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Maikov Vasily Ivanovich

( gifted poet)

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Biography Maikov Vasily Ivanovich
(1728 - 1778), son of a landowner. He served in the Semenov regiment, and later held various civilian positions. Received a very limited education at home, did not know any foreign language, poetic transcription "military science" Frederick II (Moscow, 1767, 2 ed., 1887) and "transformation" Ovid done with someone else's prose translation. Moved in the society of Masons, in 1775, Mr.. was a great provincial secretary of the Great provincial schools in Moscow, became friends with Schwartz and facilitated by the familiarity of the latter with Novikov. Freemasonry is not reflected in the works Maikova. He wrote odes, spiritual poems and other lyrical pieces, all the rules lozhnoklassicheskoy piitiki, but not without a desire for simplicity in the construction of the phrase. Sometimes he uses motifs from traditional and modern reality, so, for example, in an ode to "War" (1773) he included a complaint of the earth to God for sinners - a motif borrowed from the popular religious poems. The combination of these elements poses Maikova lyrical works on the borderline between the two periods of Russian lyric poetry of XVIII century. Which found typical expression in the odes of Lomonosov on the one hand, and in poetry Derzhavina the other. In dramatic works Maikova although imitated Sumarokov, . but did not dwell on the heroic tragedy (eg, . "Arpiona", . Moscow, . 1775, 2 nd Edition, . Moscow, . 1787), . and written, . in the spirit of the comic operas of the time, . pastoral drama with music: "Village Festival, . Topped or virtue "(Moscow, . 1777), . which portrayed the Russian peasants Arcadian shepherds, . taste Floriana,
. The most talented works Maikova - his comic poem ( "The Player ombre", . 1762; 3rd edition, . Moscow, . 1774;, Elisha, . Irritated or Bacchus, . 1771, 2 nd Edition, . Moscow, . 1788), . fables and fairy tales, . that, . the content and spirit, . contact with the hand-written folk-narrative literature,
. The hero of the poem "And he is the driver, whom Bacchus, angry at the tax-farmers for expensive wine, elect instrument of his vengeance. The poem tells about the violent and extremely cynical adventures of Elisha, recalling, at times, those stories about women's charm, which often occur in the narrative collections XVII - XVIII centuries. In fables Maikova identifies several types of real life: the type of the Russian gentleman, a landowner (fable "The cook and tailor", . "Unfounded fear", . Lord of the servants are in danger of life "), . with his love of luxury, . arrogance, . tyranny and stupid selfishness, . and type of the Russian common man (fable "The detractors of foreign affairs", . "Society" and others), . its sharpness, . naive belief in the lucky chance, . love to work hard over the "holy Pashenkov",
. The features of this type are outlined Maikov with lively sympathy. Works Maikova highly valued by his contemporaries, as seen from the reviews in the dictionary Novikova. The next generation is their low and coarse (epigram Hemnitsera). Little by little pieces Maikova down, according to MA. Dmitrieva, in particular, not the highest readership ". "Works" Maikova published in St. Petersburg in 1809, then in 1867, edited by P.A. Ephraim with biographical sketch LN. Maikova, reprinted in his "Sketches of the History of Russian Literature XVII and XVIII centuries" (St. Petersburg, 1889), as well as in the "Russian poetry" SA. Vengerov, together with more outstanding works of the poet.

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Maikov Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography
Maikov Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography Maikov Vasily Ivanovich  gifted poet, photo, biography
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