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Mamin Dmitrii Narkisovich

( Famous writer-ethnographer)

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Biography Mamin Dmitrii Narkisovich
Born October 25, 1852, Mr.. in the findings of the independent-Shaitansky plant in the family priest. He graduated from the course in the Perm seminary. By staying here are his first creative attempts. Spring 1871. Mom moved to St. Petersburg and entered the medical-surgical academy of veterinary department, and then moves on to medical. In 1874,. Mom passed the exam in the university and, after spending nearly two years on the natural faculty in 1876, Mr.. transferred to the legal, but the course is not finished. Leading the life of literary Bohemia, Mom worked reportage and writing short stories. The first fictional work of Mother's "Secrets of a green forest" is printed without a signature name in the journal "Horizon" in 1877. and is dedicated to the Urals. The beginnings of talent, a good acquaintance with nature and life in the region to be observed in this work. Mother's First Steps in the literature, along with bouts of acute need, . deaf moments of despair, . - All Mamin described in the novel features of the life Pepke ", . One of the characteristic and striking his works, . of great autobiographical value, . clearly designates the world outlook of the writer, . dogma of his faith, . views, . ideas, . which then formed the basis of his best works: a deep altruism, . aversion to human vzaimopoedaniyu, . brute force, . pessimism, . love of life and, . however, . yearning for its imperfections, . the "least of sorrow and tears", . where so many horror, . Atrocities, . iniquity,
. "Can one be satisfied with their lives. No, I live a thousand lives, suffer and enjoy thousands of hearts - that's where life and true happiness "- says Mum in the outline of the life Pepke". He wants to live for all, that all experience and all had experienced. Duma and the issues that worried the writer then reflected in the outline of the life Pepke, are almost entirely in the future, already quite mature works Mamin. In Mama's little-known magazine published a long novel "In the maelstrom of passion" under the pseudonym E. Tomsk, a novel pretentious and very weak in all respects. Spring 1877. Mum's gone to the Urals, after having been in their places 14 years and actively studying them in the domestic and economic relations. In 1882, Mr.. begins the second period of literary activity Mamin. With the emergence of Russian Thought from the gold field sketches of life "Miners," Mom, who became the pseudonym subscribe Sibiryak, drew the attention of the public and critics and quickly becoming known. In the "common sense", . "Cause", . Vestnik Evropy, . Russian Thought, . Fatherland Notes appear to Ural stories and essays: "At the turn of Asia", . "The Stones", . "We all eat bread", . "In lean Souls, . "Zolotukha", . "Fighters", . "The Interpreter in the mines", . "Wild happiness", . "Abba", . "At Shihan", . "Krk", . "Thunderstorm", . "Blessed" and so,
. There is already outlining the characteristics of talent Mamin, . his favorite motifs, . commitment to the image of nature and its effect on life, . its influence, . in most cases, . compelling person, . sensitivity to accomplish around, . capturing new trends, . operating a beneficial or tragic - negative on the old foundations of flabby,
. In these stories have a sense of identity portrayer of life and manners of the Urals, a free artist, alien biased trends, able to give an idea about the huge human labor, to portray all sorts of contrasts. On the one hand, a wonderful nature, majestic, full of harmony, on the other - disorder of human, hard struggle for existence. Adding to his name a pseudonym, the writer quickly gained popularity, and the signature Mamin-Siberian stayed with him forever. In 1883, Mr.. appeared first novel of his life from the factory in the Urals: "Privalovskaya millions". With love stops here Mamin-Siberian Knights of the external and spiritual complexion, . to victims of natural power - capitalist growth, . types of, . figures, . entirely new in our literature, they are captured almost whole of the Urals, . with its mining and metallurgical business, . its representatives, . rotating around gold and iron,
. Second novel - "Mountain Nest", which appeared in "Notes of the Fatherland" in 1884, draws well on all sides Ural mining and metallurgical. This is - a great page, a kind of extraordinary accumulation history of capitalism, its sustained progress. The novel skillfully depicted mountain kinglet, . a kind of nabob Laptev, . shaped vyrozhdenets, . "a remarkable type of all, . which only occurred in our literature, "according Skabichevskys, . highly of the novel "Mountain Nest" and discovering, . that "Laptev safely be put in the same breath with such age-old types, . as Tartuffe Harpagon, . Judas, . Golovlev, . Oblomov ",
. His favorite idea of natural forces working blindly in life, the ruling in the colorful story "Zhylka" ( "Wild happiness"), typically depicting gold mines, the thirst for gold. Natural continuation of "the nest of the Mountain" is a novel, "On the street" (in a separate edition of "rapid flow"), where the action takes place in St. Petersburg. Flooded with a wave of rapid flow of the street take a heavy toll of victims, absorb the conscience of unstable people, brought to shame and a woman. In the novel shows, . as approaching with all its horror, a capitalist time, . accompanied its rapid movement desperate break up the old way of life, . old ideals, . did not create anything for the working masses and carrying out the fermentation, . confusion, . wandering thoughts, . disruption in the life of the educated classes,
. In the novel "Three late Momma's Siberian successfully over the lives of splitters in the Urals. Here reigns the usual world of the writer, clearly expressed the mystery of life - a mutual one creature eating another, and repeats the inevitable disruption, a characteristic phenomenon of Russian life. In 1891, Mr.. Mamin-Siberian finally moved to St. Petersburg. To this period belong his great novel "Bread" and the novel "The Brothers Gordeeva". This novel Mamin graduated series of works that portray the depth, and Urals Urals, their habits, customs, social life, the pre-reform and post-reform daily life. Many small stories devoted to all the same edge. In the works of Mother's felt the force, its wide scope and a spontaneous talent, though subordinate to the unknown element. Mamin-Siberian put forward more as a wonderful writer for children and for children. His collections of "Children's shadows," Alenushkiny tales "have a very big success. Some critics compare the tale with andersenovskimi Mamin. Mamin-Siberian differed extraordinary fecundity. In addition to these his works, we should note another novel, "Gold" and the stories and essays: "Parents' blood," "Summer", "Forest", "Poison," "The latter requires," "Zimov'e to Studeny", "Emelya-hunter" "Winch" and a collection of "Some gentlemen". Many of their belongings, especially Article ethnographic, Mom signed Bash aliases, Kurt and Onik. Died Nov. 2, 1912, Mr.. - Literature. п░.п°. Skabichevsky ( "Works", Volume II); his "History of Contemporary Russian Literature" ( "novelist 80-ies"); "History of Russian Literature of XIX century." Publication of the Association "World" (Issue 24); "Ural. Collection of "Trans-Ural Region", dedicated to the memory of the writer D.N. Mamina Sibiryaka "(Ekaterinburg, 1913)," The capitalist process in the image of Mom-Sibiryaka "(" God's World "," 1 and 2); In. Al'bov Momma's Sibiryak; essay VI. Dmitrieva (Literary adding "Niva", 1914, November); essay PV. Bykov ( "Complete Works" Mom-Sibiryaka annex to the "Cornfield" 1915 - 1916's, Volume I).

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Mamin Dmitrii Narkisovich, photo, biography
Mamin Dmitrii Narkisovich, photo, biography Mamin Dmitrii Narkisovich  Famous writer-ethnographer, photo, biography
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