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Markovich Maria Alexandrovna

( Writer)

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Biography Markovich Maria Alexandrovna
Alias Marco Vovchok, nee Velinskaya (1834 - 1907). After graduating from the course at the institute, she moved in with relatives in Orel, and was married to AV. Markovic (cm. above). In 1857, Mr.. sent her Kulish, to be placed in "Notes on the South of Russia, two stories of people's lives at Little Russian language. They led Kulish in extreme delight; between them started to correspond, Kulish demanded more stories in 1858. published their special book, called "Narodni opovidannya Marco Vovchka". The stories had outstanding success; Turgenev translated them (St. Petersburg, 1859) in Russian language. In 1859, Mr.. went straight in Russian written by "Stories from the national Russian life" Marco Vovchka sympathetically indiscriminately Dob which devoted a lengthy article. Russian Messenger "," Contemporary "," Russian Word "," Basis "opened its pages a young writer, which is unexpected literary success prompted the move to St. Petersburg. Here she moved closer to Shevchenko, who named her his heir and daughter of literary. Soon she went abroad with her son and her husband are no longer returned. In the mid 60-ies Markovic newly settled in St. Petersburg. As referred to Nekrasov "Notes of the Fatherland" she published the novel "living soul" (1868), "Notes lector" (1869), the story: "A warm nest" (1873), "In the wilderness" (1875). A great deal, especially from the Jules Verne. In 1871, Mr.. edited Markovic went Illustrated magazine: "Translations of the best foreign writers". One of the translations Markovic - Tales Anderson - lead to the accusation of plagiarism. In the late 70-ies Markovic again married, moved to the province and left a literary work. Collected Works Markovich (St. Petersburg, 1868 - 74, Saratov, 1896 - 98, Volume 8) consists of two parts, completely different not only depicted everyday life, but also for writing style. The main features of the initial years of literary career Markovich, . when she wrote exclusively stories of people's lives - sentimentality extraordinary clarity of the main tasks, . subtle delineation of individual characters, . terseness of the story and the overall poetic flavor, . giving "Opovidannyam" feminine, gentle nature and approaches to the works of Ukrainian folk art, . his gentle and poetic tones,
. On the contrary, the story and the novel Markovich of life of Russian intellectuals imbued with a mocking mood, author's intentions vague outlines of the actors is unclear and undefined, the whole tone of the letter, dry and hard. The reasons for this difference, there are different views. Historians of Ukrainian literature - Petrov, Ogonowski, Chaly, Sumtsov - tend to see "Opovidannyah" active participation of the husband Markovich - Markovich Athanasius. Close Marcovichs who knew the couple in the era of creating "Opovidanny, mK. Chaly goes even further and raises the question thus: "It is authentically known, who under the pseudonym Marco Vovchka hid his name - whether the husband, the blood of Ukrainian origin, or his wife, a native of Orel". In all this is very much an exaggeration. If part of Athanasius Markovic said in the first-in-time Opovidannyah ", is it in the language, about which so enthusiastically responded Kulish (Our Marco Vovchok like a bee God drank dew from the flowers of the best of our speech"). Leaving one abroad, Markovic sent out a number of stories in magazines, many of which are very much higher than its first experiments. But apart from this actual denial, pure - a literary analysis of "Opovidanny" shows that they wrote it "Orlov native" and not Athanasius Markovic, who is considered a good ethnographer. Generally recognized in the current deficiency "Opovidanny" - the lack of features of real people's lives. Heroes "Opovidanny" - almost operatic characters who speak exquisitely sharpened tirades and even more exquisitely perceptive. Origin stories - it is theoretical, the most common motifs are taken, and some stories (eg, "Limerivna", "Karmelyuk", "Gal") are direct adaptations of folk legends. Style "Opovidanny, singing and caressing, too, borrows extensively from folk songs, and not from the living speech. The difference between the products of intelligent life Markovic and stories of people's life much easier due to the fact that the first author undertook to overburden. Thus, in the largest in terms of its product - "living soul" - Markovic, in the name of ideas stronger, ridicules moderate liberalism, and attempts to create a positive types of people in the present case. The attempt proved to be childlike and a fiasco, despite the fact that appeared in an era when positive images of "new people" were extremely lenient. But when, after then, the author of "living soul" in "Notes clerk, returned to the simple, unsophisticated way of life, it turned very bad-looking picture of the life of the rural clergy. The very fact that the ability of the writer, who grew up in the institute and aristocratic milieu, feel the color of the environment completely alien to her, very characteristic, as an indicator of living responsiveness of her talent. It is this responsiveness, mainly, and helped her to tell the stories of people's lives, the proper word at the right moment. Rereading them now, . first sight difficult to understand, . Why made on the Russian public (in the Little Russian literature Markovic is still a large quantity) such a great impression, this talented, . but extremely one-sided painting, . in which there are only two colors: a dark-black, . when it is necessary to represent the landowners, . oppressing peasants, . and light pink, . when drawn psychology of the oppressed, . angelic gentle and tender-sensory,
. But the years of the appearance of stories were fighting: they had to beat at one point, drawing a sharp, bright, so that the reader excited and indignant at the serfdom. The author himself was a deeply sincere in its one-sidedness, with the entire unreality of stories from them breathes humanity sublime properties. A striking proof of the sincerity of Markovic and can serve as a, . she acted a long time before the public only with the lyrical aspects of his talent, and only later launched another major feature of it - humor, . tells the stories of some of the Little Russian landowner's life ( "Tulle woman" and other) high foreign interest that,
. In 1896 - 98 years came out "Complete Works" Markovic in 5 volumes (Saratov). About Markovich but extensive article in the History of Ukrainian Literature "Ogonowski, Petrova, Efremova, cm. Kulish's article in The Russian Messenger "(1857, . ? 12); Kostomarova in The Contemporary (1859, . ? 5); Dobrolubova ( "Works", . Volume III); Pisarev (Volume I), . Shelgunova, . Skabichevskys, . in "Notes of the Fatherland" (1868, . ? 7); Tkachev, . in the "Cause" (1869); Chalago, . in the Kiev Antiquities "(1894, . ? 5), C,
. Efremov M. Vovchok "(Kiev, 1907, in Ukrainian)," Past "(1907,? 10)," last years "(1908,? 3 and 8). S. Vengerov.

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Markovich Maria Alexandrovna, photo, biography
Markovich Maria Alexandrovna, photo, biography Markovich Maria Alexandrovna  Writer, photo, biography
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