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Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich

( The famous physicist)

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Biography Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich
photo Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich
(1866 - 1912). Born February 24, 1866, Mr.. in Moscow, in a family of merchants. Initial education in the Peter Paul German school and in the private real school, three years was a student at the Imperial Technical School. Feeling a calling to pure science, in 1887, Mr. Lebedev. out of college, where he studied to perfection turning and plumbing trades and have acquired skills in the design of complex devices, which proved very useful for his future activities. Higher education Lebedev received a Kundt at the Strasbourg Institute of Physics, then he is in Berlin, where he listened to lectures for Theoretical Physics, Helmholtz. Back in Strasbourg, Lebedev prepared there, under the direction of F. Kohlrausch, his doctoral work: "On measuring the dielectric constants of the vapor and the theory of dielectrics Mossotti-Clausius (1891). Simultaneously, Lebedev made a study of theories of comet tails and then there came the idea of the pressure of radiant energy and the possibility of its experimental evidence. In 1891, Mr.. Lebedev obtained a position at the assistant A.G. Stoletov in Moscow and began a pilot study of ponderomotive action of the various waves on resonators. For this work, . summarizes the results of which were published in 1892, . Lebedev received from Moscow University, a doctorate degree without magistrantskogo examination without the submission of thesis for a Master, . year later - a professorship at Moscow University,
. Carrying out the work "On the double refraction of rays of electric force" (1895), he opened the shortest electromagnetic waves, which could still get. Brilliant experimentation talent Lebedeva fully impacted in the future of his works, when he embarked on a major task of his life - proof of the light pressure. In 1900, Mr.. Lebedev has published the first report on the positive results of their experiments on light pressure on the solids, in 1901. - The classic "Experimental study of radiation pressure". Only in 1910, after countless experiments, after one final devices were constructed and studied them for more than 20, Lebedev has shown the light pressure of gases ( "Journal of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society, 1910). In 1911, Mr.. Lebedev, along with other professors left the University of Moscow and had to postpone their activities in a small laboratory, arranged for private funds in a hired room. In recent years, Lebedev worked hard over the issue of movement of the earth in the air, trying to find out the causes of terrestrial magnetism and expressed a very bold original ideas on the issue. Meet its experiments gave negative results ( "magnetometric study of rotating bodies. The first message "," Journal of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society, 1911), as further work was interrupted by the death. Lebedev died March 1, 1912, Mr.. heart disease. - In addition to purely scientific work, many Lebedev has given publicity to the latest acquisitions of physics in speeches and articles. Very much of the credit Lebedev - the creation of an entire school of young Russian physicists who worked in his laboratory under his talented and skilful leadership. He was the founder and chairman of the Moscow Physical Society, now bearing his name. In 1913, Mr.. this society published "Collected Works" Lebedeva (Moscow, with his biography and a complete list of publications). Two of the Lebedev on radiation pressure published in 1913. P. Lazarev, in "Ostwald's Klassiker der exakten Wissenschaften". Detailed biography written I.I. Borgman ( "New Ideas in Physics", "4, St. Petersburg., 1912) and PP. Lazarev, his closest disciple ( "Journal of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society).

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Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich, photo, biography
Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich, photo, biography Lebedev, Pyotr Nikolayevich  The famous physicist, photo, biography
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