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Luchitskii Ivan

( Historian)

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Biography Luchitskii Ivan
photo Luchitskii Ivan
Born in 1845, graduated from the course to the historical-philological faculty of Kiev University. He taught Russian language and geography in one of Kiev's high school. In 1870, Mr.. Luchitskii thesis pro venia kegendi ( "The bourgeoisie and the feudal aristocracy in the south of France in 1572). After receiving a master's degree in general history thesis "Calvinism and the feudal aristocracy in France" (1871), . more than two years he worked in France, . Italy and Germany over the gathering of archival material, . result of which was his doctoral thesis: "The Catholic League and the Calvinists in France" (1877),
. Before 1901. taught history at the University of Kiev, which remains a professor emeritus until now. In 1879 - 1889 and 1904 - 1905 he lectured at the Kiev University for Women. Consisted vowel Kiev City Council, was zemstvo in the province of Poltava, and an honorary magistrate Zolotonoshskiy County. In the last years of the XIX and early XX century Luchitskii nearly every year went to France (partly in Spain) to work in the archives. During a political revival in 1905 and following years editor of the newspaper: "Kiev Wrote" and "Freedom and Law", . Zemsky participated in congresses and was a member of the Bureau of Academic Union, . helped found the Constitutional Democratic Party, . which was a member of the central committee and Kiev, worked in society autonomist-federalist,
. III Elected to membership in the State Duma, Luchitskii moved to St. Petersburg and in 1908, Mr.. teaches at the higher women's courses, in the mental institute and courses Lesgafta. Consists of a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. Enjoying fame as a historian, not only in Russia but also abroad, especially in France, because he published in French works and documents. Since the late 1870's he focused his research on economic history, especially land tenure and peasant. In 1878, Mr.. they started, but was left unfinished "History of the peasant reform in Western Europe" (Kiev Universal Izvestia "); behind it followed a series of journal articles on the history of farmers in different countries. In 1883, as a supplement to the translation of "Stories of modern times" Zevorta, appeared his "Sketches of economic relations in Western Europe from the XVI century". He wrote several works on the communal land tenure in the Ukraine, proving to them that the community principle is not alien to the people and the Little Russian. Trip in 1882, Mr.. in Spain gave Luchitskaya opportunity to examine the history of archival data Pyrenees community. In the last years of the last century Luchitskii undertook a study on the French peasant land tenure and the sale of national assets in the era of revolution, . gathered for this in the French archives of valuable materials and printed a number of works, . many of which appeared in French translations or adaptations (see,
. "Kiev Universal Izvestia for 1894 - 1896 and other years," New Word "for 1896," Russian Wealth "for 1893 and other years). The same themes of the book are devoted Luchitskaya: "The peasant proprietorship in France before the revolution, . mainly in the Limousin "(1900, French translation 1912)," State of the agricultural classes in France before the revolution and agrarian reform in 1789 - 1793 years "(1912; the first half in French, . 1911); "Quelques remarques sur la vente des biens nationaux" (1913 in Russian in "Russian Wealth," 1912),
. Edited Luchitskaya left translation of historical books Fyfe, Freeman, Gregoire, Draper, and Kiev collection for the starving "and" Collected in favor of disadvan. students of the University of St. Vladimir ". As a 86-titomnom, and in the present "Encyclopedic Dictionary" Luchitskaya belongs to a number of articles. - See. article on Luchitskaya Professor Tarle in the "Voice of the past" (1914, January) and article Kareyev, Tarle, Petrova, Myakotina and Henri See in the "Journal of the Science of History" (1914, No. 5). The relation to Luchitskaya French scientists cm. "Cursory Remarks on the economic history of France during the Revolution Kareeva (1912 and 1914). N. K.

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Luchitskii Ivan, photo, biography
Luchitskii Ivan, photo, biography Luchitskii Ivan  Historian, photo, biography
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