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Sergei Maximov

( The well-known ethnographer, honorary academician)

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Biography Sergei Maximov
(1831 - 1901). He studied at Moscow University and the Medical-Surgical Academy. In 1850 - 1851 years published anonymously a number of translations and compilations. In 1854, Mr.. placed in the "Bible reading" several ethnographic essays. In 1855, Mr.. Maximov went on foot on the province of Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, and then visited the Vyatka province, making one of the first experiments to directly study of folk life. The result was a series of essays, published in the "Bible reading", etc.. publications, subsequently formed the book: "Backwoods" (St. Petersburg, 1871). When, . thoughts on the Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich, . navy has organized several ethnographic expeditions (1855), . Maximov went to the North, he went to the White Sea, . reached the Arctic Ocean and the Pechora and published several articles in the Sea Collection ", . "Bible Reading" and "Son of the Fatherland", . then formed the famous book: "The Year of the North" (St. Petersburg, . 1859; 4 th edition, . Moscow, . 1890),
. Navy commissioned Maximov go to the Far East to study just purchased the Amur region. Journey was the subject of a new series of articles in the Sea Collection "and" Notes of the Fatherland ", included in the book:" Go East, a trip to the Amur in 1860 - 61 years "(St. Petersburg, 1864, 2 edition, 1871). On the way back to Russia Maximov was mandated review of Siberian prisons and exiles living, . but this study for publication was not allowed, . and was issued by the naval authorities 'secret', . under the title: "Prisons and exiles" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1862),
. Later in the Journal of Europe "and" Notes of the Fatherland "appeared Maksimova individual articles on the subject, and then the book:" Siberia and penal servitude "(St. Petersburg, 1871, 3rd edition, St. Petersburg, 1900). In 1862 - 63 years Maksimov visited the south-east Russia, the coast of the Caspian Sea and Urals. From articles, . due to this trip, . the "Sea collection, there were two -" From Oral "and" On the road in Uralsk ", . the rest, . concerning the split ( "Irgiz Elders, . "Lankaran", . "Sect general", . "Molokans", . "Dukhobors", . "Jumpers", . "Skoppy", . "Switch", . "Subotniki", . "God, fishing, and others), . published in the "Cause", . Fatherland Notes, . "Family and School",
. Even before the articles Maximova, published in the "images" and "Son of the Fatherland, has made a book:" Stories from the history of Old Believers "(St. Petersburg, 1861). Maksimov, and he was editor of books for the people: "On the Russian land", "On the Russian people", "Merzlaya desert", "primeval forests", "Russian steppes and mountains," "Peasant life before and now", "Solovetsky monastery other. The visiting (1868) Geographic Society in the north-western edge, . Maksimov traveled the province of Smolensk, . Mogilev, . Vitebsk, . Vilna, . Grodno, . Mink and his observations published in the book: "Wandering Russia for Christ's sake" (St.-Petersburg, . 1877),
. In 1873, Mr.. Maksimov published a book: "Kul bread and its escapades (4 th edition, St. Petersburg, 1894), in 1890. left many valuable work: "Winged words" (2 nd edition, St. Petersburg, 1899), which give interesting explanations of various words and phrases lively Russian speech in 1899. book appeared: "the devil" (2 nd edition, St. Petersburg, 1903). In 1900, Mr.. Maximov was elected an honorary academicians. In 1908 - 13 years came "Collected Works" Maximova in 20 volumes, which does not include his literary articles, memoirs and other. - Full list of works compiled Maksimova A.G. Fomin and attached to the XX to the collected works of Maximov - Wed. PV. Bykov, Volume I of "Collected Works Maximov; A. Pypin "History of Russian Ethnography, Volume II;" Historical Journal "(1901, Book VII);" Russian Thought "(1901, Book VI).

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Sergei Maximov, photo, biography
Sergei Maximov, photo, biography Sergei Maximov  The well-known ethnographer, honorary academician, photo, biography
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