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Fyodor Petrovich Litke

( Admiral, scientist-traveler)

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Biography Fyodor Petrovich Litke
(September 17, 1797, Mr.. - October 8, 1882). In 1817, Mr.. was appointed to sail round the world on the sloop of war "Kamchatka", under the command of Captain VM. Golovin. In 1821 - 1824 years Litke described the coast of Novaya Zemlya, made a lot of definitions of geographical locations along the shore of the White Sea, explored the depth of the fairway and dangerous shoals of the sea. Description of this expedition: "a four-trip into the Arctic Ocean in 1821 - 1824 years" (St. Petersburg, 1828). In the introduction to this book Litke provides a detailed historical review of all research undertaken before him (mostly unsuccessful) of the New Earth and its neighboring seas and countries. In 1826, Mr.. Litke on the sloop "Senjavin" went round the world voyage, which lasted three years. As a result of his is - one of the most successful expeditions of the first half of the XIX century: in the Bering Sea identified the most important points of the coast of Kamchatka Avachinskaya Bay to the north, described hitherto unknown island Karaginskij, . Matthew Island and the Chukotka coast, identified Pribilof Islands, are studied and described by the Caroline archipelago, . Bonin Islands, and many others,
. The results of the expedition were published in books: "Journey around the world in military sloop Senjavin", . in 1826 - 1829 years (with an atlas, . Petersburg., . 1835 - 1836) and "Experiments on the permanent specimen, . made a journey around the world in the sloop of war "Senjavin" in 1826 - 1829 years "(St. Petersburg, . 1833),
. Preoccupied with the historical and hydrographic description of the results of the expedition, Litke part of their research papers handed Academician E. Lenz and Helsingfors Professor Gelshtremu. First published in the academic "Memoirs" on disposition and strength of the magnetic needle on observations Litke ", the second -" On the barometric and simpiezometricheskih Litke and observations on the heat in tropical climates ". In 1832, Mr.. Litke was appointed tutor of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich. In conversations with VY. Struve, KM. Baer, KI. Arsenevym and Baron F.P. Wrangel was born in Litke's thought on education Geographical Society (XIII, 70 - 72). 20 years (with a break until Litke was the commander of the port and the military governor of Reval and Kronstadt) Litke was Vice-President of the Company. He took an active part in the exercises Nikolaev main observatory, at one time managing its affairs. He obtained had Litke and as president of the Academy of Sciences (1864 - 1881). When it expanded the main means of physical observatory, meteorological and magnetic observatories at Pavlovsk, increased the number of awards for his scientific and literary works, improvement of museums, collections and other scientists benefit. Also named works, . Litke published: "On the Tides in the northern Arctic Ocean" ( "Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", . 1843, . "Report of the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich about the expedition in the Sea of Azov" ( "Notes of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society", . 1862, . Book 3),
. See. OV. Struve, "On the scientific merits of Count F.P. Litke "(" Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1883), "Portrait Gallery of Russian leaders," publication of Munster (St. Petersburg, 1865, t. I); "modern Russian figures," publication of AO. Bauman (St. Petersburg, 1877, t. II); In. BEZOBRAZOV "Graf F.P. Litke "(Annex to LVII to the Notes of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", h. I; separately SPb., 1888); Venyukov "Apercu hist. des decouverts geographiques ets. "(p. 13); Ivashinsev "Review Russian world tours" (St. Petersburg, 1850).

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Fyodor Petrovich Litke, photo, biography
Fyodor Petrovich Litke, photo, biography Fyodor Petrovich Litke  Admiral, scientist-traveler, photo, biography
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