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A. Maslov Anisim

( State people first half of XVIII century)

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Biography A. Maslov Anisim
Nothing is known about the origin, upbringing and education of this figure, which is called the predecessor Klyuchevskii Kiseleva and Milyutin. In any case, he did not belong to the nobility and his career was bound to PI. Yaguzhinskii. End of the reign of Peter the Great found in the position Maslov chief secretary. In the reign of Catherine I, he was at the Empress, and then was an assistant Vasily Petrovich Stepanova, ruled in the subsequent reign of the affairs of the Supreme Privy Council. In the reign of Anna Ioannovna butter and Yaguzhinskii joined Biron v. Osterman. When Yaguzhinskii again became Attorney-General, Maslov became the chief prosecutor of the Senate. Soon the general functions of the judicial office actually went to Maslov. He pursued the abuse of self-incriminating in them the most influential persons, and has amassed many enemies. The main subject of his attention was an extremely difficult situation of the peasants. His notes submitted by Biron and Empress, are filled with the most outrageous facts. Under his influence the Government first began to take humane measures for fugitive peasants, which until that time only persecuted. Maslov sought primarily to facilitate the situation of the peasants of Smolensk province, in view of the boundary of its. In this regard, he made a lot, despite the opposition of such an influential person as a cabinet minister, Prince A. Cherkasky, the latter had in the province of Smolensk large estates, and his situation was particularly poor farmers. In the struggle against opposition from cabinet Maslov relied on Biron. Under the influence of Maslow was issued several decrees in favor of the peasants of a general nature, . referring to the former while the hungry years, . executions were destroyed (in billeting not paid their poll tax districts), . and even it was decided one year to release people from this tax,
. Maslow was designed as a general measure, which had to limit the serfdom, but it has not passed through the counter cabinet and the Senate. Similarly Maslov rebelled against the project to increase the tribute to strangers and the assumption of the Cabinet of Ministers to introduce an increase to the poll tax as a punishment for holding runaway. Maslov recommended: the multiplication of mining and mineral industries, . more serviceable collection of customs and excise revenue, . Reproduction of Commerce and redress merchants, . put in order the sale of goods from state-owned Siberian order, . overstriking foreign coins and put in order mints,
. It describes his economic views, as imitators of Peter's time. Proceedings of the collision and break the strength of the Maslov. He died in late 1734, apparently, still a young man of. Perhaps the cause of his death was poison: in his letters to Biron Maslov complained that there are people who either do not stop at anything to ruin him. Maybe it was a morbid touchiness Maslov. Biron's letter to the relatives Maslow imbued with great warmth. - See. N. Baranov, "Inventory imperial decree, and commands stored in the St. Petersburg Senat Archive for the XVIII century." (Volume II, 1725 - 1740, St. Petersburg, 1875); Story: "Bironovschina and Cabinet" (Part II, Moscow, 1909). V. Systems.

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A. Maslov Anisim, photo, biography
A. Maslov Anisim, photo, biography A. Maslov Anisim  State people first half of XVIII century, photo, biography
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