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Boleslav Markevich Mikhailovich

( novelist)

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Biography Boleslav Markevich Mikhailovich
(1822 - 1884). Place from a Polish family, spent his childhood in his father's estate in the province of Volhynia. Having led a French tutor careful literary education, Markevich entered Richelieu Lyceum in Odessa, where he completed a course at the Law Office. Started service in the Ministry of State Property; in 1848 - 53 years was an official for special assignments in the Moscow governor-general, then served in the State Chancellery and the Ministry of the Interior in 1866. transferred to the Ministry of Education official, special assignments and later was a member of the Council Minister. Entertaining storyteller, an excellent reciter, the organizer of home performances and picnics, the typical "officer on special assignments" on all hands, Markevich was adopted in aristocratic spheres. In 1875, Mr.. his career came to an unexpected end; it in 24 hours was dismissed from service. It turned out that he had received 5 thousand rubles for having "contributed" confiscation "of St. Petersburg Office" from VF. Korsch and transfer them into other hands. The dismissal of his made a great sensation, especially in view of the fact that a few months before Markevitch, who always spoke in his writings about the "loss of ideals," "pure art", "loathsome materialism" and t. d., correspondence placed in the "Moscow News, where all the liberal journalists called the" pen robbers and swindlers Print. After working for some time in the "Voice", . Sunday where he wrote satirical articles under the pseudonym of "The Wave", . Markevitch became an avid supplier of novels and stories for the Russian Messenger, . which published an extensive "trilogy": "A quarter century ago" (1878), . "Fracture" (1880) and "The Abyss" (1883 - 84; neokonchena),
. In "Moscow News, he placed the correspondence (signed" for non-resident philistine "), which gave full rein to his resentment against the St. Petersburg journalism and her pets. One of them, in which he, after the applause, endured by Turgenev in 1879, accused the great novelist in the "tumbling" in front of youth, served as the subject of a noisy literary incident. For all his gentleness, . Turgenev could not resist and responded in a letter to the editor of The Messenger of Europe "(" Compositions ", . Volume X), . which ended with such a characteristic "The price of philistine": "And when you think, . from whose mouth they come slander, . these charges?! From the lips of man, . a daily earned a reputation as a virtuoso in the adulation and "tumbling", . first voluntary, . and finally, even unwittingly! True - it may lose, . nor have nothing to fear: his name has become synonymous name, . and he's not the number of people, . are permissible to call to account ",
. Shortly after the death Markevich was published collection of his works (St. Petersburg, 1885, 2 nd edition, Moscow, 1911). Most of them written in the 70's, after the noise made by the Marina of the Alagh Horn "(1873), prompted Markiewicz draw attention to their fictional ability. In the 1880's had some success of the stage drama "Chad life" (or "Olga Ranceva"), cut from "Turning Point". Artistic talent Markevich itself does not belong to the large. Those of his writings, . where there is no relish biased coverage of public life of the 60's and 70-ies, . completely lost in the mass magazine ballast, . in those works, . which were read by extraneous considerations, art, . all pure art, . few exceptions (such is, . example, . Knapsack type intriguante Olga in "turning point"), . quite ordinary,
. Fighting with the movement of 60-ies, . perverted "pure art" introduction "trends", . Markevitch, . however, . very well understood, . What benefits does the bias of the writer, . is unable to attract the attention of the direct artistic merit,
. Markevitch - the most biased writer of the whole "galaxy" Russian Messenger, who has chosen the specialty discredit Russian liberalism. By definition, the author's most detailed article on Markevich, KK. Arseniev, he turned the novel into "an instrument of retrogression". All, . that was preached in the editorials of the Moscow Gazette, . has found an echo in the works Markiewicz, . where he shot a course means, . inaccessible publicist - a perverse and sometimes directly libelous image ungracious publisher of the Moscow Gazette of,
. This is to communicate the work Markiewicz spicy and gave him the readers. Under the transparent pseudonym he led major public people, . and the average audience, . always interested in the intimate lives of VIPs, . assaulted the sensational revelations Markevich with the same fervor, . with what the public reads German Gregor Samarova and other authors, . writing novels on subjects from the "modern history",
. If you believe his trilogy, . so little justifies its title: "true story", . treason covered in the 60's and 70's of the society not only, . but the higher spheres of government authority, . not excluding the ministers and members of the Council of State,
. Prosecutors and the gendarmes are not intended, and patronized sedition, the police - Community advocates and t. n. Progressive youth - a collection of miserable cowards, fools, and fools, for which, on conviction of a positive person trilogy preacher "strong power" Troyekurov - there is only one way to enlightenment: whip. - Wed. KK. Arseniev "Critical studies" (Part II); "Russian Messenger" (1886,? 3 and 4). S. Vengerov.

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Boleslav Markevich Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Boleslav Markevich Mikhailovich, photo, biography Boleslav Markevich Mikhailovich  novelist, photo, biography
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