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Lopukhin Ivan

( The famous mystic)

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Biography Lopukhin Ivan
photo Lopukhin Ivan
(1756 - 1816). Consisted of military service, was chairman of the Moscow Criminal Division. In judicial practice, introduced Lopukhin worked out in it by reading opinion on the value of penalties and corrective moderate their use. In 1785, Mr.. He resigned and took an active part in literary and philanthropic enterprises Novikov's Circle: translated a number of mystical writings, . wrote in defense of Russian masons "Moral Catechism true Freemasons" (1790, . several editions), . was a great master of one of the lodges, . helped poor, . arranged school, . opened a printing house in Moscow, . at his own expense sent abroad students Nevzorov and Kolokolnikova,
. Love for God and neighbor, not excluding the enemies, and continuous internal improvement - the main basis "Catechism", evidencing the lack of Masons of any political aspirations. Important for determining the Masonic teachings (especially the ritual of his hand) has another essay Lopuchin, written in 1791: "The spiritual seeker of wisdom, or a knight". When in 1792, Mr.. crackdown Martinists, Lopukhin first was appointed to the link, but later on in Moscow, "for the elderly father". The end of 1796, Mr.. he lived in Moscow and published: "Image dreams of equality and freedom of the wild, with disastrous their fruits" (1794), . "The outpouring of the heart that thought upon the goodness of unity of command" (1795), . "Description of a few pictures and a list of some of the passages, . located in the store looking at the long-running internal causes of action and blindness depraved French "(1795) and" Imitation of some songs Davydov "(verse, . 1796),
. With the accession of Paul I, he was suddenly summoned to St. Petersburg and was appointed Secretary of State, but in the beginning of next year, a senator moved to Moscow. In analyzing and investigating criminal cases, he showed the Senate the same traits of humanity that in the criminal court. In 1800, Mr.. with Senator Spiridonovs inspected the province of Kazan, Vyatka and Orenburg, and discovered a special care of the peasants. Overall humane audit Lopuchin visible from its brochures: "Statement instructions and orders given by the masters of the senators during the inspection Vyatka province". In 1801, Mr.. Lopukhin, auditing Kharkov province, took up where his case is examined on Dukhobors. Humane his attitude to them landed him in charge of reproduction of. To refute this charge, he wrote "The voice of sincerity", published no earlier than 1816, in "Zion Gazette. Alexander I was pleased with his actions and many times gave him important assignments. Left, in 1812, retired, he settled on his farm and died there. During the period from 1797 to 1816 years, they were written: "Observations on the famous book of Rousseau's" Du Contrat Social ", . where Lopukhin expressed the view, . that the constitution is something random, . rather than the original organic form, "excerpts to read the believers" (1805), "Faith in Jesus, . or the shortest path to God and others,
. A characteristic feature of all the works Lopuchin are ardent religiosity and mysticism. Of great interest are his "Notes", published in 1860, in "Readings of the Moscow Society of Russian History and Antiquities, and Herzen in London), and then in the" Russian Archive "(1884, with a portrait). Lopuchin thorough biography written Afanasyev (in the archives of historical and practical information, the book. I). - See. Longinov "Novikov and Moscow Martinist" (1869). "Historical Sketches Russian Freemasonry and its main representatives" (in "Orlovsky Diocesan Gazette", . 1869, . ? 6 et seq.); Non-green "Literary direction", . Poltoratskii "Russian memorable people" ( "Russian Antiquities", . 1892, . ? 7); Mertvago "Notes", . Voyeikov "Memoirs" (in "News of Literature", . 1825, . ? 5); Lubyanovsky "Memoirs" (M., . 1872),
. Several letters to Lopuchin Runich, Speransky and others placed in the "Russian Archive". The latest work on Lopuchin - P.K. Piksanova in t. I edition: "Freemasonry in its past and present" (p. 1915).

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Lopukhin Ivan, photo, biography
Lopukhin Ivan, photo, biography Lopukhin Ivan  The famous mystic, photo, biography
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