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Lebedev, Alexei Petrovich

( The famous church historian)

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Biography Lebedev, Alexei Petrovich
(1845 - 1908), professor of the Moscow Theological Academy and Moscow University, compiled a huge course on the history of the Eastern Church. Parallel work can not be specified not only in our country, but also in foreign literature. In 1896, Mr.. Lebedev began its general reprinting of his works, which appeared in the following order: "The church historiography in the main representative from IV to XX century". (St. Petersburg, . 1903, . 2 nd ed.), "The era of persecution of Christians and adoption of Christianity in the Greco-Roman world" (St. Petersburg, . 1904, . 3rd ed.) "Ecumenical councils IV and V centuries" (1904, . 3rd ed., . doctoral thesis); "ecumenical councils VI, . VII and VIII centuries "(1904, . 3rd ed.) "History of the separation of churches in the IX, . X and XI centuries "(1905, . 2 nd ed.) "Essays on the internal history of the Byzantine church in the east-IX - XI centuries" (M., . 1902), "Historical Sketches of the Byzantine-Eastern Church since the end of XI half-XV centuries" (1902, . 2 nd ed.) "History of the Greek-Eastern Church under Turkish rule from the fall of Constantinople to the present time" (1904, . 2 nd ed.) "Church-historical narratives public content and presentation" (1903, . 2 nd ed.), "The clergy of the ancient universal church from apostolic times to the IX century" (1905),
. In these 10 volumes are not included many other separately published books and articles, including: the polemical articles against п░.п°. Ivancova-Platonov, . in the book "From the history of the ecumenical councils IV and V centuries" (M., . 1882), "The Christian world and the Hellenic-Roman civilization in the era of the ancient church" ( "Readings in the Society of Lovers of spiritual enlightenment", . 1873, . 1); "Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy I.D,
. Mansvetov "(" Orthodox Observer ", 1886, t. I); "New and old sources of the history of the original monks" ( "God. Vestnik, 1892, 2), Professor AV. Gorsky "(" Faith and the Church ", 1900)," Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the ancient church "," On the symbol of our faith "(" God. Herald, 1 - 2), "Brothers of the Lord" (1905), "Lessons and examples from the history of ancient cathedrals in relation to the upcoming All-Russia Council" (Moscow, 1907), "The upcoming All-Russia council in terms of ancient cathedrals" (1907) , "Blind leaders. Four issues in the life of the church "(Moscow, 1907)," Why would we need the patriarch "(" God. Bulletin, 1907, 1); "Some information from the history of manners Greek higher clergy in the Turkish period" ( "God. Bulletin, 1907, 3), "Three Essays on the historiography of the church in us" ( "God. Bulletin, 1907, 4 - 5); "To my help of an erudite literary biography" ( "God. Bulletin, 1907, 6); "On the question of the origin of the early Christian hierarchy" (1907) and much more. By his own admission Lebedev, his superiors "in the worst account of any other Lebedeva not available". When one of the hierarchs, estimating its harmful, though, the influence placed him in the company of Prince S.N. VS Trubetskoy and. Solovieva, Lebedev expressed admiration on the occasion of such a flattering opinion. His doctoral thesis was subjected to harassment and ultimately fell under the long ban. His articles and pamphlets that have appeared since October 17, 1905, provoked a storm of indignation is often in the same circles and stir in others ( "blind guides", "On the origin of the hierarchy," "Three Essays on the historiography of the church, etc.). Lebedev broke free only at the end of life in the flowering of his years of spiritual censorship crushed his work. In one of his most recent articles found recognition, like a moan: "Yes, the history of the Orthodox Theological Academy should be written in tears and blood. It lived in clover only to such persons, . who reasoned thus: "In our church host Holy Synod, . and if the landlord orders, . example, . paint your fence red stripes, . blue, . green, . yellow, . it must fulfill the will of the master ordered the,
. These words, frankly, gives me the horrors, and I think if a person who respects their dignity followed them, he could find solace only in a cup of wine Zielona. After all, it is a matter of science, truth, the distortion of the image of God in man ". Much of the work Lebedev represents courses, read to them at the Moscow Academy, where he had a large audience. It speaks to the nature of his presentation: all of his research are on the proper scientific height, but they are alien to the dry manner of specializing of excessive. - See. I. K. "Twenty-five years help of an erudite literary activity A.P. Lebedev (1870 - 1895) "(Sergiev Posad, 1895), and. Andreev, A.P. Lebedev (obituary in the Journal of the Ministry of National Education, 1908); A. Spassky "Professor A.P. Lebedev (Sergiev Posad, 1908); A. Pokrovsky Professor A.P. Lebedev (Moscow, 1909); H. Glubokovsky "In memory A.P. Lebedeva (St. Petersburg, 1908); P. Gorski, Platonov, "The Voice of an old professor in the case of Professor A.P. Lebedev with AI. Ivancova-Platonov "(Moscow, 1900).

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Lebedev Alexander

Lebedev, Alexei Petrovich, photo, biography
Lebedev, Alexei Petrovich, photo, biography Lebedev, Alexei Petrovich  The famous church historian, photo, biography
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