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Alexander Lazarev Matveyevich

( famous Russian historian)

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Biography Alexander Lazarev Matveyevich
(1834 - 1907). He graduated from the course to the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University. While still at university, he published an "Index to study malorossiyskogo edge" (St. Petersburg, 1858). He was librarian of Count A.S. Uvarov was handwritten catalog of his collection. In 1860, on behalf of the Academy of Sciences, collected materials (mainly in the monasteries of Moscow) for the history of Russian chronograph and published in "Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences" "Notes on Russian chronograph". He served in the peasant institutions Chernigov province, then on the judicial department and died a member of the Kiev court chamber. In Chernihiv, he studied the archives of the General Office of the army and documents from the archives of the Exchequer. Turning from the external political history of the country, . which is mainly engaged in pre-historians, . to study the inner life of Little Russian people, . Lazarevsky came to the conclusion, . that serfdom, . established in the Ukraine in the late XVIII century, . was not imposed from outside the country, . as a matter of Cossack elders, . concentrated in the hands of the administrative and judicial power,
. Stories in this class and are devoted mainly works Lazarevsky. He introduced a lot of new scientific revolution and highly important material, . discovered many previously unknown sources, . published some of them, . gave in his works many valuable guidance on all major aspects of the history of Little Russia since the Left Bank Hetman,
. Major Works and publications Lazarevsky: "Information on church schools and hospice in the old Little Russia in the XVIII Century," Information about the childhood of the poet Shevchenko, . the stories of his sister (both articles in the "basis"); "Malorossiyskie Commonwealth peasants" ( "Notes Chern,
, . Book 1, . Chernihiv, . 1866), "Sketches of the oldest noble families of Chernigov province" (ibid., . Book 2, . Issue 1 and 2), "Sketches from the life of the old Little Russia: centurions clergy" ( "Russian Archives", . 1871 and 1873), "Essays on the names of Little Russia" ( "Russian Archives", . 1875 and 1876); "Paul Polubotok" ( "Russian Archives", . 1880); "People of the old Little Russia" (Kiev Olden ", . 1882, . 1, . 3, . 8, 1884, . 1, 1885, . 5, 1886, . 1, . 7, 1887, . 6, . 7, . 8, 1888, . 11); "Poltava in the XVII century" (Kiev Olden ", . 1891, . 9); "From the history of villages and the villagers left bank of Little Russia" (Kiev Olden ", . 1891, . 1 and 11); "Description of the old Little Russia" (t,
. 1, "Starodub regiment", Kiev, 1893; t. II, "Nezhinskii Regiment", Kiev, 1893; t. III, "Prilutski Regiment", Kiev, 1902, here are the most important information about housing, land ownership and management of Little Russia), "Sketches, notes and documents on the history of Little Russia" (5 issues), "Notes on the historical monograph D.P. Miller on Little Russian nobility and statutovyh courts "(Kharkov, 1898). Publications Lazarevsky: "Review Rumyantsevsky inventory of Little Russia, Chernigov, 1866 - 1885 (Lazarevsky belongs to the first half of the" Reviews ", Issue 1 and 2 and part 3 to page. 415); "Description of Chernigov governorship, D. Pashchenko "(" Notes Chern. Provincial Statistical Committee, "Book 2, annex);" Suliminsky archive "(Kiev, 1884);" Motyzhinsky archive "(Kiev, 1890)," General investigation of maetnostyah Chernigov Regiment "(Chernigov, 1892). Edited Lazarevsky came as several editions of the Kiev Antiquity ". They compiled a remarkable collection of journal articles and pamphlets on the history of Little Russia, bequeathed to them, together with a rich collection of documents in the library of the Kiev University. - See. DI. Bagaley "New Historian Little Russia (St. Petersburg, 1891); H. Vasilenko, "On the history of historiography and malorosskoy Little Russian social system" (Kiev Antiquity ", 1894, 11).

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Alexander Lazarev Matveyevich, photo, biography
Alexander Lazarev Matveyevich, photo, biography Alexander Lazarev Matveyevich  famous Russian historian, photo, biography
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