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Franz Lefort Yakovlevich

( The well-known associate of Peter the Great.)

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Biography Franz Lefort Yakovlevich
Born in 1656, Mr.. Geneva. Was in military service in France, then moved to Holland, where as a volunteer taking part in hostilities against the French. 19 years old Lefort went to Russia with Colonel Frostenom, hire people in the service of the Russian Tsar. In 1675, Mr.. They landed in Arkhangelsk. Lefort first situation remained uncertain, but after his marriage to Elizabeth Suge (Souhay), cousin of the first wife of Patrick Gordon, he was hired by Captain. Held at 2,5 Malorossiyskoy Ukraine, where time was at war with the Tartars. During the reign of the princess Sophia, he enjoyed the location of Prince VV. Golitsyn was involved in both the Crimean campaigns (1687 and 1689). Man living mind, a fascinating storyteller, Lefort from 1690. won the affection of Peter. Using the great influence at court, Lefort did not interfere, but in the case management. Manufactured in full of generals and admirals, Lefort was first elected as colonel of the regiment. The regiment that previously housed in private apartments, but after increasing the composition was placed in the barracks, built under the house Lefort. The new settlement was named Lefortovo Settlement (now Lefortovo part of the city of Moscow). The constant companion of the king on his travels to Pereyaslavl Lake and the White Sea, party Kozhukhovskiy maneuvers, both the Azov campaigns, Lefort never left a noticeable imprint of its activities. Under the influence of his intended visit of Peter was abroad and send the Grand Embassy to the European courts. At the head of the embassy was Lefort. Two junior ambassador, FA. Golovin and P.B. Voznitsyn, were proper business relations; Lefort's role has been reduced, mainly in the representation. He also made various purchases and hiring foreigners in Russian service. Shortly after returning to Moscow, died Lefort (1699). - See. Basseville "Precis historique sur la vie de L." (1784, . author used archival documents, his book is full of gross errors, . but some items still serves as the primary source); Golikov "historical depiction of life Lefort and Gordon" (M., . 1800; rant, . without criticism); Helbig "Russische Gunstlinge" (1809, . 2 nd edition 1883; Russian translation of "Russian Antiquities", . 1886, . ? 4); Posselt "Der General u,
. Admiral Fr. L., sein Leben u. seine Ziet "(St. Petersburg, 1866 - the most comprehensive book on Lefort, on the basis of valuable historical data, but the author is not a measure championed the merits and importance Lefort. Part of work presented by the author in Russian: "Admiral of the Russian fleet F.YA. Lefort and the beginning of the Russian Navy ", . in the Sea Collection ", . 1893, . ? 3, and separately, an abridged translation of the book in the "Military Collection", . 1870, . ? 7 - 12, 1871, . ? 1 - 3); "The Diary of Gordon", . "Diarium" Korba, . "Archives of Prince Kurakin" (I, . 1890), . "Letters and papers of Peter the Great" (I, . 1887); Alexandrov "Lefortovskiy Palace" ( "Russian Archives", . 1875); Korsakov "Lefortovski Palace" ( "Russian Archives", . 1882).,

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Franz Lefort Yakovlevich

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Franz Lefort Yakovlevich, photo, biography
Franz Lefort Yakovlevich, photo, biography Franz Lefort Yakovlevich  The well-known associate of Peter the Great., photo, biography
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