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Lancere Evgeny

( Painter)

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Biography Lancere Evgeny
(born 1875), son of the sculptor Eugene A. Lancere. He studied at the School of the Art Encouragement Society, then in Paris in private academies Kolarossi and Julian, where he worked under the leadership of Benjamin Constant, ZH.P. Laurens etc.. In 1898, Mr.. exhibited his illustrations to Brittany legends and fairy tales at the exhibition of Russian and Finnish artists, arranged with. Diaghilev. Since 1899. assumes a constant part in "World of Art"; until 1910. participated in exhibitions of the Union of Russian Artists ". Head of the Art part of the Imperial Lapidary. In 1912, Mr.. elected an academician of painting. Talent Lancere very diverse, they marked his vignettes, fonts, architectural drawings, illustrations of fairy tales and dramas, decorative panels and cartoons. His historical paintings are imbued with a love of native traditions, and profound sense of the era (such as Empress Elizabeth in Tsarskoe Selo "," Accession of Elizabeth to the throne "," St. Petersburg at the beginning of XVIII century "," Ships of the time of Peter I "," Seaside "). Lancere first began to draw former beauty of St. Petersburg (1 st Edition of The World of Art, 1902), "Old Winter Palace," "Bridge over the Winter Canal, transferred to a century of Peter and Catherine. The very first experience Lancere showed that he has a tremendous gift and a great illustrative skills. Very interesting illustrations of his "Imperial hunting" Kutepova and "Tsarskoe Selo" A. Benoit; equally successful for his fantastic song "King Hunger" L. Andreev and poems to. Balmont extremely sharp in his cartoon "Bugbear" and "infernal Mail". Lancere - the perfect schedule: he surprisingly manages purely decorative themes, . executed them that in a certain old-style, . then in a manner, . created by him, his vignettes, . Screensavers, . labels and covers are the adornment of many books and magazines ( "The World of Art", . "Golden Fleece", , . Yearbook of the Imperial Theaters, etc.),
. His sketches, drawings, sketches give a vivid impression of the landscape and life of the Trans-Baikal, Manchuria, the Caucasus. Very interesting architectural projects Lancere ( "Cafe in Belgrade). Design sketch of the last act of the ballet "Sylvia" and a panel for the "Sanctuary of Patrick" staged by the Ancient Theater shows great skill Lancere in the field of architectural landscape. In Moscow, they performed a panel of the Great Moscow hotel, the ceiling and frieze in the house Tarasov, in St. Petersburg - a fresco in the Cafe de France. From Lancere works in the Museum of Emperor Alexander III are: "St. Petersburg at the beginning of XVIII century", . sketch for the ballet "Sylvia" and 2 to illustrate the legends of Brittany, in the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts - "Ships the time of Peter I"; in the Tretyakov Gallery - Nicholas Market in St. Petersburg "and" Empress Elizaveta Petrovna in Tsarskoe Selo ",
. - See. A. Rostislav "Lancere" ( "Golden Fleece", 1908, "11 - 12); In. Kurbatov, E.E. Lancere "(" Art ", 1912," 11 - 12, Kiev), C. Makovsky Pages of art criticism "(t. II); AND. Ostroumov, and C. The verb "Art Gallery II. and C. Tretyakovs ". S. P-va.

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Lancere Evgeny, photo, biography
Lancere Evgeny, photo, biography Lancere Evgeny  Painter, photo, biography
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