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Magnitskii Michael L.

( Famous obscurantist)

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Biography Magnitskii Michael L.
photo Magnitskii Michael L.
(1778 - 1855). After graduating from the course at Moscow State University, he entered the Transfiguration Regiment, then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a short time enjoyed the confidence of Speransky and became a zealous executor of his plans. After the fall of Speranskii Magnitskii was exiled to Vologda, where he stayed from 1812 to 1816, Mr.. Having ingratiate Arakcheeva and Prince AN. Golitsyn, he was appointed vice-governor of Voronezh, then governor of Simbirsk, and in 1819, Mr.. member of the Governing Board Schools. Following the tastes of new patrons, a former employee Speranskii became extreme persecutor of Education. In 1819, Mr.. Magnitskii was sent as an auditor, in Kazan, the rights of the trustee. In the report he submitted to the University, he accused of embezzling public money and in an ungodly direction of teaching and offered to destroy the most solemn building of the University. Such a measure is not met, . however, . sympathy in the main board of schools and has not been approved by the emperor, instead of the destruction suggested the university was its transformation, . production of which was entrusted with the very Magnitski, . appointed trustee of the Kazan district,
. At the very appointment Magnitskiy 11 professors were fired, followed by a new separation. The teaching of Roman law was replaced by the right Byzantine. In 1823, Mr.. was arranged a special "Dept. of constitutions, English, French and Polish, with accusatory purpose". In 1823, Mr.. Magnitskii made in the main board of schools with a denunciation against the Moscow professor Davydova, accused them of "godless pursuit of Schelling and offered completely destroy the teaching of philosophy in universities. Life students was subordinated in Kazan, the strictest rules of discipline of the monastery and is filled with exercises in piety. Inside the University dwelt denunciations and intrigue. Designated in 1826. Audit of Major-General Yellowbeak revealed the results of Magnitsky, in the form of complete fall of the university, and revealed a huge waste of public money. May 6, 1826, Mr.. Magnitskii was dismissed from office of trustee, to cover the embezzlement was imposed on the sequestration of his estate. The rest of his life he spent away from public affairs. Literary activity Magnitsky began printing of "sad songs on the demise of the Imperial Moscow University curator PI. Melissino "(Moscow, 1795). In the "pleasant and useful pastime," he published a series of poems sentimental content. Peculiar literary talent he displayed in different "views", the notes and reports of. In the "Opinion of the natural law" and "Term Minister of Religious Affairs and Public Education" ( "Russian Archives", . 1864, . I), he argues, . that natural law - the invention of modern atheism, . Kant and Stephens led, . and that the views Kunitsyn found an echo in the revolutions of Sardinia, . Spain and Naples,
. Other works: "Dream of the Georgians" ( "Russian Archives", . 1863, . I, . wrote in 1825) - Broken Arakche'ev flattery; "Two speech trustee of the Kazan school district" (Kazan, . 1827 - 28) and imbued Pietism "Instructions for the inspection of the Kazan school district" ( "Russian Archives", . 1867),
. After his fall Magnitskii issued, . under the name K-n-n-r-m, . "Historical Miscellany" (Moscow, . 1832), . then, . dwell in Revel, . conducted monthly magazine "Rainbow", . unreleased in 1832 - 33 years and a former prototype "Mayak, . "Home Talks and t,
. n. Publications. In the "Rainbow" prevailed mockery of Western education and Western philosophy in particular. As against Karamzin's article "The Fate of Russia" Magnitsky, . controversy with the historian, . mourn the period of Tatar domination, . how to stop the development of Russia, . Magnitskii said: "The philosophy of Christ is not pining about, . that was the Tatar period, . purposely removed Russia from Europe,
. She is glad, because sees that her oppressors, the Tatars, were the saviors of it from Europe "(emphasis original). "Inhibition of Tatars and removal from Western Europe were, perhaps, the greatest boon for Russia, because it preserved the purity of the Christian faith" ... "To surpass Europe, Russia, instead of closer relations with Europe, receded from it" ... Turning to the reforms of Peter, Magnitsky argues that "integration with Europe was not need for it (Russia), as commonly thought, but for most of Europe, which Russia was to update and clean. - See. Feoktistov, M.L. Magnitskii "(1865); Vengerov" Sources ", Volume IV.

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Magnitskii Michael L., photo, biography
Magnitskii Michael L., photo, biography Magnitskii Michael L.  Famous obscurantist, photo, biography
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