusheva, attracted the attention of the Emperor Paul, has appointed historian of the Order of Labzin. Mystical Labzin books were published mostly under the letters U. M., ie, "a student of wisdom". From Ekkarstgauzena Labzin translated: "Journey mladoj Costis from East to Noon" (St. Petersburg, . 1801; 3rd edition, . M., . 1816), "The most important characters for the human heart" (St. Petersburg, . 1803; 2 nd edition 1816), "The cloud over the sanctuary, . or something, . as proud philosophy and dare to dream "(St. Petersburg, . 1804), "The key to the mysteries of nature" (St. Petersburg, . 1804; 2 nd Edition, . 1821) and much more, . of Jung Stilling - "The Adventures of death" (St. Petersburg, . 1805), . an unknown German author: "An enlightened the shepherd, 'etc.,
. d. (St. Petersburg, 1806). In 1806 - 1807 years Labzin published under the pseudonym Feopempta Misailova, religious and moral journal Bulletin of Zion ", in 1806 - 1815, had issued 30 books under the name:" The threat Svetovostokov ". The success of these books was huge and they have become favorite reading in pious families, living in a secular talk about to their neighbors on the advice of "Svetovostokova" on his behalf received large donations to charitable health committee. In 1816, Mr.. Labzin received imperial rescript and the order for publication of spiritual books in the domestic language. In the same year, the Minister of Education became a personal friend Labzin, Prince AN. Golitsyn, mysticism became the dominant trend, and led it became Labzin, reshivshiysya again take over publication of Zion Messenger. The magazine began publication in 1817, with a dedication to "the Lord Jesus Christ", and immediately received a large order of time distribution. Golitsyn liberated "Zion Herald" from the ordinary censorship, saying that he will censor Labzin. Against the Mystics were many, including beginning to enter into force Archimandrite Photius, was even thought about the unreliability of mysticism. Some far-sighted people, while continuing to attend Labzin and participate in his prayer meetings, secretly became deserters. One of them belonged A.S. Sturdza; received from the Prince SA. Shirinsky-Shikhmatov critique of "Zion Herald, made a sort of recluse Smirnov Moscow, he wrote a denunciation and gave it to Prince Golitsyn. Journal Labzin accused of arbitrary interpretation of the doctrine of grace, denying the value of the book of Kings, blasphemous doctrine of original sin, and T. d. Golitsyn long defended his friend, but finally agreed with many of the conclusions Sturdza and handed tsenzurovanie "Zion Herald" enemy mystics, the rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary, Archimandrite Innocent. Labzin could not and did not want to change the direction of his magazine and was forced to stop. The literary activity of his, too, could not run smoothly, and he has since issued only: "Mirror of the inner man, where everyone sees themselves, the state of his soul to know and to ensure its correction may have (St. Petersburg, 1821). Photius continued to intrigue against Labzin than can be explained and followed in 1821. his reference. When at a meeting of the Academy of Fine Arts were talking about the election as an honorary member of Count DA. Gurieva, Labzin opposed him, and the observation of the proximity to the Emperor in Gurieva fervor invited to elect more close to him man - the driver Ilya. At Labzin received denunciation, and he was deported to Sengiley where translated in 1823, Mr.. in Simbirsk. Here he lived, surrounded by a common respect, until his death in 1825, Mr.. Richly endowed by nature, Labzin life cared about self-education and even in old age, he studied higher mathematics. - Wed. P. Besson п?.пє. Labzin "(" Russian Archive ", 1866, No 6); MA. Dmitriev, "Memoirs of Alexander F. Labzin" (ib.), "Notes" Strudzy ( "Russian Antiquities", 1876, t. XV), Vitberg (ib., 1872, t. V); Skabichevsky "Essays on the history of Russian censorship" (St. Petersburg, 1892); N.F. Dubrovin "Our mystics-sectarians" ( "Russian Antiquities", 1894 and 1895), "Russian Biographical Dictionary" (Article B.L. Modzalevsky), "Memoirs" SA. Laykevicha ( "Russian Antiquities", 1905 - 1910); B.L. Modzalevsky "By the Novikov biography". His letters to his Labzin, Chebotarev and others. ( "Russian bibliophile, 1913)," Memoirs "AE. Labzin, edited B.L. Modzalevsky (St. Petersburg, 1914); NN. Bulich "Essays on the history of Russian literature and education" (1912), "Autobiography of Archimandrite Photius" ( "Russian Antiquities", 1894 - 1896).

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Labzin Alexander Fedorovich, photo, biography
Labzin Alexander Fedorovich, photo, biography Labzin Alexander Fedorovich  The famous mystic, photo, biography
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