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Marzheret Jacob (Margeret)

( Frenchman, author of essays on Russia Time of Troubles)

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Biography Marzheret Jacob (Margeret)
For information about his life are very sketchy. He showed himself first at home, participating on the side of Henry of Navarre in his struggle with the Catholic League. In the 90 years of the XVI century. Marzheret went to the east, had visited the service of the princes of Transylvania, the Emperor and King of Poland, and in 1600, Mr.. the proposal Ath. Vlaseva moved to King Boris, who was made the head mounted detachment of strangers. With this detachment Marzheret have served in the Battle of Dobrynich with the Pretender, drawing a bold onslaught defeat him in a landslide. Later Marzheret moved to "Demetrius, whom he considered, and after his death, a true son of Ivan the Terrible, became close to him, and was promoted to the senior of three commanders of his personal security of foreigners. After the death of "King Demetrius" Marzheret in September 1606, Mr.. went home, where he talked interested, distant Muscovy King of this country and published in 1607, Mr.. "Estat de l'Empire de Russie" etc. The continuing turmoil in Russia again enticed by the prospect of abusive exploits, . and he was in Tushino, . then went into the service of Sigismund Polish, . was one of the parties unhappy for Shuisky Klushinskoy battle, . came from Zolkiewski in Moscow, . where he remained until September 1611, . displaying outstanding courage and skill in defense of the Kremlin in the days of the March uprising Muscovites,
. Sigismund lavishly decorated French captain fiefdoms and estates in Russia, but Marzheret there was not in it, nor the King. In 1612, Mr.. He was in Hamburg, where the mingled with the detachment of the seekers labors and salaries going back to Russia, this time offering his services Pozharsky against the Poles. Zemsky militia leader, suspecting it of Polish spy, refused his help. In 1619, Mr.. Marzheret lived in Germany, apparently, not far from Nuremberg, state, perhaps in the service of Prince Radziwill. Further information about him there. Marzhereta fame rests on his treatise on Russia, giving an overview of its status at the beginning of the XVII century. and the history of the next few years. Long office in Moscow and the Russian language, acquaintances among the ruling and gave him the ability to see well enough to know Russia, and the clear and simple language - clearly explain their observations. In France, his book was published, except in 1607, yet in 1669, 1821, 1855 and 1860 (2 recent publications with biographical and bibliographical information). In Russia, this valuable source of enjoyment from the very beginning of XIX century.; In 1830. just came 2 Transfers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the latter - H. Ustryalov with introduction and notes became part of "The Legend of Demetrius contemporaries impostor" (3 editions: 1831 - 34, 1837 and 1859 years) in 1913. essay Merzhereta published "Universal Library" with the introduction and. Borozdina, but without notes. - See. introduction to the Russian edition, hand-written (in German) signature Merzhereta in receiving his salary in Chetvertikah Time of Troubles ", published by LM. Sukhotin, Moscow, 1912; his 1619 letter, Mr.. in the latest French edition of his writings and in the "Compendium of materials on Russian history, the beginning of the XVII century." drawn up by IM. Boldakovym and EH. Shchepkin (published by Count SD. Sheremetiev in 1896). P. L.

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Marzheret Jacob (Margeret), photo, biography
Marzheret Jacob (Margeret), photo, biography Marzheret Jacob (Margeret)  Frenchman, author of essays on Russia Time of Troubles, photo, biography
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